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Marxist Uprising in Karthene City!

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OOC: Because it amused me that Van and the rest of you went on about "Kommie Karthenia", well lets have a mini-revolution. laugh.gif Note, this will mostly be be talking my @ss off, but hey, chip in if you want...


*Karthene News Network*



In the early hours of this morning, a small number of army units, drawn from across several Battalions, seized control of key positions across the capital, and declared Karthene City to be a Marxist Republic. They have called for an end to the Military Dictatorship of the SMC, the breakup of the Federation, and an end to friendly relations with all non-communist states.


The buildings seized include several train stations, the Point Hope army barracks, Dayport Navy Base, and the Grand Council Building. The civilian Grand Council has formally disbanded itself in favour of the KC-Soviet, whose key leaders include, rather surprisingly, General Frosty, the almost-Supreme Commander, as well as one Colonel Jake Bones, who seems to be the spokesman of the Soviet. Colonel Bones has insisted that Supreme Commander Ling Cao and his government resign.


There had been army dissent over the support of the new Ide Jiman government, which replaced the communist one earlier this week. We tried to contact General Nocturne, the head of intelligence, but he was nowhere to be found. The Supreme Commander has removed his HQ to Vekta for the duration of the incident, and has called for all regional commanders to quell the uprising. There has thus far been no response from the regions. One worry is over elements of the Third Grand Fleet which were docked in Dayport. If the armaments should fall into the hands of the rebels....

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ooc: And to think ... this was all because I said Karthenia the kommie laugh.gif


Official Telegram


To: Karthenia

From: Ide Jima


Ide Jiman society is one which only recently has itself been liberated from the evils of Marxist/ Leninist rule. As a fellow EPA member and respected ally, we would gladly send a marine task force to help quell this puny uprising.


Please let us know, and our nearest fleet will be rerouted to help counter the communist movements.

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To Ide Jima

From Supreme Commander General Ling Cao


Thank you for your kind offer. We could certainly use marines for an amphibious assault on the Dayport Naval Base. Our loyal forces are currently ringing the city, but there have been reports of uprisings in the north, so we cannot deploy just yet. We will contact you when we need help.

Ling Cao




To All Communists of Europa

From The Karthene City Soviet


Brothers and Sisters! We need your help. The fascist and oppressive Karthene regime must be stopped, before more nations can be trodden under its jackboots. Come to Karthene City, petition your governement, but please, do something to stop Ling Cao and his madness.





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On the bridge of the Vengeance and Ide Jiman Scharnhorst II class battleship, the flagship of the 6th fleet...


Radioman: We have received word from Serekan sir, we have to set a course for Karthenia.


Admiral: Very well, what about marines?


Radioman: Extras are being flown out by chinook from Formental, our total strength shall reach 5587 marines once we are reinforced.


Admiral: We arrive in Karthenia in 5 days time...


Radioman: Yessir...


ooc: I will post an inventory of the 6th fleet later... I gtg now...

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OOC: Oh, lordy... rolleyes.gif


To: Karthenia

From: Vanarambaion

Re: Commies


Communist takeover of your country is unacceptable. Please put down this insurrection immediately, or Vanarambaion will be forced to use lethal force to put it down from the outside.




To: Northern Fleet

From: Vanarambaion High Command

Re: Orders


Move into position around Kaptain. Execute Step one of Operation Kathmandu. Over.

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To: Karthenia

From: Vanarambaion

Re: Threat


That was not a threat, it was a promise. The situation in your country threatens our interests in the region. If you can't control some pathetic Marxist citizens of yours, then Vanarambaion will intervene to maintain the status quo.

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From Karthenia

To Vanaramabaion


I would not worry if i were you. The rebellious soldiers will be crushed, and any who suported them executed along with their families, and their friends. And their friends families. We can assure you that just because they are in our capital, we will not spare any tactic or weapon. There will be no need for your "intervention".

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OOC: Argh! Identity crisis again! I'm a Holy Empire, so by definition leaning towards right wing, but it is very left-leaning policies.


To: Karthenia

From: Holy Empire of Tagmatium


We hope you can resolve this before it becomes too out of hand. We don't want to be forced to move forces into your nation to make sure that out boarders are secure. We also don't want any ideas of independence spreading to our territories in the Borea Principalities (that is, my other plot on the otherside of the strait). It would be most unfortunate.

