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ooc: This is just a thread for all the different Aircraft I have put on sale in my time here ... with a couple of new ones...





Batavian Consolidated industries Buccaneer MK IIKE and IIHE



This aircraft, probably considered at first glance by many to be obsolete is a piece that has had extensive modification. The radar, weapons systems, and navigation control have all been completely modernized, along with a high powered on board computer being added.


This aircraft has had a new engine fitted, making it capable of speed in excess of mach 1.6. This enables the plane to move quickly, the aircraft work best at low levels due to this. There are two variants, the IIKE and the IIHE, the KE carries conventional bombs, and fulfills the role of light carrier borne bomber. The HE is similar, but carries a rotary cruise missile launcher, in the place of a bomb bay.


The E in the full title of these aircraft denotes that they are planes, which have been designed specifically for the foreign market.


These planes are part of a private venture by the Ide Jiman firm BCI (Batavian consolidated industries). Currently 100 IIKs and 30 IIHs are in production for the Ide Jiman fleet air arm.


This aircraft comes as the last in a series of old British bomber designs to be modernized by the Ide Jiman military, however this is the first available for export. Other upgrades have included, the Vulcan, the Victor and the TSR.2, all of which serve in various roles in the IJAF. More and more western weaponry is creeping into the ranks of the Ide Jiman armed forces as the country moves away from communism. The only truly noticeable difference looking at the plane is that the old curves of the aircraft have been replaced with larger engines, making the plane look somewhat old fashioned ? but you should never judge a book by it?s cover!


Despite the advantages of this new aircraft it does sacrifice a heavy payload and a VTOL capability in the name of speed. It does get the job done, especially when it comes to small-scale air bombardment.


user posted image



BCI Buccaneer MKs IIHE through to IIKE.



STOL Bomber / Ground attack aircraft.



Two Poseidon K 19 Seasprite Turbofans



H: 6 Leviathan Anti shipping cruise missiles OR 4 Moratau M ? 12 Long Range land target cruise missiles.

2 Vulcan cannons

4 Fire and Forget ?Event Horizon? AA missiles


K: 2000 lb Conventional Bombs

2 Vulcan Cannons OR 2 BCI2000 Missile Pods

4 Fire and Forget ?Event Horizon? AA missiles



Wingspan 13.41 Metres

Length 19.33 Metres

Height 4.95 Metres

Wing Area 47.82 M^2



Empty: 13, 620 Kg

Max. Take off 28,148 Kg



Speed Mach 1.63

Ceiling 50,000 + feet

Climb 30,000 feet in 1 ? Minutes

Range 3450 Km


Price: $100 million





Batavian Consolidated Industries TSR.2E



This aircraft is, in effect a scaled down B1 ? B Lancer. In it?s day it pushed the limits of aeronautical technology, and the new BCI one does too. The payload of this aircraft is small ? but the speed and performance are approaching that of a Panavia Tornado. The plane?s 4 on board computers perform an intricate HUD system, navigation, and bomb sighting operations. As with all Ide Jiman upgrades the engine has been replaced with a piece made by the ubiquitous Ide Jiman firm Poseidon.


In terms of armament this plane is bristling. Bombs are carried both internally and slung under the wings. Elaborate counter measures prevent the aircraft being easily blown out of the sky. This aircraft has the prefix TSR to denote it?s use, tactical strike and reconnaissance, The 2 represents that the aircraft is an upgrade whilst the E shows that this is an export version. This aircraft currently equips two light bomber squadrons of the Ide Jiman air force, and under the expansion that wing of the armed forces is due to undergo, another 3 squadrons will be equipped too. This aircraft was commissioned by the Serekan soviet in the old regime; it has now continued to be developed despite regime change.


