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Bombs in London?

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Blasts Hit London Bus And Underground

An explosion has "ripped a bus apart" just minutes after a number of blasts on London's Underground.Scotland Yard has confirmed there has been an explosion on a bus in Tavistock Place. Union sources claim there have been reports of blasts on three different buses.


Witness Belinda Seabrook said she saw an explosion rip though a bus as it approached Russell Square.


"I was on the bus in front and heard an incredible bang. I turned round and half the double decker bus was in the air," she said.


Scotland Yard could not confirm reports of an explosion on a bus in Russell Square. A spokeswoman said police were at the scene and attempting to determine what had happened.


The entire Tube network has been shut down following the blasts at Aldgate, Edgware Road, King's Cross, Old Street and Russell Square.


It is understood several people have been wounded in the underground blasts, with one unconfirmed eyewitness telling Sky News he saw "bodies on the line".


British Transport Police confirmed there are "walking wounded" and said paramedics have responded to one report of a person classed as "life at risk".


"It's chaos, with people trying to work out what has happened," said a spokesman.


One witness said the packed underground train he was on was 200 metres from King's Cross when there was a huge flash.


The train stopped and people were using umberellas to smash windows of the trains. Passengers were led out of the train by underground staff.


He added people were milling around King's Cross covered in soot.


Clare Benson, 33, a city banker from Kensington, was on a tube at Edware Road where the second incident took place.


"I was in the last carriage at the back of the train nearest the tunnel when I heard a huge bang - you could feel it," she said.


"The lights went off for a couple of minutes and people were scared and wondering what to do.


"The drivers got out and were looking into the tunnel, then they announced that we should evacuate. My ears are still ringing and I was shaking."



EEEK! Anyone know any more?

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Yeah, its flashing over the news here with ABC showing live from CNN.


Anyone know of death?




Australian traveller "Steve", who was on the Aldgate tube, told Sky News there was a big hole in the carriage where the explosion occurred.


"There was so much stuff, people were choking," he said.


"We couldn't get out so we had to walk through the carriages.


"On the tracks you could see bodies and just the train hanging everywhere," he said.


The entire tube network has been closed down with hundreds of people reported to be streaming onto the streets.


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That is what I heard so far.

London: Explosion in the Meter caused some wounded London, Some people had been wounded in consequence of an occured explosion today of morning in a station of the Meter of London, in the financial center of this capital, according to Policy of the Transports British. The Metronet, the responsible company for the maintenance of the infra structure of the meter, said that the explosion in the station of Liverpool Street was provoked by an energy overload. All the financial quarter of Liverpool Street was isolated for the policy.

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Explosion in the Meter of London.

Reuters Some people had been today wounded in explosions in two stations of the metropolitan of London, possibly caused for problems in the electric supplying, according to Policy of the Transports British. The emergency services had been a refugee to the afectadas stations, of Liverpool Street, in the financial center of London, and Edgware Road, in the zone the northwest of the city, after the "incidents", that they had caused an authentic chaos in the British capital. according to BBC, all the system the net of the London metropolitan was locked up. In accordance with the Sky News, one autocarro of two floors was destroyed for an explosion in Russell Square, in the center of London, some minutes after the "incidents" in the metropolitan, causing wounded. The British policy already confirmed the occurrence of the explosions. according to security forces, the explosions in the metropolitan had occurred for return of 7h49 (same hour in Lisbon).

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The Minister of the Interior, Charles Clarke, said that "he has wounded with much gravity". The social medias speak of mortal victims, but the policy is reluctant in admitting the deceased existence. Initially the origin of the explosions had been attributed for the policy of the Transports to an energy overload, but now the Scotland Yard raises doubts on the cause of the first one of these explosions, that will have led to a succession of rebentamentos in chain. The company of the Meter of London designated incidents in the stations of Aldgate, close to the railroad terminal to Liverpool Street, in Edgware Road, King's Cross, the north of London, Old Street, in the financial center of the city, and in Russel Square, close to the British Museum. The circulation of the Meter of London is interrupted. One another information ?nicialmente propagated by the Associated Press and the Sky News, and already confirmed for the policy, tells explosions in three autocarros, one of them in Russell Square. In accordance with witnesses autocarro, of two floors, was full of passengers when if it gave the explosion, that it destroyed for complete the superior floor.

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