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Mission reaches high orbit!

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--- Voice of the Republic ---


Tamurin has reached outer space!


A refitted YB-70 "Valkyrie"-bomber and an OG-1-spacecraft have reached orbit. The OG-1 reached an altitude of 25.000 km and still had some fuel left! Another couple of seconds of thrust and it would've reached escape velocity and headed to outer space.


Last month, Space Command bought some YB-70s from outside of Europa that were decommissioned. They were refitted to carry the OG-1 and used as a replacement for the T-15F-transport aircraft.


The advantages are obvious: The YB-70 can reach Mach 3, while the T-15F doesn't even reach Mach 1. Also, the YB-70 can reach an altitude of 22 km, while the T-15F only reaches 10 km.


The YB-70 could lift the OG-1 higher and give it a higher starting speed - Mach 3 instead of Mach 0.7! The OG-1 was then able to travel into outer space!


"This is a great day for Tamurin!" President Hartman said. "We've finally reached the stars."


The President also said, that the OG-1 will now be refitted with maneuvering thrusters and a hatch, so that it can dock with the International Space Station, when it is build. He also indicated, that the OG-1 could carry loads or even satellites.


"The YB-70's engines are very powerful, but a little old. If we modernize them a little, maybe we can get even more out of them. And that would mean, that the OT-1 could become a little heavier."


General Speidel ordered the refit of the OG-1 Type 2 and 3, so that they may simulate higher cargo.


user posted image


The historical launch: The OG-1 rises into the sky

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++ ONA | Orioni News Agency ++


Empress Orioni congratulated General Speidel on the succesfull mission tuesday, some three hours after 'Voice of the Republic' formally declared an OG-1-spacecraft reached an altitude of 25.000 km.


The statement, issued by the Orioni Government shortly after noon, standard time, contained a positive message for more interaction in light of any future space initiatives It also said that this will encourage stability on the Central Peninsula.


The statement was released by the Orioni Government from Orionopolis, where Empress Orioni was unveiling a new domestic home ownership scheme.


"We join the Orionian people in congratulating the people of Tamurin on the successful conclusion of their spaceflight," the statement began. "The maintenance of peace and stability on the Central Peninsula and the welfare of the people of Europa remain of profound importance to Orioni. To advance these goals, the Orioni Government will fulfil its engagements towards the European Space Agency," it said. "We wish that with this new technological brake through, Tamurin's prosperity will continue and that Tamurin's cordial ties with Orioni will further develop," the letter added.



TO: Tamurin

FROM: Orioni

SUBJECT: Space flight


We are glad to see your project is going well. It is our hope that you will soon be able to further investigate the strange things that are happening in the skies above Europa. If you ever need any assistance with shooting some of those boggies down, we will gladly help you annihilate these f***ing bastard aliens!

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TO: Orioni

FROM: Tamurin

RE: Space flight


That is our intention. That's why we hope that we can install "cargo" on the OG-1. It's our counter-strike platform.


It's outrageous that they've shot down the B-70 carrier (see RP POLITICAL), but we've still some left and next time it will be escorted all the way.


When we have more information, we'll of course call you!

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Encoded Contact


To: Tamurin

From: Ide Jima


Would you be willing to sell us an example of a B-70? Our current space launchers are a squadron of 4 TU - 160s, which are currently undergoing an extensive refit (with rocket engines). In the meantime we are in desperate need of a space launch vehichle to get one of our deep space probes into orbit.




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TO: Ide Jima

FROM: Tamurin


We just lost one B-70, the other ones are very needed. We will start to build a small number of them ourselves, you'll get one then (OOC: several in-game weeks). Until then, we'd be happy to launch your deep space probe with one of our B-70s.

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To: Tamurin

From: Ide Jima


In that case there will be no need. Many thanks for the offer, but our TU - 160s will be refitted soon, and we can modify one of the army ones in a matter of days to meet our need.


Your Ally,


Ide Jima.

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