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Improper Language Usage

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Comunicado interno distribu?do em Londres ao pessoal do Financial Times.


Subject: Improper Language Usage

To: All Portuguese-speaking staff


It has been brought to our attention by several officials visiting our corporate headquarters that offensive language is commonly used by our Portuguese-speaking staff. Such behavior, in addition to violating our policy, is highly unprofessional and offensive to both visitors and colleagues. Staff will IMMEDIATELY adhere to the following rules:


1. Words like "CARALHO, CAGADA" and other such expressions will not be used for emphasis, no matter how heated the discussion.


2. You will not say "TO CAGANDO E ANDANDO" when someone makes a mistake, or "N?O FA?A MAIS CAGADAS" if you see somebody either being reprimanded or making a mistake, or "QUE CAGADA" when a major mistake has been made. All forms derived from the verb "CAGAR" are inappropriate in our environment.


3. No project manager, section head or administrator, under any circumstances, will be referred to as "O FILHO DA PUTA", "ESSE CORNO", or "O VIADINHO ENGOMADO".


4. Lack of determination will not be referred to as "FALTA DE BOLAS ROXAS", and neither will persons who lack initiative be referred to as"BOIOLA", or "MORDE A FRONHA".


5. Unusual or creative ideas from your superiors are not to be referred to as



6. Do not say "COMO PENTELHA" if a person is persistent, or if a task is heavy to accomplish. In a similar way, do not use "FODA-SE", if a colleague is going through a difficult situation. Furthermore, you must not say "QUE MERDA, FUDEU NEGADA" when matters become complicated.


7. When asking someone to leave you alone, you must not say "SAI FOR A JABURU". Do not ever substitute 'May I help you?' with "QUE PORRA VOCE QUER"? When things get tough, an acceptable expression such as 'We are going through a difficult time' should be used, rather than "ISTO ESTA UMA BOSTA" or "DO BOROGODO".


8. No salary increase shall be ever referred to as "AUMENTINHO DE MERDA".


9. Under no circumstances should you call our elderly corporate partners



10. Last, but not least, after reading this memo please do not say "VOU LIMPAR O CU COM ISSO". Just keep it clean and dispose of it properly. We hope you will keep these directions in mind.


Thank you.


Human Resources Director


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but I don't get why it's in this forum and what the expressions mean...

If to visit Portugal. They are words that you do not have to say. It does not have translation. I thought that it could be useful wink.gif

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Hey, no need to apologize.


The fact that I don't get it don't get it doesn't mean, that others can't enjoy it. I just wanted to understand it. So, please go on. Your posts and threads are a great contribution to the forum in my opinion.




Btw: Post 1000!

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