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Military Units Size

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Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_units


This article gives an overview of some of the terms used to describe military units in armed forces across the world. Whilst it is recognised that there will be differences between armies of different nations, it seems that a large proportion are modelled on the British and/or American models.



> 10.000

Region or theatre

Size: many  (2+ army groups)

Led by: general or field marshal


Army group 

Size: many  (2+ armies)

Led by:  general or field marshal


Army or Red Army front 

Size: many  (2+ corps)

Led by:  general or field marshal


Corps or Red Army army 

Size: 30,000+  (2+ divisions) 

Led by:lieutenant general



Size: 10,000?20,000  (2-4 brigades)

Led by:  major general


1.000 - 10.000


Size: 2000?5000  (2+ regiments or 3?6 battalions)

Led by:  brigadier general, brigadier (UK) or colonel (US Army)


Regiment or Group 

Size: 2000?3000  (3?4 battalions) 

Led by:colonel


100 - 1.000

Battalion or Commonwealth regiment 

Size: 300?1000  (2?6 companies or 4?6 squadrons) 

Led by:lieutenant colonel


Company or Squadron 

Size: 100?300  (3?6 platoons or troops) 

Led by:captain or major


< 100

Platoon or Troop 

Size: 30?40  (2+ squads or sections) 

Led by:first or second lieutenant


Section or Patrol 

Size: 8?12  (2+ fireteams) 

Led by:NCO (corporal to staff sergeant)


Squad or Crew 

Size: 8?12  (2+ fireteams) 

Led by:NCO (corporal to staff sergeant)



Size: 4?5 

Led by:NCO (lance corporal to sergeant)

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Ide Jiman Army Org. for defensive forces.


High Command

All Regional Commands

Lead By a 5 Star Marshall


Regional Command:

2 or 3 Armies.

Lead By: A Marshall



3 or 4 Corps

Lead By: A General



3 Divisions

Lead By: A General (Or in some cases a Marshall)



5 Brigades

Lead By: A Major



4 - 5 Regiments

Lead By: A Brigadier



6 Batallions

Lead By: A Captain



8 Companies

Lead By: A Lieutenant





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Perhaps, but like the article said, a large portion are similarily modelled.


Besides, mine follows a neat little pattern. It can also mean that I don't have as many armies.


Maybe we should just, in parenthesis while in the RPG, put approximate numbers next to the attacking unit, just as a reminder. Then everyone can keep their groupings.

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