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  1. Greater Zaxar Foreign Relations Office This is where Zaxar foreign policy changes and statements will be posted as well as any diplomatic statements or outreaching by other nations that do not require their own thread. Please feel free to ask any questions about our current foreign relations policies that may impact your nation or its interests. This is also where business deals and contracts will be managed until a more suitable location is established. Emperor: William Zaxar I Minister of Foreign Relations: Maurice la Vaneu Minister of Finance: Nicholas von Kenne Grand General: Leon Varxsos Grand Justice: Alberto Patrar Current Embassies: N/A
  2. New Government Power Project Getting the Green Light Just this Friday, the Zaxar Ministry of Finance released an official statement giving authorization for the construction of the Fravon Gorge Dam just outside of the city of Beliere in southwestern Zaxar. This project was originally proposed in late 2018 and has been on hold ever since until the local authorities could "properly and thoroughly asses the ecological and humanitarian impacts of the dam." This delay led to large-scale protests in Beliere as electricity prices began to climb and smoke from coal powered electricity plants choked the air. Protestors were seen to be carrying banners saying "do your dam job" during marches in early 2020, shortly after air quality in the city reached a record low. Today however, protestors and citizens alike rejoice as Emperor William signed off on the project after receiving a positive environmental report from the leading biological and geological researchers assigned to the project planning. This contract for the project is with the large Zaxar hydropower company Blue Fields and signed for an undisclosed amount of money. Government economists have estimated that this dam will provide enough electricity and fresh drinking water for the entire city of Beliere which is set to finally end years of coal dependency in the region. Blue Fields has also stated that they will be employing more than 10,000 local workers throughout the construction process which will almost certainly spark a new economic boom in the region as most of the workers there are currently employed in the agriculture or timber industries. Fair trade groups and environmental groups from across Greater Zaxar have declared their support for the project as it will cut the nations dependency on foreign coal imports significantly and is considered one of the first steps towards the illusive net-zero carbon goal set by the Emperor back in 2010. The most support for the project however, comes from the citizens of Beliere. Whether conservative, liberal, libertarian, or green, nearly every group has something to gain from this project. The project currently has no set completion date although the Emperor has said that it should be done within five years if safety allows. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates and analysis on this project. Genetically "Better" Crops Growing on the Sarthus Recently, one of our reporters traveled to the banks of the Sarthus River, right into the historical breadbasket of Greater Zaxar, and what she found there was farming that was far more modern than that which was practiced there twenty years ago, and, far more controversial. Across the Zaxar side of the Sarthus River Basin, a new kind of crop is being planted. It may look like the same old corn and wheat that has been grown here for thousands of years, but these plants have something special about them, engineered DNA. Produced by domestic companies, Inovant and Glanoag, with help from foreign biotech companies, these plants are proven to yield nearly twice as much crop while being more water and nutrient efficient. These crop have been widely adopted by farmers who have been desperate for more efficient crops due to the labor shortage caused by the war, which limits the amount of land that can be farmed and harvested. With these new high levels of productivity, many farmers speculate that they may be able to begin exporting once again. Already, shipments of corn and wheat from Zaxar have been seen cruising down the Sarthus River destined for markets across Aurelia. Not all are happy with this however. Some environmental groups have protested the use of genetically engineered crops due to the possibility of them becoming an invasive species in local ecosystems. Both Inovant and Glanoag have released statements declaring these worries to be unfounded and assuring the public that all genetically engineered plants have been made sterile to prevent them from spreading beyond farms. Anti-monopoly groups have warned that the sterilization of crops will give the biotech companies too much power over the food supply and push smaller farmers out of business. The companies, however, assured that they will remain competitors and keep prices reasonable, this remains to be seen. Mine Collapse in Niyol On Wednesday, a large lithium mine in Niyol suffered from a sudden and unexpected collapse. The collapse occurred in a tunnel two miles below the surface and was likely caused by water damage to the structural systems of the unfinished tunnel, according to Geolithia, the company who operates the mine. Fortunately no one was killed or injured in the collapse but some workers have gone strike over the relaxed safety regulations in place in the mines. Company officials have stated that the safety of their employees in their number one priority and that they are currently looking into better ways to monitor the safety of the mines. Government officials are monitoring the strikes closely and have stated that they are prepared to break up the unions if the strikes last any longer than one week. This government interest in the mines in nothing new, as the lithium deposits of Niyol are considered to be the single most important factor to the modernization and economic growth of the country as a whole during this new era of lithium batteries. The Lithium Miners Union has stated that it only intends to strike until the safety of the mines are improved but many fear that they intend to try and leverage better ages at the same time. We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.
