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Guest Hippatia

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Guest Hippatia

Hippinia is a newly formed scandanavian liberal paradise, governed by the elected Queen Hippatia, who affects way too much Naboo-like pomp, saved only by the grace that she takes none of it seriously, and simply uses her station to attract more tourist dollars (to convert into the local currency, the Hippinian Slack).


Happy to be here.


Make love, not war!


Queen Hippatia of Hippinia

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ah, welcome Hippatia, and welcome to your good queen, i do hope you enjoy your tiime here, and do feel free to join in wherever you like on the forums...


And as so skillfully predicted by Amnalos, here is your traditional Philian Welcoming Pie, this week we have a Fish and Chicken mushroom flavour, with chocolate sprinkles on top... enjoy...

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