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To The Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From Karthenia


Thus far the uprising has been limited to the capital, which while close to your border, is now surrounded by loyalist forces. And trust me, after they see what we are going to do, your dissidents will think twice wink.gif .




Address from the Karthene City Soviet, Spokesman Jake Bones


Citizens of Karthene City! We, the defenders of your freedom, are surrounded by the oppressors. We call on you to take up arms with us, to stand for your right to be free, to be safe! No longer shall we be trodden upon by those who seek to exploit us to fill their own pockets, and conquer other peoples!


Death to the Federation!

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Super Heavy Encoded Contact


To: Karthenia

From: Ide Jima


Our fleet is near. It will be on standby until you give orders. We can start transporting marines by air as soon as you wish. You will not need to question the ruthlessness of our forces in quelling an uprising such as this. Unrestricted warfare worked on the natives of our nation, it will work on insurgents in yours.


Admiral Taishan,


Commander of the Ide Jiman 3rd Fleet.

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To Admiral Taishan

From General Gnaeus Feygor, Commander of the Counterstrike


Sir, I would like to thank you again for your cooperation. The counterstrike will begin tonight. The objective of your marines will be to recapture three ships of the Third Grand Fleet in Dayport Naval Base, just south of the city. The cruiser 'Violator' is carrying sixteen adapted cruise missiles. I cannot stress enough the importance that these missiles ARE NOT FIRED.

At the same time, the loyalist forces under my command will assault all rebel barricades in the city, and end this uprising.

You may deal with all rebels as you see fit, but if you can capture Commodore Rhee, the rebel commander of Dayport Base, we will be very happy.


Regards, Feygor



OOC: You can RP the storming of the ships if you want. I'm gonna RP a few attacks on the barricades.

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user posted image


Ok, here is a rough map of Karthene City. Really rough biggrin.gif

The Red bits are quite obviously the communist held areas, or at least the ones we are aware of. The blue arrows are the four divisions under the command of General Feygor. Also shown is Dayport Naval Base, the target of the Ide Jima marines.

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ooc: I know this does not make sense ... I said it would take 5 days to get here ... but it's nice to get into the thick of things... Sorry this is so long too ... blink.gif


Ide Jiman Marines in operation earlier this month:




user posted image




Admiral Taishan stood on the deck of The Vengeance as it lurked several miles out from dayport naval base. The radar in the base had left the ship undetected, and to preserve the secrecy of the Ide Jiman presence in the area no airstrikes were being launched...


Admiral: Are the guns in range?


Aide: Yessir, they are preparing to fire.


Admiral: Make the shots pass over the base ... don't destroy any Karthenian shipping, just make those communists panic.


Aide: Yessir, the guns are about to fire.


The shots from the massive guns on the deck ripped through the night sky. The thudding created was enormous, as the massive weapons sent shells hurling over the base.


These were just a diversion, to those in the base, it would have seemed like an attack from loyalist Karthenian forces. Over towards the harbour marine landing craft were moving quietly to the waterfront.


Machinegun fire started, the admiral looked angrily at his aide... "this is starting too soon ... what's happened?"


"A landing craft hit a mine, one of the thrusts has been uncovered,"


The admiral cursed, and then said "We must launch airstrikes, mobilise aircraft on the carrier, and get the other two groups on shore.


In the harbour there was turmoil. One of the craft had been seen, and another blown up on a mine. There was still the second thrust of the proposed pincer attack approaching the other side of the wharf.


The insurgents didn't notice until it was too late. The Ide Jiman marines swarmed out taking cover, and neutralising rebels on the wharf firing at marines in the water. They helped troops from the stricken boat ashore, and pulled any wounded from the boat the communists had seen.


The marine radioman yelled "DROP!". Overhead a Buccaneer from a carrier out at sea bombed one of the large sheds on the wharf across from the marines. There was a splintering noise and the entire harbour lit up as the fireball engulfed an entire wharf (Thankfully free of ships) .It was another diversion, which gave the infantry precious time to operate.


More and more marines were arriving, and ship by ship, they systematically stormed every ship in the harbour, leaving none who resisted alive.


The final ship had no gangway leading to it like the others had. Storming it would be difficult. The ship was called the Violator. The marine captain swore, this ship was stacked with cruise missiles. There was no way on.


