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Europtima Slanders Karthenia

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*Karthene News Network*


There has been a wave of anti-Europtiman feeling across the Federation today as details of the Vanarambaion peace talks were made public by the Sovereign Military Council.

With Karthenia descibed as being "aggressive" and "overbearing" in its dealings, as well as being accused of changing sides repeatedly, there has been public outcry and calls for some sort of retaliation against Europtima. There was a spontaneous rally held in Karthene City, where an estimated ten thousand citizens gathered to burn flags and hurl insults at passing Europtiman nationals.

Man on the Street Joe Toes had this to say,


"It's time we dealt with these arrogant ******** and their Vanarambaion puppet government "


The SMC has issued a statement condemning the violence, but has advised all Europtimans in the Federation to return home to safety.


Colonel Gaius Reman Valiani, the Karthene delegate to the talks, has been hailed as a hero for his handling of the affair. He is expected home soon, to resume his role as Minister of the Interior.

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To: Karthenia

From: Ide Jima


Although we are an ally of yours we do feel that these threats are not the way to defuse the situation. If push comes to shove you know Ide Jima would support you as an EPA member. However I think it is necessary to make sure that this does not happen.



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To Ide Jima

From Karthenia


We would like to reiterate that the situation has not descended into full scale violence yet, and that it is condemned by the government. There is a lot of bad feeling here however. What can we do, shoot our own citizens if they want to throw eggs at Europtimans?

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We encourage the Karthenian government to heed the advice of their ally, the Ide Jimans. You far overstep your bounds, by condemning facts placed before your country, and also creating slander of your own, by accusing the soveirgn nation of Europtima of being a puppet nation. This has been done before, and we do not appreciate it, and shall retaliate if these continue. If you do not have allies that support you as we do ours, then that is most unfortunate for you. Maybe you should go find some before becoming jealous of ours. As news of these demonstrations reached Hrothgar, parliament leaned out of the window facing the Karthenian embassy, and gave the guards a collective middle-finger. Be careful what you say, Karthenia, you are digging yourself quite a hole...

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Luckily, most of the protestors died during the Uprising, so Karthenia is in a position to apolgise for certain incidents in which comments were made about the sovereign nation of Europtima. It is not the opinion of the government that Europtima is a puppet, merely the ravings of a small section of society.

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