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Weaponry Catalogue

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Wouldn't it be a good idea to stack all the available types of weapons in one thread? That way, nations can compare prices and available weaponry easier.


Then all they have to do, is select the weapons they want and telegraph the manufacturer(s) they want to buy it from. These manufacturers are allowed to refuse orders.


The catalogue would be like: (note: this is only an example.)




Walther P38 9MM pistol - 8 rounds - 1 kg

$1.000 Dr & Ij, Or




Schneider An early WW1 tank - Stats unknown

$ Or, Ms

St. Chaumond tank An early WW1 tank - Stats unknown

$ Ij & Ms





Dr: Dragonryders

Ij: Ide Jima

Or: Orioni

Ms: The Mongol-Swedes


(Cheapest price and supplier are first. In this example Dragonryders and Iwo Jima both offer Walther P38s for $1.000. Orioni offers them for a higher price.)


I have some free time in which I could manage such a thread, I think. But only if you guys think it's convenient, because I never did any weapontrading.

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I suggest you check out this thread to enhance that list of yours:


(Voeg ze gewoon toe aan het lijstje, met de namen per legercategorie of zo.)


* * *


Here are some of my own weaponssystems:



ORIONI MRTP 33 Fast Patrol / Attack Craft

ORIONI BGV N188 High Speed Craft

ORIONI S1213 Shade (still testing)



ORIONI UAV-5 (addon for ORIONI S1213 Shade)

ORIONI V-22 Planecopter


Alle are listed in this thread:


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Well, actually, I was just wondering if this idea would work...


For the actual thread I would reserve 3 posts and include some rules and requests and practical information... smile.gif


For instance, I'd like to have all the catalogued articles in the thread with a more detailed description, in case people want to know more about their purchases.


Examples: In case of vehicles I would request speed (for the grid-idea), and for arms I would like to know the weight (for infantry). Also, I would need the costs, since we're dealing with sales here... (I'm sure I can think of a couple more later)


On the plus side: The nations of Europa would have easier and quicker access to weapons that other nations make, making the region better able to defend itself.

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ooc: Aren't you medieval tech dragonryders?


Ide Jiman Weapons Systems


IJ - 32 Shipwrecker

IJ - 32SS Intermediate Range Nuclear/ Conventional bomber

IJ - 32TB Prototype Airframe developed for enduring extreme speeds


*further aircraft types classified*




HMC - 12 Super Long Range Missiles

Type 12 Cruise Missiles

Type 13 Air Launched Anti Shipping Missiles


*further missile types classified*



Neuvo Rican Systems bought under private deal with Neuvo Rica


NR - 70 Upgraded MiG - 31

Dassault NRC - Carrier Based Assault Aircraft

NR - 24 - Combat Variant of the SU - 36 Berkut

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ooc: Aren't you medieval tech dragonryders?

Indeed, my nation is. That doesn't quite prevent me from bundling the available weapons in a thread, does it? sad.gif


The RPing about weapon-sales will likely still be there, my thread will just be to show what weapons are sold and by who and at what price. That way, one can skip the 'I request weapons, what do you have to offer'-fase.


Anyway, I see there's good enough interest in it (2 nations is enough tongue.gif). I'll make a definite thread.

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Could we get armor and weaponry listings for the aircraft and other offensive vehicles?


I already requested a brief description of armament for vehicles in the rules. Armor... I don't know. I understood the armor of a tank isn't equally thick everywhere... Don't think it adds a lot to it. As a rule, I think one may expect a tank to survive gunfire and not a well-aimed explosive projectile, regardless of armor... You know what? If armor stats are provided, I will add them, but it's not necessary. Just like aircraft speed.


Weaponrylistings on aircrafts could be a good idea. Will also introduce new subcategories: 5.5 'Bombs, rockets and missiles for aircrafts' and 5.6 'Ballistic weapons, rockets and missiles'

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There is supposed to be a category for everything that is sold. So the answer to your question is: If there isn't a category for it yet, I will make one.


But there already is a category for long distance projectiles right now. wink.gif


For anyone interested in selling anything new: there are holes in the market as big as Jupiter.

I suspect no-one is selling supportive articles yet, like refueling jets/trucks/vessels or med-packs or tents for the soldiers etc. wink.gif Good luck. cool.gif

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