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Colours in flags

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Ok. Maybe you are making your own flag but... Do you know what colours you should use? Well, here a guide to know what means differents colours in the world.



White Surrender - Peace - Purity (Algeria) - British vinculation (Qatar, Bahrain and Brunei) - Freedom (Estonia) - Ice (Groenland, Canada) - Colour of the river (Niger, Nigeria) - Omeya colour (arabs nations).


Black Death - Anarchy - Revolution - Abasida colour (arabs nations) - The people (africans nations) - African inheritance (somes nations of America).


Green Islamism (Muslim Ligue) - Catholic colour (Irland) - Vegetal kingdom (Africa) - Hope (Ethiopia) - Agriculture, fertility(Zimbabwe) - Green lands (Brazil).


Yellow Precaution - Illness - Mineral kingdom (Africa) - Land, sand y wheat (Ukraine) - Sun (caribeans nations) - Charity (Ethiopia) - Friendship (Niue) - Sultan's symbol (Brunei).


Red Danger - War - Socialism - Han etnic group (China) - Kharijite religious group (Bahrein and Qatar) - Otomans colour ( Turkey y arabs nations) - Animal kingdom (Africa) - Fight for freedom or independence (Africa and America) - Belief (Etiop?a).


Orange Surrender (budism) - Protestants (Irland) - Orange's colour (Holand) - Thamil group (Sri Lanka) - Indian etnic group - Charge (Zambia) - Royal Authority (Bhutan) - Sahara (Niger).


Blue International organizations - Heaven(China) - Sky (Bophutatswana and Botswana) - Sea (America and nations of the Pacific) - Issa etnic group (Djibuti).



Here more info (spanish): http://www.banderasmilitares.com/web_vex_s...cni_colores.htm

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