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Turkey and the EU?

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UE confirms negotiations with Turkey in October

the date of the beginning of the process goes to remain itself, without that nothing it guarantees that the final result is the entrance of the Muslim country in the Union

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We should wait and see what happens.


Strategically, it's wise to accept Turkey into the EU. To keep them out would be like "donating" them to extremists and fundamentalists. To get them in would show, that muslim countries can participate in the western society. Also, the country is located in a strategic position - bordering near Iran/Iraq and close to Israel. The EU and especially Germany/France would have to deal with the Middle East conflict a little more intense than now (with the standard argument "everything is the US's fault").



Culturally, it's difficult. The mentality of the turkish population is very different from the european. Also, while the western part (Istanbul/Izmir) is very european, the eastern parts (like anatolia) are really asian and primitive.



Financially, it would be a desaster. We can't even pay the entry of the east-european nations, how should we pay this? We'd have to re-structure the whole EU-financing system (which is a good idea, but you can see now, how realistic an agreement in that matter is...).



I say: Wait and see. We can't predict the weather for the next 7 days, we can't predict politics for the next 10 years.

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"the entrance of Turkey alone can be seen as a good notice" seems me a excessively optimista phrase.

I do not have no position of principle against the entrance of Turkey in the European Union. I find unacceptable that if it considers a objec??o to the entrance of Turkey the alleged "Christian identity" of the Europe. What it does not want to say that the entrance of Turkey does not place questions.

Still recently published the notice of that in Turkey the names in Latin had been modified of some animals, including a sheep, because these names had references to the arm?nios and the Kurds, attempting against, therefore, against the Turkish national unit. I commented this notice in mine blogue. On behalf of the right to the difference it is promoted integration in the European Union of an enormous State that, in its territory, acquits arm?nios and Kurds. the situation of the women also is not famous. The Europe already has too much racists. I do not want a racist State in the Europe. For the Turkish racists not to be different of the Europeans, but for being too much equal.

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But as long as Germany is major power in the EU, you can be assured that nobody will call Turks "racist" as long as they don't use nazi symbols.


For the Germans, only Germans or non-german nazis can be racist. All other are pure, devout and nice people. So Germans will always protect others when being called racists.


The resolution to condemn the armenian genocide performed by the Ottoman Empire by the German parliament didn't include the term "genocide", because Germans are so afraid of what might happen if they used that term for non-nazis.


So, since Germans are sooooo afraid (it's really pathetic) and the French are very close to middle eastern nations and Germans & French still call most of shots in the EU (this might change now, hopefully), there won't be any mentioning of the facts you just mentioned.

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They need to do a lot of improvements to adapt to the EU, but on the long run I'm all for it. Break that christian monopoly!

The EU always has a good effect on countries, but seeing Turkey is the second most populated country in Europa, we must be careful not to go down with it.

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