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Greetings with Goodwill from Pascovia

Guest Pascovia

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Guest Pascovia

Greetings with Goodwill,


The Kingdom of Pascovia is happy with the national transition from Europe to Europa. We are a peaceful people that live happily under our sovereign monarch His Majesty King Edward IX. We are an open society and any nation is welcome to open the channels of diplomatic relations. May peace and freedom prevail!


His Majesty's Foreign Minister,

Lord Charles Warwick, Duke of Warwick


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Welcome to our honoured region of Europa, Pascovia. We would be grateful to open open diplomatic links to the glorious Kingdom of Pascovia.


Eugenius Smith, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium.


Whats this? Role play in the intro thread? We should be gibbering about pies, pasties and whatever else takes our fancy!


@Van: You, sir, won't be getting any cake.gif , whilst our new friend Pascovia will. By order of the senate! tophat.gif

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and now from the man who started the tradition of Madness and food, welcome to you my new friend of Pascovia! and here is your trsditional Philian Welcomeing Pie! This week, a custard and rasberry flavoured pie, with Ice cream if you like... biggrin.gif enjoy!

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