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The Federation of Enutrof

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I extend a warm thanks to all that have joined this place of communication. Here we can discuss political ideals in a friendly manner.


Be forewarned, I am an idealistic ruler of a pro-business corporate Federation. In reality, all important decisions go through me, and I keep this country progressing, striving to keep the populace holding important attributes such as great intelligence, personal integrity, honor, respect, willpower, and a striving to keep the world a frontier of scientific and technological advancement.


The responsibilities of my government spending are largely poured into the education system and the environment, things that business generally stays out of. Our criminal sorting/rehabilitation program also recieves a large amount of funding from the government, but as the people grow in their collective ethnic consciousness, the society itself will discourage crime more than a punitive/rehabilitative government could, and less money will be spent in this area due to the natural decrease in crime (right now, with our criminal policy, crime is nearly nonexistant, and criminals are largley shunned by the populace, and they often leave the country in shame).


Well, that is my introduction. Again, thanks for participating in this board. I wish your countries well.


-Ivan, Lord of Enutrof

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