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Guest Nu Haven

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Hey Nu Haven!! Welcome. Are you still having trouble posting?? I assume not but don't be afraid to ask. Lots of us here are/were new to all this! You've chosen a friendly, active region.


I'm sure the rest of the reprobates will be along soon....Just don't eat the pies. wink.gif


I was in Toronto a couple of years ago. Liked it. Whats that really long road called that goes on for hundreds of miles?


Enjoy Europa!!!

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ah ha! hellooo there! I be Phil, You'll soon get to know all us regulers i'm sure (just don't trust those Landfish from Tagmantium, they're genetically engineered you know, full of suger, and taste horrible too!)


what you want is one of my famous Pies, this week, a succulent Venison and Veal mixture, with a delicious ale gravy within... enjoy...

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