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Welcome to Europa! We are a friendly people, and i do hope you will stay enough to get to know us! I remember when i was new as well, this ws my first region too... ah, the memories... smile.gif


anyway, here is your traditional Philian Welcoming Pie, this week it is a green Moose steak, with delicious Guinness Gravy and some Roast potatoos on the side... enjoy...

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Okay, someone needs to help the newbie here...


I probably want to get involved in the roleplaying. I've been reading up on the policy in NationStates, but still, a few questions:


Where does economy come in? (Money)


I can come up with a feasible army/economy on my own? Obviously, in the spirit of it all, I won't become god over men, but I want to know, before I make any claims, that I am allowed to say that my country has so and so many units, such import, such exports, etc.


How are loses and gains calculated in the end?


Thanks, just want to check up on the rules, all this searching is really confusing. I'm getting bits and pieces of info, but it seems like asking someone will do the trick.

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Hello! to Deltannia!


In answer to your questions:


Economy is down to the choices you made on the inital start-up of your nation (that questionnaire) and how you answer issues that you get.


As for the rest of it, you basically make it up, but with the economy and size of your nation in mind.


Loses and gains are really made through intreaction with all the other players. There isn't a proper way of working out wars, it's all down to getting along with others.

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Howdy Admiral. I have a few suggestions for you:


1. Don't eat the food. Apparently there's been an open season on moose recently. The last pie Phil gave me was a little...shall we say...interesting. wink.gifbiggrin.gif


2. Have a look at all the RP files. There's a goldmine of stuff in there, and if you look far enough there're programs that allow you to do all the things you want to do for the RP boards. So have a look-see.


3. Have a good time.

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