This aircraft is fast with a high payload, but it is potentially still vulnerable to some interceptors. This aircraft is quick enough to launch tactical pre-empritive strikes, but otherwise it would need an escort. Despite the advanced systems on board, this aircraft is still relatively cheap, and spare parts can be purchased privately from BCI.



user posted image




Type: BCI TSR.2E


Specification: Tactical Strike/ Reconnaissance aircraft


Power: Two Poseidon Typhon M12 Turbojets



4000IB of bombs/missiles under the wings

6000IB of bombs carried internally

NR12000 Cannon (Similar to Vulcan) in concealed nose mounting



Wingspan: 37 feet

Length 89 feet

Height 24 feet

Wing Area 700 square feet



Empty: 90,000 KG

Max. Take off: 188,000 KG



Ceiling: 89.000 feet

Range: 4500 Miles

Climb: 50,000 feet per minute


Price: $279 Million



Got a fleet of ageing aircraft you want upgraded?


We do Aircraft upgrades to order, say what you want done and we will name a reasonable price, and bring the aircraft up to modern standard.

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The IJ ? 32SS ?Thunderbolt? intermediate range nuclear bomber.


This aircraft is the spearhead of Ide Jima?s new nuclear deterrent scheme. The second in a line of 3 planned upgrades of the SU ? 30 this slightly larger variant is designed to carry 1-megaton laser guided nuclear bombs. This is in effect a bomber variant of the SU ? 30. This aircraft is costly and as yet only nuclear armament has been confirmed. Possible further weapons include AA 5G ?fire and forget? folding fin missiles to provide hi ? tech defense against any interceptor aircraft. Air to surface missiles are under development especially for this plane. .Countermeasures are equipped as standard.


Speed is not the main quality of this plane, it can scrape the edge of space with it?s impressive altitude characteristics. The ceiling of the IJ ? 32SS is around 90,000 feet, well above the altitude of many other aircraft. unlike the ?Shipwrecker? this aircraft is powered by twin Poseidon X ? 90 turbofans to cope with the weight of the plane. Unfortunately due to the increase in the size of the plane the maximum speed has been greatly reduced.


Currently 45 of these aircraft equip the Ide Jiman army, whilst another 10 shore based aircraft equip the navy and 3 (non nuclear) equip the specialized Ide Jiman COIN militia. This aircraft costs ?300 Million for 1 unit.


This aircraft is constructed from aluminium and carries a crew of four to operate the advanced weapons systems on board. The aircraft carries a large airbrake in a dorsal position to help stop the aircraft when it develops large amounts of momentum after landing. We recommend this aircraft is not operated off of carriers, it is difficult to operate off a short runway. The most radical difference between this aircraft and the original SU ? 30 is that a delta wing configuration has been adapted. At air tests this proved that the airframe had a far greater amount of stability like this. Original plans included a forward swept version however at maximum speed there was such a large amount of force acting on the wings the plain lost speed and control over mechanisms held in the wings. It was concluded that the delta configuration struck a better balance between speed, maneuverability and safety. In terms of safety all four crew members have ejector seats.


user posted image






SPECIFICATION: IJ industries IJ ? 32 SS ?Thunderbolt? variants h through to p.


ORIGIN: Ide Jima/ Eston ? i ? a


TYPE: Intermediate range nuclear bomber

ARMAMENT: 1x ?Crimson Sky? Laser guided 1Mgt Nuclear Bomb (Ide Jima only, other nuclear weapons can be equipped with this type)

2x 5G ?Fire and Forget? AA missiles.

(Proposed (under development still, release on the 10th may (rl)) ) 2x Specialised AS 2000 scramjet ?Typhon? Missiles


POWERPLANT: 2x Poseidon X 90 turbofans



Speed Mach 2.3

Range 1500 miles

Ceiling 92000 feet



57,000 KG



Wingspan 54 Feet

Length 85 Feet

Height 24 Feet


PRICE: ?300 Million (no nukes included) (the only weapon supplied with the plane are the AA missiles)




A Description


The first of a series of SU - 30 upgrades from the main Ide Jiman defence contractor IJ Industries. This remarkable aircraft will remain central to Ide Jimas naval air wing for years to come. So far 4080 IJ 32 aircraft are serving in the defence of Ide Jiman shores. This weapon is perfect for anyone looking to create a scourge for any country that dare threaten their sovereignty.


