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Change in Foreign Policy

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To: Countries Bordering Niederoestereichian Territory

From: Niederoestereichian Government

Subject: Non-Aggression Treaty, Treaty of Co-operation Summit


Niederoestereich is planning to change its current view of the region, and thus wishes to outstretch to her neighbours in a sign of peace to build better relations and to secure her borders further.

Niederoestereich also wishes to enhance friendship and mutual cooperation to settle matters with rational decisions and planning rather than raw force of arms.


A Summit will be held in Niederoestereich Territory on the 12 of June, for those interested




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TO: Niederoesterreich Government

FROM: Martin Sumner, Vice-President of Tamurin

RE: Non-aggression treaty


The United Republic of Tamurin is most interested in a non-aggression treaty between our two nations. Since your southern colony is our northern neighbour, we should talk.


This message shows me, that others nations are also re-thinking their current foreign policy and come to the conclusion that there are better ways.




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To: Niedereostereich

From: Vanarambaion

Re: Summit


We are happy to see that the Niedereostereich government is rethinking its foreign policy. Hopefully we will be able to work more closely with our neighbors soon. We are interested in discussing a Treaty of Cooperation, and will send a representative to the summit.

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To: Nations that Will be Present

From: Niederoestereich

Subject: Proposed Treaty


The following is the proposed treaty, parts can be changed, This is the treaty presented in a general form, if perspectives need to be discussed before signing that can be dealt with. If extra needs to be added, that can be dealt with.


Non-Aggression Treaty and Treaty of Co-operation

The Contracting Parties:


I) CONSCIOUS of the existing ties of history, geography and culture, which have bound their peoples together;


II) ANXIOUS to promote regional peace and stability through abiding respect for justice and the rule or law and enhancing regional resilience in their relations;


III) DESIRING to enhance peace, friendship and mutual cooperation on matters affecting bordering territories consistent with the spirit and principles of the Charter of United Nation


IV) CONVINCED that the settlement of differences or disputes between their countries should be regulated by rational, effective and sufficiently flexible procedures, avoiding negative attitudes which might endanger or hinder cooperation;


V) BELIEVING in the need for cooperation with all peace-loving nations, both within and outside bordering territories, in the furtherance of world peace, stability and harmony


In their relations with one another, the Contracting Parties shall be guided by the following fundamental principles:


I) MUTAL RESPECT for the independence, sovereignty, equality, territorial integrity and national identity of all nations;


II) THE RIGHT of every State to lead its national existence free from external interference, subversion or coercion;


III) NON-INTERFERENCE in the internal affairs of one another;


IV) SETTLEMENT of differences or disputes by peaceful means;


V) RENUNCITATION of the threat or use of force;


IV) EFFECTIVE cooperation among themselves.


In Military Terms:


I) Contracting Parties obligate them to desist from any act of violence, any aggressive action, and any attack on each other, either individually or jointly with other Powers.


II) Should one of the Contracting Parties become the object of belligerent action by a third Power, the other Contracting Party shall in no manner lend support to the third Power.


III) The Governments of the Contracting Parties shall in the future maintain continual contact with one another for the purpose of consultation in order to exchange information on problems affecting their common interests.


IV) Should disputes or conflicts arise between the Contracting Parties over problems of one kind or another, parties shall settle these disputes or conflicts exclusively through friendly exchange of opinion or, if necessary, through the establishment of arbitration commissions.


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TO: Niederoestereich

FROM: Vice-President Martin Sumner, Tamurin

RE: Treaty proposal


This treaty is accepted by the government of Tamurin. We will sign it and hope for a better future in Niederoesterreich-Tamurin-relations.


However, we request one concession:


You have to give us all tamurin imperials who left our country and are hiding in yours. We have reason to believe that several high-ranking members including the leader of the Imperials are still in your country.


If this is settled we see no reason why our two countries shall not prosper.




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To:Vice-President Sumner, Tamurin

From: Niederoestereichian Foreign Affairs

Subject: Tamurin Imperials


To find out who is here, we require a list of those you wish for us to 'Hand-over', and what their crimes against your country are, so the NSIO can perform checks and find whom you seek.

If your government is on a witch-hunt to seek and destroy imperial sentiment forever, what is the harm in allowing them to remain in our hands?

Although we must say, if they do claim asylum and it is processed, there is very little we can do politically, besides force them on the aircraft with a revolver lodged into their back.


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TO: Niederoestereichian Foreign Affairs

FROM: Vice-President Sumner

RE: Tamurin Imperials


A list of suspected subjects in your country is attached.


Their crimes are treason, war crimes against the people of Tamurin and the use of biological weapons during the civil war. These people are dangerous to Tamurin and to Niederoesterreich. They could try to overthrow your government as well.


We're not on a witch hunt. But we had two civil wars because of these Imperials. We don't want a third one. This time we have to get them all.


If they claim asylum, we strongly suggest that you don't grant it. These people are dangerous.




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Vanarambaion will discuss the treaty in a Parliament debate.


**The Emperor has reinstated Parliament, but in a non-binding, debate-only fashion. They serve in an advisory role to the Holy Emperor, letting him know what the people think. This is the first item they will be discussing.**

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To: Vice-President Sumner

From: Niederoestereich Foreign Affairs

Subject: War Criminals Inbound


A majority of the names of the list provided by the Tamurin government can be crossed off. We do not know how important most of these people are for your vengeance, but of the ones captured, only 1 was shot resisting arrest.


As of half an hour ago, a Niederoestereichian Air Force 707 is inbound to Tamurin with your suspects aboard escorted by Military Police and Intelligence Officers. Do with them as you see fit once they leave the plane.


The remaining suspects with-in Niederoestereich that have eluded capture will be found and deported at our discretion.

We have fulfilled this gesture to demonstrate the Niederoestereichian goodwill.


Niederoestereichian Foreign Affairs Office


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TO: Niederoestereich Foreign Affairs

FROM: Vice-President Sumner

RE: War criminals


Thank you for the actions you've taken. We will now sign the treaty without any more demands or conditions and we hope for a good and properous future between our two nations.




Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Vanarambaion has to announce that it will not sign the treaty, as it is too restrictive.  We would like to pursue a less restrictive foreign policy with Niedereostereich, however, and will be sending envoys to discuss this option.

From: Foreign Affairs


Very well, your envoys will be welcome to discuss the terms of a, in your words, a less restrictive treaty. Once your representives are prepared, a meeting shall take place to negioate and discuss points of concern

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