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The Sevrunian Rebellion

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Sighing heavily the newly appointed Baron T'Ka (Grandson of the T'Ka of TCW) took off his glasses, rubbed his eyes and looked up at the man sitting across from him.


"Is this he really wants?"


The older man before him nodded.


"Yes. I talked to him less than an hour ago."


"Is he aware how this will look if we get caught?"


"The prince is very aware of the possible political consquences. However, he thinks the risk is worth it, and the members of the council I have conferred with are inclined to agree with him. Indeed, some of the members of the council believed we should be more open in our support for the Sevurians. T'Yathra even stated we should intervene."


"T'Yathra's a fool, and you know it T'Nith. Military intervention would play directly the hands of Akiiryu's enemies. Can you imagine how the Karthenians would portray it? "


"Yes, as is the Prince. He is against direct intervention at this stage."


"At this stage?"


"The Prince did not rule out any possible future actions."


T'Ka nodded and rubbed his eyes again.


"What does he propose for the moment?"


"Propose? Really T'Ka you are staking on thin ice. If T'Yathra heard you..."


"I am sorry T'Nith, what does the Prince command?


T'Nith smiled and nodded. He had promised T'Ka's dying father he would guide the younger man safely through this first few years on the Baronic Council. The council could be a dangerous place for the inexperienced, especially if, as T'Ka did, you had powerful enemies who would like nothing more to see you an your clan disgraced.


"The Prince commands that our agents in the area make contact with the Sevurian nationalists. I trust we have assets in the area that can do that?"


"Yes, we do. Traders and a number of other assets."


"Very well then, when can the Prince expect to be told the operation is under way?"




T'Nith nodded and smiled.


"Very good T'Ka, you're learning quickly."








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At about that moment, in a base camp thirty miles East of Lake Altera. June 4th, 1964


James Corwin had been wondering when things would be heating up again. The 17 year old rebel had joined Sevarus's cause the year before, just in time to miss the carnage that was the attempted raid on a nearby Air Base.


'Attempted' because someone had leaked the information to the Tagmatium occupation force and the guns had been waiting for them.


Sevarus had gone into hiding, cutting himself off from most of his surviving officers and letting some of the men he trusted completely declare him dead, watching what happened from behind the scenes. Sure enough, one of his lieutenants had tried to take control a few months later, preaching an end to the fighting. He was dealt with, and now the 'general' of the rebellion was back in charge.


They'd been rebuilding themselves since the massacre, and now, one year to the hour after their defeat, they were ready to begin the fighting again. All they were waiting for were orders from the man himself.


((I will be making an update to the first post soon, keep an eye out for it))

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There were two men at the guard post. One from the People's Guard, the regular armed forces of the Empire, the other from the Sevrunian Colonial Brigade. Although almost identical in uniform and equipment, the Guardsman was marked out as different from the SCB trooper because of the air of sullen-ness that hung around him.


"Bloody weather. Always damned raining in this country."


The other soldier gave him a grin. From what he had heard of Tagmatium, the same could be said.


"Not like good Tagmatine rain, eh?"


The Guardsman pulled a face at him, and turned around whilst attempting to light a cigarette, which immediatly got drenched. Snarling in disgust, he walked off to the relative comfort of the guardhouse.


A landrover pulled up and stopped in front of the checkpoint barrier. The SCBer swung down his rifle from his shoulder before approaching the vehicle.


"Oh. Morning, sir."


"Nothing to report?"


"No, sir. They've been quiet since last year. Showed 'em good last time, sir."


Konig smiled as his staff car pulled away from the checkpoint, towards the centre of Tagmatine power in Sevrun. The attack on the airbase had been a complete farce for the resistance, as more often than not, a promise of a large sum of money will do a world of good. These peasant farmers and yokels need to be shown who's boss. Damned shame their leader had escaped. He was sure, however, that something was going to happen soon. Until the rebels were completely stamped out, Imperial rule was never going to be safe.

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General, now Emperor Van Helsing slumped in his office chair. What a day it had been. A day of fanfare and coronations and whatnot. He'd made 6 knights, two lords and a bishop today, and he hated court life. If he could run the country and have someone else deal with all the political crap, he'd be happy as a clam. But that couldn't be...