This aircraft may be expensive at $500 million a piece but it is equipped with up to date Ide Jiman radar, Weapons and sophisticated ECM systems. Furthermore, despite being built around the SU - 30 airframe the powerful Poseidon X- 89 turbojets give the aircraft the ability to fly at speeds in excess of mach 3.5 enabling it to escape before any carrier borne aircraft can retaliate.


user posted image




Specification: IJ - 32


Type: Specialist Anti Shipping and Maritime interdictor


Origin: Ide Jima




2x IJ AS - 16 'Kraken' Anti Shipping Missiles

6x IJ AA - 2000 Missiles

1x IJ 'Destrier' MLGB (Massive laser guided bomb)

2x IJ 72 Missile Pods

1x 30mm 'Maelstrom' Cannon in nose mounting




2 Poseidon X - 89 Turbofans each rated at 96.3 Kn




Max speed: Mach 3.74

Ceiling 60 000 feet

Range 2,200 miles




Empty 20 000 Kg

Max. Take off 45 000 kg



Wingspan 48 ft 2.5 inches

Length 76 feet 5 inches

Height 21 feet 4 inches




PRICE: $250 Million





Xian turbofan works MiG 31 ? 4000


Xian turbofan works, a small engine building company from Ide Jima?s windswept second city, recently surprised the Ide Jiman MoD by announcing an upgrade of the Ide Jiman MiG 31 fleet. This aircraft is a heavy upgrade of the aircraft, it can fly even faster than the original MiG 31, it is capable of Mach 3.86 at altitude. This almost impossible feat is achieved by the XTFW?s pioneering rocket engine research. This aircraft has not got jets ? it has one XTFW Arbalest controlled rocket engine. Unfortunately due to this, the aircraft is not as easily maneuverable as other jet fighters and it does require a large amount of money to maintain.


The advantages of the extremely powerful engine are the speed that the fighter can travel at, and that only a short runway is needed. We recommend that these planes are not operated off carriers, side winds can upset the balance of the plane.


But by now, you will probably be thinking ?isn?t that too dangerous!??. We thought of that. This aircraft does put safety at the top of the priority list, with an immediate shut off to the rocket engine which is operated via code. The cockpit itself can detach from the plane and operate as one large ejection seat. There are also sensors in the engines, which will operate the shutdown if there is a very dangerous error in the plane.


This aircraft has a large nose, which is filled by the most advanced radar we could find. Also in the cockpit is a full colour HUD and several computer screens clearly showing all the necessary data about the flight course. The aircraft?s ejector seat is manually operated, rather than being electric. This would enable a pilot to escape in the case of the ejection of an EMP.


In terms of armament this plane is well armed. Complex ECMs enable the aircraft to strike deep behind enemy lines. It has several chaff dispensers, as well guns, which fire graphite nanofibres all around it. These will short circuit electrical circuits on a missile ? or enemy plane for that matter


There are several variants of this plane, if you are interested in the details of any please let me know and I will put the details up. The stats shown below will be for the XTFW Mig ? 31 ? 4000. Here are other variants available, shown in brackets are the number in use by our military:


XTFW MiG ? 31 ? 4000 Interceptor (400)

XTFW MiG ? 31 ? 3000 EAW (20)

XTFW MiG ? 31 ? 3500 Maritime Attack (0(Ide Jima uses the IJ ? 32))

XTFW MiG ? 31 ? 4400 Ground Attack (0)

IJ Industries Foxhound 20 Multi Role fighter (500)

IJ 9000 Ultra High Speed Experimental Airframe (2)

IJ 1220 Forward Swept MiG ? 31 Experimental Aircraft (2)


user posted image





Specification: XTFW MiG ? 31 ? 4000


Origin: Ide Jima/ Neuvo Rica


Type: High speed long range interceptor



(Here they are!)8x Thermopylae Scramjet fire and forget missiles.