  3. I liked @Costa Madora's idea for a national Q&A so I copied them So any questions you have about The Empire of Greater Zaxar feel free to ask them here or on discord
  4. @Orioni Nation in Eurth: Greater Zaxar (or just "Zaxar") Flag: https://www.nationstates.net/images/flags/uploads/greater_zaxar__605732.png Capital name: Sandrica Capital location: Sandrica should be on a river, preferably a large one. Stats Chosen: 10,000,000 population ------- 5,000 GDP ------- 790,000 km2 Factbook/iiwiki link: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=greater_zaxar/detail=factbook/id=main Culture: European-American Culture Climate: Cold winters with warm summers (temperate), similar to the climate of New England. History: Zaxar was founded in 1803 through a revolution so there was a nation before 1800 but it does not yet have a defined age. A long history of peace, prosperity, and growth until 1926. Zaxar just finished a 74 year total war which lowered the population and ruined the economy. For more info you can see my factbook. Desired Location: Somewhere with many rivers and a large coastline would be ideal. The coast can be of a large lake as well as ocean although I would like access to the sea (or I may just RP an expansion to the sea which may be better anyway). Some potential places I had thought of (I'm open to other spots) were that large lake in Argis, Auraid Bay, Yeetland, Nordhavet, or between Hinterlands and Walneria.
  5. A Somewhat Brief History of Zaxar Before the idea of the nation of Zaxar had even been conceived, the vast lands which the nation encompasses today were in chaos. Politically fragmented, the land was ruled by hostile clans and kingdoms who constantly sought to undermine and destroy each other through bloody warfare, genocide, and backstabbing. Little, in detail, is known about this period due to the frequent book burnings brought about through the warfare and much of what we do know comes from myths and legends passed down through stories and songs so the accuracy of these histories is largely considered unreliable by scholars. The exception to this theme of unreliable sources is La Histori Norte which is a fairly well sourced and thorough history of the Kingdom of Zaxar from 1536-1841 written by the famed Zaxar historian Codin Maxillo and published in 1843. This is where most of our knowledge of Zaxar’s early history comes from. The history of the Kingdom of Zaxar begins at the turn of the 19th century when the first king of the Zaxar dynasty, Robbert Zaxar, led a pheasant uprising to overthrow the last monarch of the Drogt dynasty, known as Drogt the Tyrant. The people of Zaxar then elected Robbert to become their new king and he was given the name Robbert the Chosen. Robbert’s reign was focused mainly around social reform and improving the lives of the people. Throughout his reign, roads were built connecting the kingdom, the land of former Drogt nobles was divided up among the pheasants, and currency reform was enacted to curb inflation. Robbert’s reign lasted from 1803 until his retirement in 1843 at the age of 65. The next Zaxar monarch to ascend to the throne was Hectal Zaxar who came to power at age 30 after his father’s retirement in 1843. He was selected by his father for his strong financial skills and his charismatic nature which had originally made him a competent diplomat. Hectal’s rein was one of great prosperity for Zaxar with it being known as the “Great Peace” by historians. This peace was brought about due to the many interconnected alliances and trade deals created by Hectal which brought great profit to the Kingdom. Hectal retired in 1890 at the age of 77 and is known as Hectal the Diplomat. After his retirement, Hectal’s daughter Olivia Zaxar was his choice to become the first queen of Zaxar. Olivia’s main concern when coming to the throne was the establishment of an army which could cement Zaxar as the dominant power in the region. She used the vast amounts of wealth left over from her father’s rein to create Zaxar’s first standing professional army as well as expanding and modernizing Zaxar’s merchant navy. To test this new army, Olivia launched several invasions into neighboring kingdoms which were met with large amounts of success, allowing the establishment of several Zaxar vassal states and the annexation of large amounts of territory. Olivia “the Conqueror” reigned from 1890 until her death in 1926 at the age of 56. After his mother’s