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Civil War!

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ooc: I appreciate that I may have gotten off on the wrong foot with many nations here in Europa. To renew my political outlook, I thought what better way to do it than with a civil war, and a change of power, this should kill two birds with one stone, make a good RP and go back to square one in foreign relations...



Ide Jiman News Agency



Today came an unexpected announcement, the Ide Jiman Chairman stood on the balcony of the Serekan and made it official that Ide Jima was now in a state of war. To those living in the southern half this news comes as a great shock. It was previously thought that the right wing terrorism in the north was no more than a few car bombs, but now we hear that the city of Huang He no longer declares itself independent from the communist government in Serekan.


Our northern HQ is picking up disturbing news from Dolongua, the IJS Mephiston, a Tarawa class assault ship has been hijacked by the third marine corps and is currently en route to Xian Mekongua, to enforce further right wing movements. Our representatives in Akaisho tell us that an Iowa class battleship has been despatched to deal with the threat, along with cruiser support.


More news, just in, a massive firefght has taken place outside Urumqi, where international observers are staying. Reports are vague, but the dead are numbering in their hundreds. We are hearing reports that these Right Wing groups, with support from some native tribes are launching attacks all over the north of the country.




Another news broadcast, the next day...


The 3rd and 4th armies have been mobilised we have this picture taken of part of the 4th army as it marches in Serekan and gets ready to head north by plane:


user posted image


The rumours from the north are getting darker and darker, we are hearing that the Ide Jiman airforce is preparing to level Huang He as a precursor to a special forces strike. Most worrying is the tales coming from Felanzhau, there is currently a bitter struggle in amongst the reactor buildings as a fast diminishing defence team are overwhelmed by Right Wing backed natives.


Over the next few days the situation is likely to deteriorate further, the Serekan soviet is sending 1.2 million troops into the north to supress this uprising. For now we have very few statistics, and our sources are unreliable.


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OOC: Oh, Civil Wars are always fun. biggrin.gif


The Emperor read the telegram from the foreign affairs ministry. Immediately he snatched the phone and called down there. "Yes, Minister. State of war in Ide Jima... Who's winning? ... start funding the right wing people. Just a little bit of cash flow, enough to grease their wheels and make the government uncomfortable... Give me a status report every two hours. Good evening then, Minister."

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From: Ide Jima


We have your delegation they are waiting in Moratau to be collected by the SPA.




Ide Jiman news Broadcast


Terrible news just in, the Ide Jiman army has launched a massive offensive out of Akaisho, the army tells us they have lost 1324 whilst enemy losses are estimated to be in tens of thousands. The armoured units in Akaisho used heavy tanks to punch a hole straight through the rebel lines.


342 Ide Jiman sailors have been killed or lost as aircraft from the maephiston launched a devastating strike on a Government cruiser, with several rebel aircraft being downed. The situation in Felanzhau is critical...


Elsewhere the conflict is in stalemate.

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ooc: Yes, the southern half is as of yet unneffected.


On the bridge of the Akaisho an Iowa class battleship sent to destroy the rebel aircraft carrier...


Admiral: Have all the survivors been rescued from the wreck of the Huang He?


Aide: Yessir, the Mephiston is coming onto the radar, shall I sound the alert?


Admiral: Yes, I'll contact shore based aircraft units to take off, we must strike before the ship reaches it's destination.


Aide: It is in range, do we open fire?


Admiral: Now!, fire...


Beneath the bridge the guns in the turrets spurted out fire, and sent massive shells hurtling towards the enemy ship. In the distance the admiral saw three shots fall short, but the rest hit home. For a moment everything seemed quiet, but then the Mephiston turned into a fireball, a TU - 142 of the coast guard could be seen flying high overhead, as it inspected the damage.


Admiral: The enemy have been destroyed, turn back to Akaisho...


Aide: Yessir...




Ide Jiman news broadcast,


This is an investigation into the horrors of Huang He, last night Ide Jiman tanks and troops stormed the city, tens of thousands have died. The Ide Jiman losses were low, but they had ruthlessly destroyed all resistance. There is blood in the streets, very few buildings are standing after the airforce launched a massive attack last night. The official death toll has yet to be released.


Formental and Merokuva have both announced a split from the soviet, and this is on the eve of the arrival of massive Ide Jiman forces into the northern sector. We have a map showing areas of government control...


user posted image



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To: Tamurin

From: Ide Jima


Your delegation will be sent home. I hope you can compile a full report with what you have already seen. The war looks like it has a way to go.

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Colonel Delport has begun operations to seal off the few sections of the Sevrunian/Ide Jiman border that were not under control, citing that with the new civil war it is highly unlikely that the Ide Jimans will be able to keep their sections of it secure.