2x AS Cruise missiles

12x IJ ? 40 standard air force issue AA missiles

(Optional) 1x NR ? 70 Rocket Pod OR 1x Vulcan Cannon.


Power plant:


1x XTFW Arbalest controlled rocket engine.




Wingspan: 44 feet

Length 74 feet

Height 20 feet



Empty 21, 825 Kg

Max. 46,200 Kg



Max Speed: Mach 3. 73 (Officially, in practice it can be higher)

Ceiling: 67,585 feet

Range: 750 km (External fuel tanks can increase this)




IJ Industries IJ ? 45


This aircraft is designed to work alongside the IJ ? 32 in a maritime defense role. This aircraft is considerably smaller, and can operate off of carriers. Of the 15 aircraft carriers currently in Ide Jiman service, 5 of them are due to be equipped with these. Another 2 carriers have recently been successfully proposed, and are due to be equipped with these planes. This aircraft is VTOL and features a unique new innovation ? 5D thrust vectoring. This enables the plane to move diagonally both sideways and forwards during landing and taking off, making this aircraft very maneuverable. This is achieved through the use of a special piece in


This aircraft has a maximum speed of Mach 2.3 and is capable of carrying up to 8000KG of weapons in under wing positions. In roles other than defense this aircraft will also serve well as a ground attack aircraft. It?s small size but heavy payload make it well suited to this role. The pilot will sit in a ?titanium bathtub? to prevent injury by shrapnel. All the wiring leads out of this through a single thick titanium pipe in the back of the ?tub?. This makes the aircraft almost immune to ground fire from non-missile weapons. Like the 31 ? 4000 this plane also features ?graphite guns? however this time there is also a bomb version which can knock out enemy ground electricity supplies on top of having the guns to divert missiles.


For armament, this aircraft has a mighty array. Weaponry includes:


2x IJ-222 Rocket Pods:


These fire large numbers of rockets in rapid succession at ground targets. The rockets are fed into this weapon like bullets in a machine gun, enabling them to be used more often by a plane without having to land again to reload. Tanks, buildings, fat people and other large stationary targets won?t stand a chance against this formidable weapon.


2x Kraken Anti- Shipping Missiles:


These warheads are effective. They will lock on to the engine room or magazine of a target ships, the computer on the missile sets a timer before it hits the target. The missile then pierces straight through the side of a ship, goes straight to the target (ripping through any walls in it?s way) and will then explode upon reaching the target. The computer activated timer makes the explosion accurate to several seconds. This missile will destroy smaller ships, and will cripple or immobilize larger ones.


8x Arbalest Fire and Forget Scramjet AA missiles:


You can?t run, you can?t hide? this missile is faster than almost anything in the sky, it?s powerful and innovative engine causes it to travel at speeds in excess of Mach 8. This also contains an onboard computer, with a very complex navigational system, this missile will hit home. The Arbalest hit?s hard and fast and will down any plane in the sky. Unfortunately this missile takes considerable time to build and is very expensive.



+ other weaponry carried on pylons under the wings


user posted image





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XTFW Leviathan Assault Helicopter


Type: Assault/ Troop Transport


Number of Passengers: 2 + 40 Troops, 35 Paratroopers or 20 Stretchers.


Engine: Twin XTFW X19 Heavy Turboshafts


Carrier Capable?: Yes



Army: 3400 Ordered

Navy: 1300 Ordered

Airforce: 3700 Ordered

Marines: 700 Ordered

Naval Infantry: 200 Ordered

Stormtroopers: 400 Ordered


user posted image



Price: ?34 million

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Scharnhorst III Class Battleship


user posted image




Medium long range attack battleship.