His head snapped off his fist and he came to full attention as the door unexpectedly opened. "Oh, it's just you, Grimm. Scared that crap out of me."


"Sorry sir. Thought you would like to chat about that last report this morning."


Van Helsing's brow furrowed. Report... Oh, right. "Yes, I suppose now is as good a time as any." He stole a glance at the clock. 3AM. No sleep tonight, might as well talk. "So what's going on with the situation in Tagmatine? I heard General Severus himself has been spotted. I thought that old fart was dead, killed in the botch of an attack on some Tagmatine outpost."


"Well sir, it appears that he wasn't close enough to the lines to be captured or killed, and was waiting to see who leaked his plans to the enemy. Guess he found them, because he's back now. I hear he's been rebuilding, and is ready to start the rebellion again. That is, if the country will support another disastrous rebellion."


"Indeed. And what are we doing about it? Are we financially bound to either side?"


"Well, sir, there's a trickle of money still going to Severus from the last rebellion. You ordered it yourself. We don't have great relations with the Tagmatines. They've been throwing off the balance of power in the region, and we're generally interested in the same colonies. So I guess we're tentatively supporting the rebels, sir."


"I see. And there's not much more money we can throw their way, is there? I mean, we're a bit tied down with the Europtiman bastards, right?


"Yes sir, we are a bit tied up at the moment. Which reminds me sir..."



The light in the office burns through the night as the conversation drifts to other topics...

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Summer, 1964, in Alaghon:


President Rudolf Barschel, millionaire and member of the liberal-economic party, attended a small military parade. The famous Me 109, the standard fighter of the tamurinian Luftwaffe from 1935-1942, had its 30-year-anniversary. Nowadays, it was just use for battlefield reconnaissance, but the pilots were proud of their aircrafts, which had "style", as they claimed.


Barschel was bored to death by this. He was used to run a multi-billion-credit corporation and a nation. Military was very boring for him. He had absolutely no interest in it. It seemed to him, that it just cost money and didn't have any return-on-investment value. And these Generals - always so serious, seeing enemies everywhere. They always wanted more money...for what? The war was history, no enemies in sight. Tamurin was safe and peaceful and everyone attacking it would hurt himself.


Tamurin had an international economy. Its electronics were remarkable and bought everywhere. "Made in Tamurin" was better than a quality sign...



General Waldburg was annoyed by the obvious lack of interest of the President. Sometimes he though about resigning. Why serve a country whose President didn't have the slightest interest in security and defense politics?!


Well, at least today was a good day...


user posted image


Me 109 battlefield reconnaissance aircrafts; only two "big wings" are still flying this type of aircraft

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"Ah, Major-General. So glad you could make it."


Governor Jovianus looked up from the desk, as Konig entered the office of the head of Imperial control of Sevrun.


"Anything to report from the rebels?"


"No, sir. It appears we missed the commander, the man called 'General' Sevarus or Severus. Although the man we banked on taking over after the 'General' disappeared has also vanished, presumed dead. It's been quite over the last year or so, mainly because they've been content to kick each other about."


The Governor nodded. "Over ideaology, I should imagine. Just like the Holy Empire has been doing over the past twenty or so years. I suspect the new one is just another in a long line of such Emperors."


"May be so," Konig shrugged. "So long as he keeps the colonies in our power." Konig was half-Sevrunian himself. He loved the country, but liked it more as under Imperial rule.


"Well, you see, he doesn't want to do that. He sees it as bleeding the Empire dry, as more soldiers are sent to keep it calm. The longer it goes on, the more outside powers will want a slice of the action." The man sighed. "Vanarambaion has been long suspected pf having designs on this part of Europa. They made the most noise about the invaison fourty years ago."


Konig nodded. "So you think we may have to fight the Vanarambaions, as well as rebels?"


"No-o. Not as such. I doubt they would want that, what with the Europtimans clamouring for independence. They support our rebels, we'll repay the favour. Of course, this is more a matter for the Foreign Office, but I'll advise them on such matters. Well, Major-General, I don't what to detain you any longer. Send the Lieutenant-General in as you go."


"Yes, sir." Konig saluted, turned and left the room. Jovianus marshalled his papers in preparence to give more or less the same talk to commander of the Regulars in the colonies.


EDIT: General spelling errors.

