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Guest Armsville

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Guest Armsville

Greetings, people of Europa! This morning the right-wing militarist dictatorship of Armsville has been declared independent after a succesful coup and several weeks of struggle. Now the opposition has been suppressed, and all the supporters of the former temporary government, along with the government itself, will be facing trials.


The new conservative government is ruled by General Ernst Berlin, 56. He is well-known for his brutality and charisma. Apparently the people of Armsville must continue to live in fear, even though the official state of war has already ended. General Berlin recently announced a plan considering the future of Armsville. The matters under consideration were civil rights and economy. According to the plan a huge program will be started to give a boost to economy, but at a cost of civil rights, which will be dropped to minimum.


Come and watch the rise of Armsville!

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