Currently in IJ service: 5 (a further 6 are planned)


*Price Negotiated* Information supplied at request




Atlas Class Battleship


user posted image




Shore bombardment/ flagship vessel


Currently in Service: 5 (9 more planned)


*price negotiable*



Yamato II Class Battlecruiser


user posted image




Low Observable Commerce Raider/ Tactical Battleship


Currently in IJ service: 3 (7 navy and 1 marine corps version planned)



*price negotiable*





New Feature:




-Battleships Designed to specification

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To: all Ide Jima companies

from: HR Ministry of War

re: modernising the Riderian Northern Air Fleet.



We would like to know your prices for upgrading part of our air fleet. The most beneficial company shall gain the contract.


Riderian Northern Air Fleet


IJ - 32 'shipwrecker' - 30 planes

Air Peeper M33 (copycat version of IJ - 32) - 25 planes

Blitz 23 Storm -- 16 planes

Blitz 11 Crasher -- 10 planes

SeaQueen - 17 helicopters

Garoeda - 20 helicopters

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To: Haken

From: Serekan Automotive


As far as companies go, the most beneficial would be Serekan Automotive - it is Ide Jima's largest corporation and is developed to the point where good improvements can be made at lower prices.


We also have full access to most government weapon projects, and we can add some of the lates engines. Admittedly, for engines XTFW is the best company, so for maximum improvement, a shared contract will upgrade your planes the most.


These improvements can be offered:



Peeper M33


These aircraft can be upgraded to IJ-32MC (maritime control) standard . This includes:

- XTFW-Phaethon III engines, which are capable of Mach 3.9 and are easily maintained. Powerful afterburners are also fitted


-Structural Reinforcement, Titanium alloys are used brace the fuselage and wings, to make the aircraft more resistant to the great stresses the frame will go through, and will need maintenance check much less frequently.


-Lightening, uneeded parts are taken away to make room for more hardpoints and sensory arrays - 4 more hardpoints are added, and aircraft speed and handling improves.


-Observability decrease, the aircraft is made less visible on radar. Although the radar signature is not completely eradicated, this asset can be useful for strikes. This addition costs $16 million and is optional.


Price: $20 million (36 million with low observable technology) each.



Blitz 23 Storm

Blitz 11 Crasher


-Structural Improvement -- Same as with IJ-32




XTFW Phaethon III Engines.




IJ Industries/ SAC 'Fencer' Engines. (These are slower but are more reliable, they also allow for a great improvement in the aircraft performance - except for speed, which normally is no greater than Mach 1.9)


SAC 17 Seascan radar can be fitted, this adds a high performance radar capable of both surface and subsurface scans for shipping, over a range of 500 nautical miles.


SAC Satellite uplink: This provides communications which are far more difficult to hack into than the old radio communications.


Low observable technology can also be fitted for an extra 21 million.




Leviathan-13 Missiles- These are designed to blow submarines out of the water. They include an intelligent 'batwing' chip which locks on to the unique signal of the enem submarine through sonar and attacks. $90,000 Each.


Heartbreaker-16 EMP Missiles- Knocks out an enemy ships electronics without killing anyone. The enemy will be left blind, but some advanced ships can immunise their priority systems from the EMP. $60,000 Each.


Thunderstreak-19 Missiles- Destroys ships the old fashioned way! This large missile is an upgrade on the 'Kraken' missiles. $20,000 Each.


Orkan-20 Cannon- this 20 mm high velocity cannon rips the heart out of ships and with explosive armor piercing ammunition, can sink even the largest ships in fast low level attacks. The IJ-45 can carry as many as eight of these guns. $40,000 Each.





These can have engine upgrades to:


SAC1910 Standard. Known informally as the banshee for the loud noise it creates, the twin SAC1910 Turboshaft can give the helicopter a higher speed.


Lengthening can also be conducted, to add room for 10 more people or more equipment in the helicopter. Due to engine upgrade the payload is also increased.


