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Holy Empire Expands (Again)

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(OOC: Yeah, I know, I'm not quite there yet. It's just that it's easier for me to post this now, because I think I'm busy over the next few days.Again, I won't make a formal claim until people say 'Yes'.)


As Tagmatium's population reaches 1 billion, the government has begun looking to expand. The area that presents itself is plot 50, know as the Commonwealth of Paphlagonia. This nation has always been closely connected with the Holy Empire many years, since the begining of the Empire.

The government of Paphlagonia recognises that it is in its best interests to form closer ties with Tagmatium, especially as this nation's population is much smaller than Tagmatium's. The influx of settlers would boost the area's economy considerbly.

The local government, customs and laws, where they do not contradict Tagmatium's, will be preserved.

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This map shows the country known as Paphlagonia, including the location of the three main cities in the nation


In the Council House of Europatoria, things were not going well. Dukes Alexarchos and Mnesos, of Europatoria and Seleucia respectively, were in heated argument with the third member of the ruling council, Duke Cleombrotos of Heiropolis.

"Look, we cannot capitulate to the Tagmatines, we've got too much to lose!" the man wailed.

"That is only because you supported the Conservatives during their civil war. If you'd kept your damn nose out of it, they'd be invading another poxy country," growled Alexarchos.

"If we raise the militia now, we'll be able to fight them off-"

"What would the use in that be? There's only fourteen million of us, and something like one billion of them. It'd be no use."

Mnesos span around from the window. "Look what happened in the Borean Principalites. They left them lot in charge, so long as they do as they are told."

Cleombrotos looked at him. "Would you have us ending our nation's independence as some vassal state? Sod you lot then. I'll do something about it." With that, he stormed out of the room.

"Fine. If he wants to start a war, let him." Alexarchos sighed.

Mnesos turned to face him. "You realise we'll get dragged into it as well, then? This is stupid. I'm calling this meeting off. Good day."




Outside the meeting room, Cleombrotos ran into his aide, one Augustus Rotheringham, ex-Minister of Information for the old Conservative government in Petrium, during the civil war.

"This is all your damned fault. If you hadn't told me that I would be aiding the future government of the Holy Empire..."

Augustus rolled his eyes. He had heard this a thousand times before.

"Well, your Grace, what would you say if I said that I could bring the other duchies around to your way of thinking?"

Cleombrotos put his head on one side.

"I would say I would be very interested..."


OOC: This may appear just another vechicle for me to exercise my army without fighting any one, but I wanted to view expansion "from the other side", as it were. Because all these plots aren't just bunches of savage natives, they could be nations in their own right. I apologise for the names now. They are all quasi ancient Greek/Roman, like all of mine.

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Although a good idea, the situation for your settlers may become much more uncomfortabel.


For example if your nations went to war, the settlers would be on the front line, and could easily be attacked. (e.g The Gaza strip and West Bank in the real world)


I belive that it is in the interests of Europa to avoid conflics, so I propose that Tagmatium reclaim land from the sea, or build an artificial island for is surplus population to inhabit. TCN will help Tagmatuim in whatever you decide to do, but I belive that this is a fair request.

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From: GHET


We thank you for you input and advice. However, we the creation of new land, in reclaimation and artifical islands, would be impractical. This is for several reasons.


1. The Holy Empire sits astride a major shipping route, the Borean Strait. Any major work on this scale would damage trading, both Tagmatine and international.


2. The sea around here is very deep. Any such artifical land would turn out to be very expensive to create, leading to more costs than an invaison.


Also, the invaison of Paphlagonia has already taken place, and the land swiftly re-absorbed into the Holy Empire after 500 years of separation. The dukes were retained in their old positions after assuring us that they would act accordingly as vassals. Several new cities have been set up. Tagmatium will carry out its promise of levels of automony for the region, and will respect local traditions, customs and law where thye do not confict with laws in Tagmatium, such as the death penalty.


The man known as Augustus Rotheringham, a traitor and supporter of the old Republic, suffered the fate that is fit for such men. An early start, words from a priest, a brick wall and a volley of shots.

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