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Two ships attacked

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Today, the News Network of Deltannia reported the attack on two of Deltannia's most prized ships...


---News Network of Deltannia---


Two of Deltannia's greatest ships, the DNS Victory and the DNS Hathaneus were attacked today by an unknown aggressor. Sources close to the attack reported "Huge explosions from the sea" as they witnessed the starboard side of the DNS Hathaneus go up in flames. Minutes later, after communication with Fleet Command, the destroyer Victory was also attacked.


As the military helicopters flew in, the DNS Hathaneus was completely submerged. The Victory was able to contain the water in three of its holds as two patrol ships entered the scene. The government has withheld all photographs of the scene and has withheld all information pertaining to the number of survivors aboard each ship.


The government has started an immediate investigation into the matter and calls upon nations to stand up to this anonymous attacker.


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To Deltannia

From Karthenia


The Federation is shocked by this unprovoked attack, and wishes to offer whatever help you may require. The SMC (Sovereign Military Council) has voted to mobilise the 2nd Grand Fleet if it is needed.


However, our country was recently embroiled in a marxist uprising, and many military commanders are not trusted by General Ling Cao's government, so we cannot deploy many forces until we have cleaned up shop, as it were.

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To: Deltannia

From: Ide Jima


Same as Kant. We would have attacked your ships if they entered our waters, but we have not had any such attacks reported, so we cannot claim responsobility.

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TO: Deltannia

FROM: Ministry of Defense, Naval Department, Tamurin

RE: Attack


All ships under tamurinian flag currently at sea will look for any suspicious ship. The Naval Air Force will also increase patrols over our waters.


We can assure you that no tamurinian ship did this. All combat actions have to be ordered and confirmed by the President if Tamurin is not at war. The President did not give such an order and no warships are currently out of tamurinian waters.


Naval Department,


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OOC: This is that world renowned 2nd Grand Fleet...but only has 2 carriers dry.gif


To Vanarambaion

From Karthenia


That is satisfactory. Admiral Xia An Min is the chief of the Navy, please contact her for the coordination.


OOC: Now all we have to do is stop them killing each other.... laugh.gif

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To: Everyone

From: Ide Jima


We have a nuclear submarine in the area. We will alert you if we find any unidentified ships in the area. Maybe this attack could have something to do with Mithril? Anyhow, we are scanning the area in which this attack happened.

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To all nations

From Karthenia


We concur with Niederosterreich, Mithril may have a hand in this. As a precaution we are taking all Mithril delagates in the Federation under questioning, and will hold any Mithril personnel that come here.



However, we have an alternative possibility. You all know of the recent marxist uprising in our capital. Vessels of the 3rd Grand Fleet were caught in Dayport Naval Base by the rebels, including some ships which had revolted. In is possible, though unlikely, that a rebel vessel could have escaped the siege before the Ide Jiman fleet arrived to storm Dayport, and gone into the seas. It could be roving now. Alas, many records were destroyed in the final assault on the city, and as a consequence we are unsure as to whether there are any vessels in the 3rd Grand Fleet missing.


Whether Mithril or Karthene rebels, we reccomend heightened naval security until this threat is ended.

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To: Karthenia and Niedereostereich

From: Vanarambaion

Re: possibilities


Vanarambaion has activated the 3rd and 4th fleets, currently on their way home from North Vanarambaion to investigate the area as well. If this is Mithril, woe betide them. The location of their base is known to us, but we are unwilling to invade or destroy it just yet. If this is one of your ships, Karthenia, it will be destroyed. We are not yet ready to commit to either of these options, and are keeping our ideas and plans open to any eventuality.

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To Vanarambaion

From Karthenia


If it is one of ours, you are welcome to destoy it if you find it. We'll do the same if we find it...though i'm sure the crew would prefer to be captured by us than you. They probably heard what happened to their brothers...

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OOC: Hey, who in reality is going to let a bunch of mercenaries whose MO included them actually attacking us if we get aggressive to have a base and a giant high tech submarine? Anyway, it could be Mithril, they're bound to be p*ssed off.