4 million each.



We hope that these increase the right parameters. If you need any other improvements then ask and we will see what we can do.

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To: Serekan Automotive

From: HR


We've the folowing orders:


Engines by the XTFW company.



Peeper M33


All upgrades+optional

=$36 million


Blitz 23 Storm

All upgrades+XTFW Phaethon III Engines+6 planes with SAC 17 Seascan radar


Blitz 11 Crasher

All upgrades+IJ Industries/ SAC 'Fencer' Engines+SAC Satellite uplink: This provides communications which are far more difficult to hack into than the old radio communications(all)


16 sets of weaponry:

Orkan-20 Cannon $40,000x16



4 sets of weaponry:

Leviathan-13 Missiles $90,000x4

Thunderstreak-19 Missiles $20,000x4



3 sets of weaponry:

Heartbreaker-16 EMP $60,000x3



Seaqueen (transport/support)

Lengthening (=10)

=$4 million


Garoeda (attack)

SAC1910 Standard

=$4 million




We wish you much energy.



HR Ministry of War






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From: Serekan Automotive

To: Haken Rider


We will be happy to carry out these upgrades. SAC will have finished carrying them out in approximately three months (3 days rl?). We hope you like what we do with them.


Serekan Automotive.

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The IJ-Industries IJ-H7


This aircraft is the latest plane to be built by IJ industries. It is a light bomber desgined to replace aircraft such as the BCI-Buccaneer II and the IJ-32 Original Shipwrecker. Orders already are as follows:


-Army: 40 (Replacing some F-111s and SU-24s)

-Airforce: 700 (Replacing the F-111)

-Navy: 1500 (Replacing the BCI Buccaneer II, 300 BIIs are to be transferred to the air force)

-Marines: 200

-Stormtroopers: 20

-Naval Infantry: 20

-Border Guards: 300

-AFRES: 2000












WING SPAN - 41.65 FT.

LENGTH - 73.22 FT.

HEIGHT - 21.56 FT.















user posted image

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The BCI Destrier IJ-1300(E)


Type: Low Observable Strike Aircraft/Missile Platform (Export Version)


Purpose: To act alongside the F-117A, in the role of delivering heavier payloads and jamming enemy radar.


Powerplant: Three BCI-Phaethon-122 Turbojets.


Performance: Classified.


Price: ?400 Million


user posted image


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ooc: Righty Ho. Now for another unit...


SAC IJV-30 Heavy Duty Tilt-Rotor




user posted image



Note: This picture is of a prototype. The final produst will have 4 engines and a much larger fuselages for troop or missile transport, with a rear cargo door too.




Specification: Heavy Duty VTOL Transport


Engine: 4 SAC 'Mokujin' Tilt Rotor Engines


Weaponry: Various AAMs, ASMs and ECMs. (proposed ground attack variant, capable of carrying cruise missiles in a bomb bay in progress)

Hardpoints: 12


Payload: 5 + 100 Troops, 130 Paratroops or 80 Stretchers.


Price: (Estimate) $24 million

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We are interested in purchasing five airplanes of the type "BCI Destrier IJ-1300(E)".


We are very interested in it's cargo-capabilities.


The price seems reasonably fair to us.


If all goes well, $2 Billion will be transfered to an account designated by you.

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5 New-Build BCI Destrier aircraft will be put in to production. Please send all money to the Ide Jiman Government's military sales account XX-30-190E. Your aircraft will be transported to Orioni by the method of your choice.


Thank you for shopping with IJCI!

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Ide Jiman Army Guns


(Any further details will be gladly supplied at request)


Assault Rifles:



-Special Forces Assault Rifle


user posted image



Price: ?15,000




-Next Generation Infantry Weapon


user posted image


Price: ?13,000


Drakkensburg Armouries STGW-05E

-The Export Model of the stormtroopers latest weapon


user posted image


Price: ?11,000



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