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Emperor Critically Wounded!

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Seeing the report, the Emperor grabbed the phone. "Yes Minister. I have a question about the terrorist group connected with the assassination attempt of the Emperor of Amnalos last night...yes, are we currently funding that particular group? Yes, get back to me on that, ASAP."


From: Vanarambaion

To: Amnalos

Re: Condolences


Vanarambaion sends its regrets on the unfortunate incident, and wishes the Emperor the best in his recovery.

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From: SPA

To: Amnalos

Re: Condolences


The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu sends its regrets on the unfortunate incident, and wishes the Emperor Kano IV the best in his recovery. The Prince has authorised the Baronic Council to offer the services of Akiiryu's foremost surgeons and medical specialists if you require them. (OOC: Remember Akiiryu's genetics program).


The Prince and the Baronic Council will attend a service at the Monastery of Robjuth in the Akiiryan capital, Nimarci, to pray for the Emperor's recovery.



1st Minister,

Akiiryan Baronic Council

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To: Amnalos

From: Ide Jima


We all send our condolences as to this most inconvenient incident, and we wish the emperor the best in his recovery.


However we are intrigued to know as to what type of terrorist group committed this. Communists? Nazis? Fanatics?

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OOC: Great article Amnalos, good writing skills!




TO: Amnalos

FROM: Orioni


Our hearts and minds go out to the families of the assasinated driver and bodyguards. We hope that Emperor Kano IV recovers from his injuries, and that the people who are responsible for the attack are found.


Kindest regards,


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To: Amnalos

From: GHET


The Greater Holy Empire sends its condolences to the people of Amnalos, and wish our great ally and friend, Emperor Kano IV, a speedy recovery. We too have had problems with terrorists, and we lost our beloved Emperor, Theodosius I, to an assassin's bullet.

If required, we will share any intelligence we have on terrorist organisation or activities that you think will help to apprehend the suspects.

A service will be conducted in Tagmatica Catherdral for the Emperor's recovery, and any Amnalite citizens in Tagmatium will be welcome.


Holy Emperor Commodus III


OOC: Wah! Everyone's got really funky banners!

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To: The nations of Europa

From: The Prime Minister

Subject: Official release concerning the Emperor's condition


Nations of Europa,


The entire nation of Amnalos is shocked and grieved by the attempt on the Emperor's life. We thank our fellow nations for the concern and support during this difficult time.


I am relieved to report that the Emperor survived the surgery to remove the two bullets, and his condition has now been downgraded to 'serious but stable'. He has not regained consciousness since the attack. The doctors are hopeful that he will make a full recovery.


Investigations led by the Lord Commander indicate the existence of a seperatist terrorist group operating in our new territories. It is believed that this group is small, but well organized.

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The Emperor's breathing is shallow, and his face is shiny with sweat but his eyes are alert as he whispers to his three confidants: the Lord Commander, Dr. Kurolo and his oldest friend and advisor, Salvor Andros. He'd woken from a coma half an hour previously.


"Okay, so we have no idea who was behind the attempt on my life. Even the files made available to us by Karthenia and Tagmatium haven't given us any clues. So we need to draw these people out somehow."


Andros said, "Your Majesty, I believe that with the attack unsuccessful the terrorists will know they have failed and go into hiding."


"I know," replied the Emperor. "We need to somehow give them the idea that I can still be killed. First, I don't want anyone but the four of us to know I am awake just yet."


Dr. Kurolo butted in, "But, sire, even if they believe you are still unconscious they must know thay can't get into the hospital."


"I know that, too. This will be where you come in. I need you to invent some medical emergency that requires me to be flown by helicopter back to the Capital. Some sort of infection, maybe, that this hospital isn't equipped to deal with. I don't know, I don't understand medicine."


Kurolo nodded. Tarvo smiled grimly. He was beginning to understand the Emperor's plan. "You think they'll try to shoot down the helicopter."


"Yes. Dangle the bait in front of their noses and hopefully they will overreach themselves. Then we will be able to track them down." said the Emperor.

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To: Amnalos

From: Vanarambaion

Re: Asssistance


With the demilitarization of North Vanarambaion underway, a squad of anti-terrorism elites from the Shadowcorps has become available. If Amnalos wishes to utilize these individuals in tracking down the terrorists that placed your Emperor in a coma, they have to but say the word.

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