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Meanwhile, in the Tagmantine Capital


The Tagmantine Foreign Minister was seated in a chair in the office of Colonel Jack Blood, the Karthene ambassador to the Empire. The two were old friends, and many were the late night drinking sessions they had shared. This, however, was a more sombre one.


'So, you are certain Severus is still alive?' Blood asked.


'Yes, the bastard is still very well, and stirring sh*t as we speak.' The minister sighed. 'We may have to deal with the Sevrun problem sooner rather than later.'


'Well, you can assure the Emperor that the Federation has his back, as always. General Hammer has been preparing a special taskforce for this kid of thing. Not exactly...above board you might say, but...'


'Always effective. I have no doubt, Jack, no doubt at all, that this taskforce may be needed. Who commands it?'


Blood sipped his whiskey. 'Adam John, a damn good man, trained with him myself. Half Azerii y'know, makes him a spiky little bastard under pressure. Ever since that business in Vanarambaion, the Karthene military has been mocked. It's made good soldiers like Colonel John upset. These Sevrunians are gonna feel that anger if they're not careful.'


The two men laughed, and sipped at their whiskey as they changed to talk of other things....

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Prime Minister Heitz had just sat down to relax in his chair behind his desk. It had been a long day, after visiting the Army Barracks in South Eastern Niederoestereich. Today marked the anniversary since the final Niederoestereichian troops had arrived home, all those years ago, from the war in Tamurin. Since then, the Niederoestereichian army had lost all value after being routed by starved peasants waving pitchforks. Although since then, all Niederoestereichian Defence Arms had gone under modernization in both weapons and revised tactics. The new branch, the air force, had been brought into being after the value of the aircraft was demonstrated on molesting retreating troops. Niederoestereich was ready to redeem itself as an effective fighting force.


As Heitz relaxed in his chair, he observed and read the daily intelligence reports from spies all over Europa. Most were worthless and dismissive, but one caught his eye. A freedom fighter by the name of ?Sevarus? had been sighted in the Tagmatium Occupied Colony. This man had apparently attempted to lead a rebellion against Tagmatium, but failed, almost a year ago. The Niederoestereichian spy in the territory went by the name of ?Starlight?. He had claimed that the underground was attempting to rebuild their network in order to cause another rebellion.


Heitz learned back and fell into a trance of thought, his gaze never moving of the painting opposite his desk. After 5 minutes of through, he poured a Brandy from the flagon into a glass, and summoned his secretary.

?Get me chief of the Defence force and Commander of the NSIO?

?At once Prime Minister?


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The Foreign Minister woke up as the door closed shut almost silently, but even that noise rang like a gong in his hung-over mind. Too much whisky, too little sleep... He groaned, and unpeeled his head from the desk.


"Yes? Oh, you're the new lad, aren't you?"


"Yes, sir."


The minister stared at him for a few minutes, trying to work out why was here, what his name was, and how he could get a painkiller.


"Oh, James, isn't it? Knew your father, good minister." By that I mean a nasty, petty-minded bureaucrat he mentally added. "You're the new Secretary of Languages, yes? That's quite a prestigious position. Bit young, for it, aren't you?"


"It's not quite that, sir," Commodus James replied. "I'm the Aide to the Secretary of Languages. I'm fluent in several tongues, including Akiiryan."


"Oh, them. I suppose even that'll come in handy. They've been quiet recently, though." The Minister shuffled papers. "Don't know much about Vanarambaion, do you? Nasty bunch of meddlers. Still, Europtima's keeping them busy." The Minister remembered himself. "What are you here for?"


"Err... I'm here to collect the next batch of papers you want translating, sir."


"Oh, yes. They're over there." He montioned with one hand, whilst rubbing his eyes with the other. As Commodus James left, he stopped him. "You couldn't get me some painkillers, could you, lad?"


As the man left the room with all the non-translated papers, the Minister began to leaf through all the readable ones. Nothing above the ordinary. Tamurinians having a military parade, Niederoestereich re-arming, nothing above the ordinary or out of hand. He could get back to suffering the perils of late-night drinking in silence.

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Voice of the Federationuser posted image


The Federation's new military unit, the UTF (Unity Taskforce) was formally passed out in a great parade in the new capital, Karthene City. All the great dignitaries of the Federation were present to view Colonel Adam John and his 10,000 strong force, which has yet to be formally deployed to any front.


