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Thanks is for tanks which blast mobile homes into many planks...


Religion is for maligions (maligent folks, pushing the limits of the Franco-English language links, or a French menu) who fear they will only find Hell...


but spirituality is for those who've already been beyond reality. ok01.gif

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Our country is completely baffled by the existence of a Pirate Smiley. How does one activate such a beautiful contraption?


If there was a smiley depicting an entire nation of digibetes, this would be the correct time to employ such means to illustrate such a point.



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pirate smilie is : pirate : (but get rid of the spaces between the : and the words.


for other such cool smilies, just click on the "show all" link at the bottom of the clickable smilies bar which wll launch a small pop up with the full rance of Europan smilies!


Philian services, service with a smile, and a sticky bun...



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