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What about Stoned Smurfs?

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As awfull as it may seem, I think we need to bring up this issue.

:: Rules concerning the map ::


1. Your main nation must be in Europa.

I know Pot is a time-old member of the region, and I enjoy(ed) his participation in RP, but to my knowledge he hasn't RP for quite a while and - as everyone will probably have noticed by now - he left Europa for Nasicournia.


@ Pot: I'm really sorry I have to be the one to bring this up.

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Alright this is just an idea. And Pot will have to agree.


I know that Pot created a map for Nasicournia, where his nation resides for the moment. This would mean we would have to take him off our current map, since Rule #1 no longer applies for him now. But since taking him off the map without a fuss or a fight would be pretty undecent, I just had an idea we could all RP with. It involves the maps of both Europa ?nd Nasicournia.


Here is what I had in mind: an RP where Pot moves from one region to the other.

    user posted image

Alright. So I know this whole idea might seem a little dounting, but it's just that: an idea. No-one has to do anything if Pot doesn't agree to this game.


@ Pot: Any thoughts?

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