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Thought it would be nice to have a little list of when people have their exams. That way you don't have to go around asking all the time. Everytime I get around, I'll add some dates to this list here.





31: Dragonryders





06: Orioni, Tagmatium, Ide Jima

07: Tagmatium, Ide Jima


08: Tagmatium, Ide Jima

09: Ide Jima, Haken

10: Ide Jima, Haken

11: Haken

12: Haken

13: Haken

14: Orioni, Haken


15: Haken

16: Haken

17: Haken

18: Haken

19: Haken

20: Haken

21: Orioni, Haken


22: Haken

23: Haken

24: Orioni





June 8-28: Akiiryu away to France/England

June 14-July 3: Vanarambaion is MIA (missing in action)

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I have school half yearlys/HSC trail papers from 20th of June, to 1st July, and my final Higher School Certificate exams start 17th October and stretch for a weeks.

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Guest Guest


Away in Florence/Lugano from May 28 to June 2. (now using internet in hotel)

(no more school! yippeee!) biggrin.gif

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Guest O (ffline)
Uhm, but I don't have exams in weekends. wink.gif

Yah, I know, but I was too lazy to look up those dates. tongue.gif

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