The Supreme Commander, General Gregor Hammer, is said to have been directly behind the creation of this force, as part of his campaign to end the world mockery of the Karthene military. His father was part of Colonel Salazar Crust's Staghunter Battalion during the Tamurin Civil War, and he is said to take it very seriously.


The soldiers are for the moment stationed in the new Point Hope barracks, on the edge of the capital...

user posted image

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James didn't have to wait much longer. Sevarus himself gathered the men of the base together to relay his next orders.


The 'general' was in his late twenties, but no one knew his exact age. He claimed to be a descendent of Sevrun's former aristocracy, the leaders of the nation for many years before the Tagmatium colonization. In truth, there might have been merit to his claim, his face was somewhat hawkish, with pure black hair on his head, a spitting image of the last King, who stepped out of power sixty years before to hand control of his lands to another nation.


Whether or not he was truly part of the bloodline was a moot point. The fact remained that he was a more than capable strategist, and the men rallied behind him.


"My countrymen, my brothers, my friends," he began, "I am glad so many of you returned after what happened one year ago. I admit that I had never suspected such treachery would form in our ranks, always believed that every single one of us was wholy devoted to the cause. The price we paid so that the truth could be learned was immense... but we did not falter, it did not break our resolve.


"We will continue to fight the just and glorious fight against the invaders. We will drive them from our homes, one way or another. We will take back what is rightfully ours and we will -never- allow another to hold such power over our land again.


"But first, we much let the people know that we are back. We need them as much as they need us. We must show them that we are still alive, that we still have teeth. So this is my proposal..."


James grinned as General Sevarus went into the details of his plan. When everything had been said, he raised his AK-47 into the air and cheered with the rest of the men, before heading out to meet up with his assigned squad and load up their technicals for battle.

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Sipping his coffee T'Ka looked over the intelligence reports that had arrived on his desk that morning.


He snorted as he read the report of the great parade at Karthene City.


"Bloody Karthenians," he thought to himself, "still trying to prove their military is more than just a half trained uneducated undiscplined rabble. Still, we'd better keep an eye on this Unity Taskforce...Hammer seems to know what he is doing. Pity his father didn't."


T'Ka, like most Akiiryans, was aware that General Hammer's father had been a member of the Karthene forces routed outside Thule.


T'Ka stopped and refulled his cup. The Koku coffee was good and he found that these days he need at least three cups before he was able to function properly. He smiled to himself over his "addiction"...at least he didn't have his father's and his grand father's love of strong wines.


The next paper was of greater interest. Europtima. By the Great Stag and all his does why the hell couldn't Vanarambion crush the rebellion there? It was almost if the Vanarambion troops had lost heart. Probably because the Vanarambion government had cut military spending in the last few years...the coup couldn't have help much either. He smiled as he read that the Vanarambion government was still funding the Sevaruian nationalists. It was nice to know that Akiiryu's old friend and ally thought the same away about the rebellion as Akiiryu did.


Yes, the Sevaruians. Where was that report?


T'Ka shuffled through the papers on his desk until he found the one he was looking for. Just as he was about to read it an aide came in with a tray. On it was T'Ka's breakfast, including, thank the Great Stag, another pot of coffee. T'Ka waved in a distracted manner to a small table by the window. The aide, well aware of the barons habits, was already half way there. He carefully placed the tray on the table, stood to attention , saluted and the turned brisky on his heel and walked out. T'Ka returned he salute and then began reading.


"Sevarus is alive...no surprise there. Nationalists preparing for something big, target and timing unknown...one hopes it is better planned and executed than last time. Agents on the ground have made contact with rebel forces. Currently arranging a meeting time...good, good, now its up to them."


Tagmatium, Tagmatium. T'Ka once again shuffled through his papers and then growled in annoyance as he realised there was no report on Tagmatium. He picked up the phone of his desk.


"Ganoric get me the head of the Tagmatium section immediately. I don't care if you have to wrestle the beast itself to find him, just do it. You have my personal authorisation to physically drag him into my office by his ankles if you need to. Yes, you can tell him that. You can also tell him he had better have a very good reason for his section's failure to submit its report on time."


He put down the phone, stood up and walked to the table by the window where he picked up a piece of toast...it was going to be a long day.

