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Hello Europa,


This is OOC


I would like to make a propsition. As Mithril, I am not an official nation, nor would I like to be. I would like to be able to RP as a single military organization. It would not be near as powerful as any other military force in the world, but be able to efficiently operate out of a small naval fleet (under 2000 people including soldiers) It would be a quick assault fleet, using mainly cruise missiles, light aircraft and sometimes grounds forces. I would operate with a budget within constraints and keep an up to date log of the fleet's position (no teleporting around the world) We would work by having nations hiring us out, contracting for new equipment and so on and we try to work more towards good than towards the negative side of humanity. I have rp'ed before and enjoy it very much and you can count on me not to do anything stupid.


If you have any questions, or constructive comments please ask.

If this doesn't seat with anyone please do tell.

If you just want to say hi, then go ahead. biggrin.gif




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Economy wise it depends on the nation...Akiiryu is a powerhouse economy aimed at weapons production. However, unlike some nations I could name here (OOC: guesses? ) Akiiryu doesn't generally play the international bully. rolleyes.gif ...much.

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OK , Mithril fico feliz por saber que percebes um pouco o Portugu?s , quando quiseres escrever em portugu?s para mim podes fazer.



OK, Mithril I am happy for knowing that you perceive a little the Portuguese, when to want to write in Portuguese for me pods to make.


It offers for you


user posted image

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We greet anyone who can finally answer Pirilao's request.


Our fine nation is situated a ways from the sea now, but in a couple million inhabitants, we might start expanding toward it. Good to know there's a bunch of rogues out there tongue.gif

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