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Weapons of Europa

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1: Rules and Requests.


1.1 Purpose


This thread is for making the weapontrade faster and easier. I kindly request all trading to take place OUTSIDE this thread.


Inside this thread, nations can post the weapons they manufacture. Nations interested in buying weapons can quickly see what weapons are for sale, against what kind of price and who sells them, after which they can contact the selling nations and start the actual negotiations.



1.2 Quick guide for selling nations:


You can post multiple articles for multiple categories in one post.

If the article you sell is already on the list, you can simply post: I also sell <name> for a price of <price>.


If the article is new to the list the post must contain a (brief) description of the article(s) (text, image and preferably both) including the following:


Necessary details for infantry weapons: Name, primary function(s), weight, price

Necessary details for vehicles: Name, primary function(s), armament (if applicable), speed*, crewsize, price

Necessary details for ships: Name, primary function(s)**, speed*, crewsize, price

Necessary details for aircrafts: Name, primary function(s)**, combat radius/action range*** (if available), crewsize, price

Necessary details for projectiles: Name, type/warhead, weight, range, price


If there are notable exceptions and/or important extraordinarities for certain articles, they have to be posted as well.


* Average or cruise speed.

** Since ships and planes often have a lot of armament, primary function is enough since I'm assuming the armament is suited for that purpose, so posting the armament is not required, but ofcourse, it is allowed.

*** This will increase the importance of airports and therefor intensify international relations.


If you are no longer selling a certain article, you can simply post: I no longer sell <name>. Your tag will then be removed from the sellerslist of that article.



1.3 Quick guide for buying nations:


First of all: Don't post here!!

If you want to buy articles, check the list. If you have decided what articles you want to buy, look at who sells the chosen articles.


Under each article is a price. This is the lowest price available and the corresponding manufacturer is noted behind that with a code. (See Example) These codes can be found at the legend. (Chapter 6.2)

After you have decided what you want to buy and who you want to buy it from, you can start the negotiations either by telegraphing or by PMing the chosen nations or by starting a thread. Be creative. Also be aware; selling nations are allowed to refuse your order for any reason and prices may deviate.



Walther P38 9 mm pistol; 8 rounds; 1 kg

$1.000 Dr & Ij, Or


In this example 'Dr' and 'Ij' sell this article both for the lowest price of $1000 while 'Or', who also sells the article, charges more for it.



Do you think I've forgotten something? >Post it here<

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2: Infantry equipment.


2.1 Handguns



2.2 Rifles


QBZ Type 97 Assault Rifle; 3.4 KG

$900 Ij

FN - 2000 Assault Rifle; 3.6 KG

$1,500 Ij

--FN - 2000G Assault Rifle with grenade launcher; 4.6 KG

$2,000 Ij



2.3 Machine guns


IJ Type 20 Submachine Gun; 2.17 KG

$1100 Ij

FN - P - 90 Submachine Gun; 2.54 KG

$1200 Ij



2.4 Infantry rocket launchers



2.5 Grenades



2.6 All other equipment; medical packs, backpacks, tents etc.

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3: Ground Vehicles


3.1: Troop transportation vehicles


IJ - Type 20 Armoured Car 72.4 km/h; 2 + 12 crew; heavy machinegun, 2x Light machine guns; (HMG can be replaced with grenade launcher or wire-guided-missile launcher)

$600,000 Ij



3.2: Cannons and mobile missile launchers



3.3: Tanks and AFVs


T-80 60.4 km/h; 3 crew; 125 mm smoothbore gun; 7.62 mm PK machine gun; 12.7 mm NSVT anti-aircraft machine gun

$600,000 Ij

T-95 59.5 km/h; 4 crew; 135mm smoothbore gun; 12.7mm PK machine gun; 7.62mm DSk machine gun

$800,000 Ij

Ide Jiman Apollo Tank Destroyer 69.2 km/h; 3 crew; 80 mm gun

$900,000 Ij

Challenger 2 57.3 km/h; 4 crew; 120mm L30A1 rifled gun; 7.62 mm L94A1 chain gun; 7.62 mm L37A2 machine gun on roof (AA)

$1,200,000 Ij

IJ - 4000 'Tiamat' Heavy Tank 56.3 km/h; 4 crew; 130 mm gun; Browning 12.7 mm machine gun; Cupola mounted AA rail gun

$1,350,000 Ij



3.4: Other (supporting) trucks and jeeps



3.5: Misc.

