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A Great Big Pie

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Yes! Happy B-Day to the Lord of the Pies... tongue.gif


May your day be filled with glee and gifts and stuff and beer (if allowed) and food and fun people wishing you well... (not necessarily in that order)


King Adric


(Walks away muttering... Eighteen! Yikes, I feel old...)

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Whoo! thanks guys! biggrin.gif (...sniff... you remembered...wub.gif) (i'll choose to ignore the reminder at the bottom of the forum...)


18 today, yay! now i can drink (legaly now anyway)


Thanks everyone whose already wished their happy returns, and special thanks to Kant for that aussie beer!(although a slab sounds a bit like i'm about to be smacked around the face with it, but still...)


thanks again guys!

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- - a


I was in the old HBD thread... and was wondering how could it be ....that I'm the first ... *shame*


Well, better late than never... Happy birthday, pal. betm13.gif

Old? Old??? ohmy.gif


The HBD thread (cool abriviation) was and still is a symbol for equality, but sometimes Orioni tries to be more elite.

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Many apologies that I could not wish you a happy birthday sooner, Phil (Such fun training the German military in the use of the awesome M249 SAW, which I just recently qualified as an expert on biggrin.gif)


Regardless, best of luck to you in the coming 18th year of your life, and looking forward to wishing you a 19th.


From the Specialist

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3 things...


1. Whoo! Orioni called me Elite! laugh.gif


2. I'm not from up north! rolleyes.gif ...my grandparents are... (but congrats to Wigen fr getting into the premiership anyway... biggrin.gif )


3. boo angry.gif no birthday pie for you four angry.gif *looks at Tag, Mongol-Swede, Van and BZ shuffling about sheepishly in the corner...* .....aww, well go on then... rolleyes.gif


user posted image

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