The marines had to think fast ...


Marine units grabbed pieces of timber debris from the wrecked wharf and started to use it as a bridge to the side of the Violator. Marines clambered aboard, with rebels pouring fire into them. On the dockside snipers on the ships were soon disperersed by Ide Jiman marine marksmen.


On the deck a bitter fight was taking place. Marines repeatedly fired their QBZ assault rifles at the rebels, with several SAWs also pouring fire at the communists. A squadron of ten men rammed down a door and started moving into the belowdecks section. Three were sent back in a spray of blood as soon as they entered but the others sent automatic fire resonating down the corridor.


On the bridge an Ide Jiman officer was confronted by a leader and his bodyguards. The man was shaking holding a handgun at the officer. The officer turned and did a high kick in the man's jaw before he had time to pull the trigger.


A hefty punch in the mans chest sent him back against the window, and he dropped his gun. Three marines ran in behind the officer and arrested the leader. On the deck, the surviving rebel's lives were put to a swift end. More than half the base had been taken. The marines now needed to take the inland half.


The leader would be handed to the Karthenian authorities. The Ide Jimans had lost 42 marines and 1 landing craft. 250 had landed in total. Another 560 were on their way.


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'General!' the aide shouted. General Feygor turned. 'What is it, Lieutenant?'

'The Ide Jiman commander has reported the capture of Dayport, and of Commodore Rhee.'

'The Violator?'

'She is under Ide Jiman control.'

Feygor smiled. 'Excellant.'

The aide shivered. For a man so young, Gnaeus Feygor had old eyes. And it wasn't pleasant. 'Lieutenant, signal General Best. He is to begin the assaults immediately.



General Best's division advanced on the slums district, with a wall of civilians in front. The marxists refused to open fire on the people, and fell back into the city. General Best's men found it a lot harder to fight in the enclosed slums, and the marxists began to gain ground.


But then, General Carse attacked to the south, sweeping the rebel forces aside to retake Point Hope barracks. Troops were diverted from the battle in the slums, and the rebels retook the barracks, but now they were hard pressed....




Colonel Bones emptied his pistol into the Karthene soldier in front of him, while his men opened fire with their AR-21 rifles. Within seconds, the patrol was destroyed. Bones coughed. The Federation army had fired several tenements, and the district was burning. But it didn't change a thing. The Federation soldiers could not take the rebel positions. With the recapture of Point Hope, the rebels had access to almost unlimited ammunition, and they were only losing one man for every fifty Karthenes...



General Feygor was not happy. This was unfortunate, for when he was unhappy, people died.

'The Supreme Commander charged me to retake the city by morning. I intend to do this.'

Colonel Bors shook his head. 'Not possible, sir. The rebels are too well entrenched...'

'Then we will un-entrench them, Colonel. Contact Serenity Airbase. Tell them, Code Blue.'



Six heavy bombers flew over the cityscape. The rebels had overlooked this, as they had overlooked an amphibious assault on Dayport, as they felt the Federation would not harm it's loyal citizens.

They were wrong.

Each of the bombers had a target, and a payload of special high-explosive warheads. The first two raked the Slums, annhilating Colonel Bones and the strength of his command. The second two hit Point Hope, killing all within a thousand metres of the base, as it detonated the weapons and fuel dumps.

The final two bombers hit the Grand Council building, where the civilian co-government cowered. They never even knew what hit them.




General Feygor smiled as the new came in. Shell shocked rebels were surrenduring in droves, and being herded along with their families, and the families of the slain rebels, into camps. He would deal with them in the morning. But for now, to savour the sweet smell of victory. Of death.



To Ide Jima

From Karthenia


Dear Ally,

Your sacrifice this day helped save many lives, and threw the rebels into enough chaos that we were able to annhilate them. The 42 men you lost will be officially recorded in the Archives as Heroes of the Federation. Let their families know that they will be forever honoured.

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In Dayport...


Commander: Get the injured back out to the ships, keep more marines coming, set up a perimeter, there can't be too many more left... What's in those sheds?


Aide: They are empty, but the rebels hold them, the arsenal is also still theirs.


Commander: Launch a two pronged attack *two thuds in the distance* One is to be stronger than the other *Massive whoosh noise* What the?


The aide pushed the commander two one side as two massive shells from the Venegance crashed into the inland part of the base, near to where they were standing. Splinters and rubble went flying everywhere.