Even if we are funded by a good government, if that government turns over to oppressive rule, starts commiting genocide or something in that manner, we will combat that government.

Lastly Mithril's moral judgement is that of what is good for humanity and what is not. Stopping genocide, helping with starvation, fighting terrorism, destroying drug lords, stopping oppressive militia, fighting slavery, the list goes on, but Mithril is for the cause of good.

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To: Deltannia and all other concerned nations...


From: Mithril



To whomever it may concern,


Mithril has nothing to do with the attack of these two unfortunate vessels. Our only capable vessel is still under construction in the drydocks in the Mithril naval facilty. By the estimate given to me it will be completed in 5 (RL) days. We would never comit such an unprovoked and atrocious crime. Mithril is designed to preserve lives, not take them. We apologize for any confusion and wish to remain neutral in this matter unless there are further questions.


Thank You,

- Saruwatari Sato - Mithril

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FROM: The nation of Deltannia

TO: All cooperating nations


We are glad of any assistance that you are able to render. Our National Fleet has been mobilized, along with the Reserves. We are deploying buoys to mark our territorial waters. Our ships were NOT within any territorial waters, they were stationary of our coast.


If this was a terrorist action or an action by renegade or rebel units, we will assist in any way possible to apprehend the said parties. Not only was this an aggressive act, but the DNS Victory has held a special place in Deltannia's history, fighting in several major engagements.


Our Naval Council is preparing to draw up a plan of action and defense, one that may have all parties working together to the greatest extent.


Fleet Admiral Connor Grey,

DNS Legacy

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*Ide Jiman Naval Intelligence, in Xian*


Radioman: Sir, the Vengeance, the sub looking for the unnamed attackers of Deltannia has found something...


Officer: What have they picked up?


Radioman: Three vessels have been picked up on their radar, heading Northwest from Deltannia... they're going at speed too...


Officer: Where's our nearest carrier?


Radioman: The Resolute is on patrol, heading west from MMRTA island...


Officer: Scramble three IJ - 45s, give that flotilla a fly over... I'll forward a message to others...






To: Everyone Looking for terrorist attackers

From: Ide Jima

Re: Possible Suspects found...


Four Vessels have been sighted, heading northwest from Deltannia, they came into the range of the radar of the sub we have patrolling that area, we are sending a flyover. Co-ordinates are (made up) 45,North, 79 West.

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"Hah, that'll learn those settlers for setting up camp near our operations" Chuckled Captain Lowes of the PRS Firestorm, as the small attack fleet sped away from the large northern island,


"It may be a bit harsh attacking like that, but its best they think its terrorists than suspect our hands in this, they were getting too close, and with that loss they'll be too busy searching the seas to venture into the south."


The small formation of ships were decked out in non-divisionary colours, no identification markers on them at all, nothing that could be traced back to anyone. they were also decked out in some of the most state of the art technology the nation had, including an anti-radar screen, the first ever militery 'stealth boats'.


"Sir, we have Ide Jiman ships comig into range, and planes from the East"


"right, activate the radar block, that should hide us from the ships for us to avoid them, and prepare to launch those new scrambler missiles at those planes, the ones that lock onto and block the radio signals of the planes, its time to really test out these new ships."


(ooc, well, someone had to step in to be the bad guy... rolleyes.gif , the new emporer Phil V isn't as innocent as people would like to think smile.gif .


oh, and about the boats, they are massivly stealthy, taking up most of the Philian defense budget for the last however many years,invisible to radar, and can block out plane radio signals for a radius of a cuple of miles or so... blink.gif )






Phil V is deeply saddened by the attack on the sovrignty of Deltannia, and we hope you can live through this troubled time. Phil V does have a fleet of 4-5 submarines in the Stoned Sea, which will head north as soon as possible to track down these ships spied by Ide Jima. terrorists will not be tolorated in this region.

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