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~Pot~'s mindless pic thread.

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Figured i'd add a bit more OOC to the forums, they seem to have taken off on RPin biggrin.gif . But seein how we need a break or two from the RP terrorism and war, here is a thread where you can post a funny pic or two. Enjoy.


*Please dont post any porn. We do have rules that our hosts would like us to follow. So in short, keep it clean.*



user posted image

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hey i didnt mean to offend you guy! just thought you would have a little fun with me because i could only think of 3 names for myself. ill remove it if you would like. sorry sad.gif

Hmmm. It seems I forgot a emoticon in my last post: laugh.gif


I'm not mad. It takes a lot to get me mad (contrary to popular belief) rolleyes.gif

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