There were two gaping holes in Rebel defences ...


Commander: Scratch that, fix bayonets ... CHARGE!


The Ide Jiman marines rose and flooded across the empty ground in front of the dockside buildings. Some of them covered their fellow marines as they kicked down the doors of sheds and stormed inside.


There was automatic fire and grenade explosions everywhere. One shed was in flames, and in one corners of the shipyard a building was still being held by rebels. Another shot came from the Vengeance and the building was obliterated.


In taking the second half 36 marines died. Overall 569 rebels died. Another 123 were taken alive and were to be handed to Karthenian authorities.

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The following day, smoke and flames still poured from the mauled city, and those inhabitants who were still alive wandered around in a daze. On the edge of the city the captured rebels had been locked into temporary internment camps. They awaited their punishment.


General Feygor had just got off the telephone to the Supreme Commander, and had such a look of glee that could only mean that someone was going to die horribly. He smiled at the gathered captives in the camp, and then they knew they were going to die.

'The punishments of those who have betrayed the Federation have been decided upon. All surviving officers and leaders will be crucified, their bodies displayed outside the city gates. All surviving soldiers wil be hanged, and their bodies burned. All surviving families will be shot.'


The crowd began to wail, and Feygor smiled again. He nodded to an aide. 'See to it that they meet their chosen deaths with as much pain as possible.'

'Yes General.'

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The IJMC truck drove out of Dayport ... on it were 8 marines and the captured leader. He tried to plead with the marine Sergeant, who did not respond.


The man was begging now, with the Ide Jiman sergeant. The marine just hit him in the side of the head with the butt of his rifle.


The driver turned round ... "here we are"


The truck pulled into the internment camp outside Karthene City. The marine kicked the captured leader as he tried to get out of the truck ... causing him to fall on his face.


On the far side of the court were the Karthenians. The man was picked up and dragged over to the authorities by two marines. They threw him on the ground in front of the authorities.


"Here is Commodore Rhee. He is alive and he awaits your punishment".


"We are pleased to have been of service to our ally Karthenia".



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General Feygor smiled. 'Ah, thank you Sergeant. Your men have done very well, indeed.' He then addressed the captured rebel leader. 'Commodore Rhee, it is pleasurable to see you. I trust you have been made aware of the end of your insignificant rebellion?'


Rhee spat. 'We have shown the world our desire to be free, and all you have shown is your bloodlust. What you have done will make your government a pariah across the world.'


'Perhaps, Commodore, but you will not live to see it. And neither will your men, or your families.' Feygor pointed to a nearby hill. 'Do you recognise those corpses, Commodore?'


Rhee stared, and then realization dawned on him. 'You b@stards!' he screamed 'I'll...'

His words were ended with a bullet from Feygor's pistol. 'No, you won't.'



*Karthene News Network*


Following the heroic recapture of Karthene City by Federation and Ide Jiman forces, the heinous marxist criminals and their supporters have been executed, and the bodies displayed. Much of the city was damaged by the cowardly rebels, who set it on fire. They also murdered the representatives of the civilian Grand Council.


883 Karthene and 75 Ide Jiman soldiers died during the siege, sacrifices that will never be forgotten. Total rebel losses were in excess of 10,000, including civilian supporters. Point Hope and Dayport military bases were severely damaged, as was the slum district. However, swift and decisive action by Federation and Ide Jiman forces meant that much of the city remains fairly untouched.


The Supreme Commander, General Ling Cao, has already taken moves to secure the government. With the destruction of the Grand Council during the siege, the Sovereign Military Council (SMC) has assumed sole control of government. The regional commanders will now have direct control of their territories. The first act of the New Federation Government was to ban all marxist groups, and to end relations with any communist nations.



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  • 2 weeks later...

MSNBC General Broadcast: Marxist Revolution Crushed in Karthenia


After extensive compilation of information gathered from our newsjournalists deployed in Karthenia, The Federation of Karthenia succeeded in suppressing a major coup de d'tat by a Marxist revolutionary organization, beginning a policy of "anti-communism" in the nation, as well as in foreign affairs. It is such that the Tribal Tribunal, despite the affiliations that the Tribelands has with the Europa Socialist Solidarity Union, has offered to maintain open diplomatic channels in the interest of international cooperation.

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