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The motley man in front of him had to be Europtiman. There was no other explanation as to why he was in such poor-looking shape. He hadn't shaved for nearly two weeks, and hadn't taken a bath in at least that time, and now he had the balls to stand in front of the Holy Emperor of Vanarambaion in such a state? My goodness, what was the world coming to?


"Sir, a detainee from Europtima, sir. Says he's a colonel in their army, sir." Stated the sergeant of the squad surrounding the motley man.


"Excellent, let him go Sergeant." The sergeant balked at letting the prisoner go so close to the sitting Holy Emperor. Reaching into his jacket, the Emperor pulled out his Colt Anaconda, and quietly placed it in full sight on the arm of his chair. "Let him loose, sergeant." The squad stepped away now, confident that the prisoner wouldn't take a step farther than he should. The Holy Emperor was known as a damn good shot.


"As you know -Colonel- the Vanarambaion High Command has stepped up the heat on you Europtiman rebels. You were captured in one of their recent attacks, I'm told. If we keep this operation up, the rebellion will be crushed in a matter of months. But I obviously didn't bring you in here to gloat.


-Colonel- I have a proposition for you. Something for you to take back to Europtima. We would like to sign a treaty with your leader. We are willing to give Europtima a say in the laws that we pass and the things that we do. The sergeant will give you a copy of the treaty if you agree to take it. In return, we will need some of your forces for an operation. It is one in which a colony is breaking off from their mother country. Or at least that's what we'd like to have happen. I trust you are knowledgable about that kind of thing, yes? That is my offer. Now, the sergeant will escort you to the border, where your rebel leaders have been told to pick you up. Goodbye."


As the Emperor watched, the bewildered man was taken to the door.

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OOC: Van, wasn't the Colt Anaconda first produced in the 1990's?


At the Sevrun Colonial Brigade headquarters, Konig was talking to his trusted henchman, Lieutenant Colonel Brightwater. Or rather, they were having a 'heated debate' over how best to deal with the potential rebels.


"Look, sir, our best bet is to arrest those we suspect of being in legal with the rebels, and then force some answers out of them." Brightwater suggested.


Konig shook his head. "That isn't the way to do it. We have to give them reasons to want to remain part of the Holy Empire, rather than reasons to break away. The arrest and torture of people will play into the rebels' hands."


"You know what I heard from my brother-in-law at the Foreign Office, sir? I heard that the Minister was holding more late-night talks with the Karthenian ambassador. If this means they'll get involved..."


Both men thought for a few seconds about the Federation's famed barbarism.


"Well, we're not at that stage yet, are we? We need to start getting some of the rebel groups into the open. Send out a couple of patrols to do rounds in some of the more remote villages," Konig said."What I want you to do, is to see if there are any new recruits that want to perform a special mission for the Holy Empire."


"You want to see if any wish to infiltrate the rebels, sir?" Brightwater guessed.


"That is the jist of it, Colonel. Like last time."


"I'll send him through tomorrow morning, sir."

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OOC: biggrin.gif i such a thief


Karthene City, Intelligence Ministry


A Garan man lay writhing in agony on the table, his body covered in wires and electrodes. Behind a glass partition, four men stood. One wore the uniform of a military doctor, the other three wore the black and emerald dress of the new UTF.


Major Stront shook his head. "They call this progress..."


Colonel John smiled. "There is something to be said for a good flogging."


The third officer, an intelligence officer, Captain Dekker, smiled back. "Previous forms of interrogation were flawed. After a while, the subject ceaced to feel anything..."


Doctor Rixx continued. "This new neurostimulator hits on diffferent nerve clusters. The subject can be kept in agony almost indefinately. They will talk long before they succumb..." he giggled.


"I think you enjoy your job too much, Doctor." John laughed.


Stront still wasn't happy, "What did Corporal Wu do anyway?"


Dekker shrugged. "I'm not sure..." he laughed, "Aren't all Garans guilty of something?"


Colonel John nodded. "I am satisfied with this device. Bring the Sevrunian here..."

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ooc: Sorry about my poor quality opening post, I've gotta get involved before I lose track, but I don't have too much time right now, I'll continue this tomorrow...


The Palace of the Soviet, Serekan...