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*Breaking News ------------------ The Soviet fails, Marshall Radomir blitzes Serekan*



The army, the only thing that keeps the soviet in power has finally had enough. It seems the ninth army got too big to be fully controlled by the Soviet and all command collapsed. Marshall Radomir has used the ninth army to take over nearly all of what is left of the north: Here is our map now:



user posted image



It seems that the Ide Jiman army no longer swears loyalty to it's government. The chairman has put a price of 200,000,000 on the head of Radomir but now is not the time to try and buy ones way out of trouble.


The war is now in the south, massive uprisings have now taken place in Harbin, thousands took to the streets in support of an armoured brigade which split from the soviet. Here is the scene as infantry now loyal to Radomir, who appears to have highjacked the rebellion file down the streets:


user posted image


Motorised units are fast approaching Serekan, from what we can see, without the support of the army the Serekan soviet is doomed. The army is slicing through the few national guard and militia units that stand in it's way. This situation has turned from a civil war into a coup, we shall give another report tomorrow.

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To: Tagmatium

From: Hachinohe Nobunga, Chairman of the Ide Jiman Communist Party


We appreciate this generous offer from our great ally Tagmatium, however we fear any troops would come too late. As I type I can hear the thuds of massive guns in the distance. I shall surrender later today ... there is one last thing I shall do as president of this country. Many thanks for support...





*Ide Jiman news broadcast*


The Communists are on the way out, this is official. Just further up this road the siege guns of Radomir's 9 corps are blasting their way through the country side. Overhead are flying massive armadas of bombers, each emptying their deadly loads over the city. Communist surrender is expected later today...




In the Soviet building,


Nobunga: Taikan and his first fleet are still loyal are they not?


Aide: Yessir...


Nobunga: And radomir is hailing from Harbin is he not?


Aide: Yessir...


Nobunga: Wire this message to Taikan;


Final order of the soviet. Arm one of your MOAB cruise missiles. Prepare to fire at Harbin. This is your last order. Prove your loyalty, kill the traitors.


Aide: ... Yes, that message has been wired ...


The aide flinched as a shell hit the neighbouring building, dust fell from the cealing and the ground shook.


Nobunga: Now I surrender...


He walked out of the room to give his surrender...



(Note the cruise missile is NOT nuclear)


In the oceans south of Akaisho. The missile burst out from the submerged submarine under the sea and was soon powering towards Harbin. It was going to hit the arsenal, it would destroy the centre of the city. This was the last gasp of the communists, as they lashed out like a conered beast.


The missile hit Harbin, the whole centre of the town went up in flames, then the explosion carried over to the arsenal, everything blew up. The ground shook, all the buildings were flattened, and gigantic pieces of rubble went hurtling backwards into the suburbs.


The flash was massive, it could be both seen and heard in Cteisephon, where ironically Marshall Radomir really was...



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The new charter was today signed by Marshall Radomir, it stated that:


1) Communism would never be prevalent in Ide Jima again.


2) Ide Jima would retain it's place in the EPA.


3) No longer would Ide Jima act in a hostile manner to those nations that had previously been on the blacklist.


4) 'Death to the spies' the old communist counter intelligence would be disbanded and replaced by a more moderate secret service.


5) Approximately 5% of Ide Jima's frontline military would go into specialist peacekeeper battalions.


6) Radomir shall rule for 10 years as dictator, after that Ide Jima becomes a constitutional republic.


7) Ide Jiman nuclear stockpiles shall halve


8) Borders shall be opened


9) Religion is allowed once more.


10) Freedom of speech and civil liberties have returned.

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FROM: Vice-President Martin Sumner

TO: Marshall Radomir

RE: Non-aggression Pact


The former communist government of Ide Jima signed this Non-aggression Pact (see appendix A) with the Republic of Tamurin.


Does your government accept this pact as valid?




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To Marshall Radomir

From Supreme Commander Ling Cao


The Karthene Federation welcomes the end of the outdated communism in Ide Jima, and is pleased to hear that Ide Jima will remain our trusted pact-brother in the EPA. It is also pleasing to see that the military was able to handle this with honour and integrity.

I sincerely hope this will lead to greater relations between Karthenia and Ide Jima.

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MSNBC General Broadcast: Observer Group in Ide Jima Safely Returned


The representative from the Sub-Tribunal on Diplomatic Affairs, Hermin Hyultward, and his contingent of our fellow newsfolk here at MSNBC, were returned safely today, along with the Diplomatic Commando Guards sent to liberate them from 'pirate elements' of the former Communist Ide Jimian military. No casualties are reported, but the Tribal Tribunal has issued a statement of peace towards the new Ide Jimian government, stating a desire for establishing diplomatic relations that 'under the lack of sufficient order, the previous governmetn could not facilitate'.

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