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5: Aircrafts


5.1: Fighters


YaK 36mp 'forger' combat radius: 370 km; crew: 1; Mach 1.1

$9,000,000 Ij

MiG-31 combat radius: 720 km; crew: 2; Mach 2.83

$10,000,000 Ij

XAC JH-7 'Flying Leopard' combat radius: 1,650 km; crew: 1; Mach 1.5

$15,000,000 Ij

Yak 141 'freefall' combat radius: 690 km; crew 1; Mach 2.6

$23,000,000 Ij

MiG '1.42' combat radius: 1,355 km; crew: 1; Mach 2.4

$70,000,000 Ij

IJ-32 'shipwrecker' ferry range: 4,500 km; crew: 2; Mach 3.74

$250,000,000 Ij



5.2: Bombers


TU - 160 range: 12,300 km; crew: 6; Mach 2.0

$200,000,000 Ij



5.3: Helicopters



5.4: Reconnaissance



5.5: Supporting aircrafts



5.6: Aircraft missiles

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ooc: Some infantry weapons. More to come but I havent got time now




Infantry Weapons


FN - 2000 Assault Rifle

user posted image


FN - 2000

Assault Rifle

Weight: 3.6 KG (Empty)

4.6 KG (With Grenade Launcher attached)


Price: $2,000 per unit. ($1500 without grenade launcher)


The most advanced assault rifle in service with Ide Jiman forces, although expensive this weapon has excellent range and accuracy and is virtually unrivalled. Once over 4000 are purchased the customer receives rights of production for the ammunition.



QBZ Type 97 Assault Rifle

(Used by Ide Jiman Marines here)

user posted image


Weight: 3.4 Kg Unloaded

Price: $900 per unit


Lighter, and cheaper very easy to maintain, used by the Ide Jiman marine corps. As with the FN - 2000 a substantial purchase gets the customer rights of ammunition production.


FN - P - 90 Submachine Gun

user posted image


Weight: 2.54 KG unloaded

Price: $1200 per unit


IJ Type 20 SMG

(Home Built)

user posted image


Weight: 2.17 KG Empty

Price: $1100 per unit






T - 80


user posted image



Crew: 3

Weight: 48, 363 Kg

Price: $600,000

Speed: 37.5 mp/h

Challenger 2

user posted image



Weight: 62, 500 Kg

Price: $1,200,000

Speed 35.6 mp/h


T - 95

user posted image



Weight: 59,000Kg

Price: $800,000

Speed: 37 mp/h


IJ - 4000 'Tiamat' Heavy Tank

user posted image


Crew: 4

Armament: 1x 130mm Gun, 1x Browning .50 Machine gun, 1x Cupola Mournted AA Rail Gun.


Weight: 65,000 Kg

Price: $1,350,000

35 mp/h


Ide Jiman Apollo Tank Destroyer

user posted image


Crew: 3

Weight: 45,000 Kg

Armament: 1x 80 mm Gun

Price: $900,000

Speed: 43 mp/h


IJ - Type 20 Armoured Car

user posted image


Crew: 2 (+12)

Weight: 29,000 Kg

Armament: 1x heavy machinegun, 2x Light machine guns. (HMG can be replaced with GL or TOW)

Price: $600,000

45 mp/h

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IJ - 32 'shipwrecker'

user posted image


Crew: 2

Stats Here


Price: $250,000,000


XAC JH - 7 'Flying Leopard'

user posted image


Crew: 1

Weight: 28475 Kg

Range: 1650 km

Speed: 1808 km/h

Price: $15,000,000


MiG - 31

user posted image


Crew 2

Weight 21825 Kg

Range: 3300 Km

Speed: Mach 2.83



MiG 1.42

user posted image


Weight 30000Kg

Crew 1

Price $70,000,000


Speed Mach 2.4


YaK 36mp 'forger'


user posted image


Crew: 1

Price: $9,000,000

Weight: - (Couldn't find it)

Range: 230 Miles

Speed: Mach 1.1


Yak 141 'freefall'

user posted image


Crew: 1

Price: $23,000,000

Weight: 33,000 Kg

Range: 3570 Km

Speed: Mach 2.6


TU - 160

user posted image


Weight:118000 Kg

Crew: 6

Price: 200,000,000

Range: 12300 Km

Speed: Mach 2

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Battle Ships



Name: NCV (Naval Combat Vessel) Type-001 ?n00b crusher?


Purpose: Anti-air combat, naval combat, ocean/sea based siege and assault of cities and fortresses.


Speed: 40 knots


Crew size: 1300


*Price: 500,000,000


Name: NCV Type-002 ?little crusher?


Purpose: Anti-air combat, naval combat.


Speed: 37 knots


Crew size: 1000


*Price: 400,000,000


Air Craft Carriers


Name: ACV (Aircraft Carrying Vessel) Type-001 ?Big Bertha?


Purpose: Naval defense, anti air defense, Transport, repair, and re-fueling of multiple air craft.


Speed: 35 knots


Crew size: 1500 (not including pilots of aircraft)


*Price: 550,000,000


*prices are all negotiable


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