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Top 25: Innovations

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Top 25: Innovations star-wars-smiley-043.gif





1. The Internet

2. Cell phone

3. Personal computers

4. Fiber optics

5. E-mail

6. Commercialized GPS

7. Portable computers

8. Memory storage discs

9. Consumer level digital camera

10. Radio frequency ID tags

11. MEMS

12. DNA fingerprinting

13. Air bags

14. ATM

15. Advanced batteries

16. Hybrid car

17. OLEDs

18. Display panels

19. HDTV

20. Space shuttle

21. Nanotechnology

22. Flash memory

23. Voice mail

24. Modern hearing aids

25. Short Range, High Frequency Radio

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How about:




The wheel?


Edit: Just noticed this little thingy:

In creating the list, the group hoped to single out "25 non-medically related technological innovations that have become widely used since 1980
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...Just noticed this little thingy....since 1980....

Yea... I once search about Chinese inventions..and found amazingly variety of things..that's why they rankd those 25yrs range...or else, I guess they would have to make a list of 500 like Furtune 500... wink.gif


Which innovation have a big impact to your life??? rolleyes.gif

for me...internet.

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