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Greetings Comrades

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Greetings Comrades of Europa!


i am Canosius, a new nation to both Nationstates and in Europa.

I Wish to become very active here in Europa, simply because I think this region is great and i see that you have a lot of nice people. biggrin.gif


But i would like to know..

I see that you guys have a Senate and a military, i wish to join the military, seeing that i recently applyed to join The United Nations, who do i contact?

And the senate..i used to be a adviser to a Senator in New York.So, what do i have to do to, become a member? drillsergeant.gif


If you can help me with those, It would be much help 76.gif


love that

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hello, hello, greetings and good morrow... Welcome to our dear region, and feel froo to apply in the militry thread for application to the army. For the senate, apply in the senate thread, but it is usual for only active members to be considered, as you are very new and we have not yet got to know you, it bay be advisory to wait a bit and get to know the region and its members a little ore before you try for application!


Well then, i think it's time for the Traditional Philian Welcome, have this lovely Philian Steak and Kidney Pie, with a delicious Red Ale Gravy (he doesnt know it yet, but it's actually Gaius' Kidney... ohmy.gif ) Enjoy anyway!

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Hello, welcome this puny region that I gracefully honor with my presence!


Haken, you're local ambassador from Belgium.


You write French? tongue.gif



EDIT: Ow, and note to myself, don't eat anymore of Phils pie, I might be eating someone (or my own!) kidney. sick.gif

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