President Crane sat at the desk, on the far side of the room were some bullet marks on the wall which had been put there at the end of the rebellion, when a communist storm trooper strafed the room and killed the last emperor just 6 years earlier. There was a knock at the door, and the president snapped out of his daydream. Field Marshal Chang entered the room, and sat down, he pushed a folder across the desk towards Crane.


Crane:What is this? Just a bunch of info about Sevrun and it's rebel leader...


Chang: This presents us with an opportunity to counter Tagmatime imperialism, if we send our experienced troops to help the rebels they will surely feel the benefits... of course, we cannot use this operation to spread the word of socialism, if we do our endeavours may appear in the wrong light.


Crane: You're right, but to the best of my knowledge we don't have any conflict with these rebels. How should we go about this?


Chang: I will send rangers into the Sevrunian countryside, and find out where any rebels may be...

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Commander Raider was on deck of the recently built frigate out at sea. First officer of the start of the modern Deltannian fleet, and proud of it he was. The ship was off of some island out somewhere, it didn't matter where.


An ensign quickly ran up to him and handed him a message, and then ran off without the Commander being able to say anything.


Deltannia Naval Headquarters


The DNS Implacable is ordered to proceed to the coordinates provided and rendevous with Rear Admiral Salani, where you will receive further insturction.


He sighed. There went his peace on the deck...

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Crane frowned, "How else exactly are we going to get to these rebels?"


Chang grinned: "I know what we could do, make them come to us. Finding them will be impossible, but if we make a speech in which Ide Jima pledges support to the rebels they are likely to send representatives, it is certain they wont decline our offer. I've never known a group of rebels to decline help from a nation with an army in excess of 2 million"...


Crane:"If you think so", he said, still frowning...


Chang got up, he ran his fingers across the bullet holes in the wall and started pacing. "Then you should start to write a speech, I will get the red guard to spread the word. We will need to have a crowd assembled, I will order Lieutenant Radomir's troops to do a parade".

Having said this Chang shoved open the ornate lacquered doors and walked off down the corridor.


Crane listened as the guards outside saluted. He picked up a phone and asked his secretary to come in. She entered the room, and he started to dictate a speech to her...



The next day, outside the palace of the soviets in Serekan...


Crane walked onto the stage. He thought it ironic, he was moving to depose a colonist regime, when he himself had come from one. He was one of very few whites left in Ide Jima, colonialism's demise there had not been violent. It was just cut off from other locations and stagnated, the fact that Ide Jima had never been fully colonised in the true sense of the word didn't help either. Crane coughed and shuffled his papers, about 30,000 people were in the square watching him...


"People of Ide Jima!, you all have freedom, you are governed by the nation in which you were born! Everyone here values freedom, imagine what the people in Sevrun have, nothing. The oppressive regime that Tagmatium has instated is one of the last bastions of Colonialism. What I am proposing is that we overthrow it. No more shall colonialism blight this world. I urge the people of Ide Jima, destroy this pockmark on the face of Europa. Make Sevrun free! Support the rebels!


Ide Jima is willing to send troops to aid the true rulers of Sevrun.

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OOC: Now i think you'll agree it's a good time for the Federation to start throwing its weight around and make the situation so much worse...


From Karthenia

To Ide Jima


Dear President Crane,

The Supreme Commander has studied your latest address with great interest, and has come to a conclusion. I am afraid that this stance on Sevrun simply will not do. You are advised to change it.

If you find some manner of difficulty in changing this, i would remind you that there are quite a few Ide Jiman nationals on business in the Federation...i believe members of your family are among them. It would be terribly unfortunate if anything were to happen to them, but luckily they have been taken safely into protective custody.

The 8th Grand Fleet is in your area as well, i'm sure it's fine if they stop by for resupply, isn't it?

You have a good day now...


OOC: if anyone doesn't like this, just shout smile.gif

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Tagmatine army patrol, doing rounds in the countryside, outside Solace.


"Oi, sarge. Over there."


One of the soldiers had spotted something in the undergrowth. He dismounted, whilst the rest armed their EM-2 rifles. The soldier cautiously approached the odd patch in the long grass. As he got closer, the rest of the soldiers watched from the truck, guns at the ready. The rebels may be on the wane, but there was no point in taking stupid risks...


"It's a crate!"


