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Guest Tokoph

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Guest Tokoph

Hey Europa,


I'm King Todtenkopf (pronounced tote-en-koff), ruler of The Kingdom of Tokoph (pronounced toe-koff). We are new to this region and this game and have recently joined the UN. Here are some facts about Tokoph:

  • Leadership- Although Tokoph has a king, it is still considered democratic as voting does take place.
  • Currency- The currency is the george(G).
  • Military- Many armed services such as Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force... At the age of 18, ALL citizens (male or female) MUST register for the draft.
  • History- Tokoph was founded by beached German pirates. After a battle, their ships couldn't carry on, so they settled on nearby land, now called The Kingdom of Tokoph
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ah greetings, another nation with a namei will not be able to spell... sad.gif ah well rolleyes.gif welcome anyway!


have a Philian Pie, this week a philian speciality, a goosberry and blacktart Pie, with special creamy filling! enjoy!


pirate.gif yargh! cake.gif

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Hi, Tokoph.


Totenkopf...German pirates...bist du Deutscher? Oder deutschsprachig?


Btw, nice idea with the pirates. Although, if you meant "skull", you should drop the "d" - it's just "Totenkopf".... wink.gif


(German language, difficult language...)

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