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Well, it was announced,wht, 2 minuites ago, and London has won it at the last moment over Paris, which as a briton, of course i think is great, so what do you think, the best city won? or does anyone think Moscow was a better choice biggrin.gif



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Paris have been favorates for absolutly ages, almost since the race started, but apparently London snatched it at the last moment by putting on a very good presentation to the comittee today, and of course Jaques Chirac's comments at the weekend hardly helped his cause! laugh.gifbiggrin.gif



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yes, but it also brings in massive publicity, masses of tourists who spend monsy, and rejuvinates a large rundown area of london, building a large new sports stadium, and the olympic village, which i assume will be sold off as apartments once the olympics is over


but yeh Sciipi, it hasnt gone well for british-french relations recently has it, firstly the massive argument between blair and Chirac in the EU, Chirac then snubbing Blair at the G8, and now us stealing this from under French noses! laugh.gif

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Plus it is a massive cultural boost. I was in Greece staying with friends just before their one last year and despite all their pessimism before and all their grumbling (they are as bad as I us for those kind of things wink.gif ) when it came down to it they were just really proud and excited that it was happening in their country. Not a monetary value thing but hey, well worth the experience from the look of it

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it'll be great, i really like the range of venues they've got for the events, Wimbledon for the tennis, Wembly for the football, and Lords for Archery strangely enough (for all you americans out there, Wembly is the home of British Football, and Lords is the home of Britich cricket)

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