The sergeant jumped off the lorry, and went over to look.


"Could be booby-trapped."


"Could be, corporal. But then, it wouldn't have been opened, would it? Get it loaded and bring it back to base. It'll get looked at there."




In Tagmatica, Tagmatium. In the Imperial Office, the Emperor sat at his desk looking over the report on the Ide Jiman President's speech. Constantius Carus was a small man, balding even though he was in his thirties. He didn't wear the jewelled diadem that his predecessors wore, or the silken gowns of an Emperor, rather a polo-shirt, battered trousers and shoes of a business man down on his luck. The man sighed, knowing that such a thing would only cause more trouble in the colony. That was probably an understatement. He didn't Tagmatine forces in Sevrun anymore than the rebels did, but the army itself wanted the colony. He couldn't argue with that. He picked up his phone, and spoke into it.


"Could you put me through to our man in Serekan, please."


He would have to sort that damned Ide Jiman out, before it got out of hand. Full-scale war wasn't what he wanted in the colonies.

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The Holy Emperor read the morning reports, as he usually did - in his bathrobe at his office desk. The TV was on in the corner, spouting news from around the world, and occassionally giving him shots of the Parliament. Putting his coffee down on the desk, he picked up the reports and shuffled through them


'Ide Jimans line up with the rebels? Well that's odd. Must be something they want out of this. Let's see...Federation rounds up several hundred people. Nothing new there, they were always rounding up someone to torture and crucify. Damned barbarians. Which group was it this time? Ide Jimans? Royalty, no less. Well, there was an unnecessary escalation...wonder what their game is. They have nothing to gain from the Tagmatines keeping or losing Sevrun...very strange. Of course, the Karthenians could always be counted on to do the one thing that would irritate the international community the most. Now, where was that report from Tagmatica? Ah, there it is. Emperor wears old shoes.' The Emperor grabbed the phone. "Yes put me through to the Tagmatica specialist. Tom, if you send me one more report on what the Emperor was wearing today, I'll have your head on a pike. Got it? Good. Now, I want a good report about what's going on with the whole Sevrun crisis, and I want it before noon." He slammed down the phone. What a cheeky little devil...

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"Freedom...last bastions of colonialism...proposing is that we overthrow it..."


T'Ka shook his head as he read the reports coming out of Ide Jima. What will these communist mad men propose next...world revolution? The last thing the Akiiryu needed was to have the Tagmatium colonial government in Sevurian replaced by a communist puppet government whose strings were pulled by Ide Jima. No, no, no that would not do. As long as it continued to spew forth rhetoric like this the new Ide Jiman regime was dangerous not only to Tagmatine, but all the established governments in Europa.


The phone rang and T'Ka answered it before the second ring had finished


"Yes...I will be there immediately."


He put down the phone and looked at his aide, Garonic.


"The Prince has called the council together. No doubt to discuss our official response to the speech made in Ide Jima. Await my return."


"Yes my lord."



Four Hours Later




T'ka sighed and looked up as his aide. The council meeting had been too long in T'Ka's mind, especially as Akiiryu's response had, it seemed, been obvious to all but the most foolish of barons. T'Yathra, as usual, had demanded military invention. A thought which had, thankfully, been crushed by the Prince as quickly as the bumbling old fool had mentioned it. The last thing Akiiryu wanted or needed was open war.


"Garonic, any news of when the meeting with the rebels will take place?"


"No, none my lord."


(OOC JT, I need you to react to this before I move on with it)


"Let me know as soon as there is. Inform our agents to tell the rebels we support them despite what we say about Ide Jima. Indeed, stress to them that Ide Jima's out burst will only do their cause harm. The new Ide Jiman regime is an international pariah and is seen as a threat by the majority of the governments of Europa. Indeed, have them point out to the rebels none of the established governments in Europa are likely to support them if they ally themselves with a communist government whose only current claim to fame is machine gunning the last Ide Jiman Emperor in is office."


"Yes my lord."




To: Ide Jima

From: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


The Prince and the people of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu condemn the recent statements made by your government. Ide Jima has no right to threaten military involvement in what is a Tagmatine internal matter. The prince demands you cease such provocative acts immediately. Failure to do so will elicit a strong response from the Akiiryan government.



Prince's Personal Envoy

Akiiryan Baronic Council

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