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Free Minerva

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In RL I am con-president of the Humanist Oragnisation QPFS.


Rencently we have expressed our support for the independence of the Principality of Minerva, a country declared itself independent in 1972 but invaded the same year by the Kingdom of Tonga.


Two years ago a Prince was crowned.


To put pressure upon the International Commission, I have started a petition directed to the UN.


This is serious.


You can sign the petition here


There yo ucan also read the who, what, when...


But of course I would be very attentive to answer any questions here too.


If you want to know more about Minerva, go here and learn.


I thank you people a lot, if you sign, you might contribute to the independence of a nation, and it only takes a minute!


Johan Vermant

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