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Tsk, tsk. I am gone for a while and you start killing each other. There is no other explanation than: you need me back to balance things. tongue.gif


Well. I may be back but only occasionally as I propably do not use my computer that much (nice weather out there you know and I have no portable comp). I am on sick leave for whole summer as it turned out my work load was too much and I had a burnout so here I am doing nothing. Not that I really could do anything really constructive right now, maybe after month or two.

But enough of me spilling my guts.


Umm, oh and Argy. You?re doing magnificent job with the map. I though that it was in need of retouch but you did it better than I would have done. How is Tim doing as I left him there when I left or has he escaped.

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Hey BN, look what I got today. Such a pretty coin. At first I didn't know where it came from, but after a little searching on the internet I discovered it is Finish. The flight from there to here must have taken a while.


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