death, young Prince Kenneth Zaxar took the throne and immediately was attacked by his two largest neighbors, the Kingdom of Bolhetar and the Therno Hoard. All of Kenneth’s rein was spent fighting this war which is now known as the Great Flaxzar War which will be covered in a separate article of its own. After finally achieving victory in 1999, Kenneth “the Great '' retired at age 83 being the longest reigning monarch in Zaxar’s history, ruling an impressive 73 years. His retirement was part of the Treaty of Sandrica which united the three great warring nations under the rule of his heir of choice and thus established the Empire Greater Zaxar under the rule of the first emperor, Emperor William Zaxar. William has spent the first 21 years of his reign rapidly modernizing Zaxar as well as forging a new national identity which all Zaxar citizens can unify behind. This brings us to Zaxar today which has fallen behind its neighbors in technology, has population shortages, lacks infrastructure, and whose economy is in shambles due to 73 years of total war. It will be up to the Emperor to fix the nation and unite its people, or face revolution and the destruction of his great empire. The Primary Goals of the Regime: Fast-track sustainable growth in all angles of society through government subsidies and public works. Achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Build a strong network of alliances to promote trade and maintain international sovereignty. Draft new federal zoning laws to combat urban sprawl by growing cities up. Connect the nation through a modernized rail system. Promote population growth through immigration and pro-natalist policies. Promote and grow Zaxar culture as well as parks and other tourist attractions to attract foreign capital and investments. Modernize the Zaxar armed forces.
  6. Zaxar Broadcasting Network January 1, 2000 By Axelander Lavour Unification and Peace for Zaxar! --- Today government officials confirmed that the Treaty of Sandrica has officially been signed by delegations from both Bolhetar and Therno as well as our own King Kenneth 'The Great'. The signing took place earlier today in Zaxar Palace in Sandrica City. This long awaited moment marks the official end of the Flaxzar War which has plagued our nation for 73 long years and resulted in the deaths and displacement of millions of Zaxars, Bolhetarians, and Thernos alike. While this is great news by itself, it is also important to know what this treaty actually does and how it will affect your life and the lives of those across the nation. The first major effect of the treaty is obviously the end of the Flaxzar War, however, this war that was started to partition Zaxar has instead turned into a great victory for our people despite the great costs. Clause one of the treaty states, "In the interest of creating lasting peace and prosperity for the nations of the north, this treaty hereby unites the kingdoms of Bolhetar, Zaxar, and Therno under the Zaxar dynasty to be ruled as one great nation." That's right! Bolhetar and Therno have been annexed by our glorious nation! This means that Zaxar is now 3 times bigger and has twice as much population as it did just yesterday. But what does this mean for the average Zaxar? It means you now can travel freely through all territory now owned by Zaxar without a passport, a uniform tax code now exists for Zaxars both new and native, and a new Greater Zaxar currency has been introduced called the Zaxar Mark which can be exchanged for Zaxar Vices, Bolhetar Gauges, and Therno Loxe any time for the next three years. The second change brought about through this treaty is the retirement of Kenneth 'The Great' which marks the end of his long 73 year rule of Zaxar. His son William Zaxar has now taken the reins to become the first Emperor of Greater Zaxar. When asked about this decision, Kenneth stated that he feels he has "ruled for longer than any other monarch before me" and that "It is time for a new ruler for Zaxar, one who will be a leader of the peace rather than a maker of one." He has stated his utmost confidence in his son and has assured the public that he has prepared William to be a "greater ruler than I could ever hope to be." Yet only time will tell if William 'The Emperor' Zaxar can live up to the expectations of his father and his people. William has already announced plans for a great memorial park to be built in Sandrica for the fallen soldiers and civilians on all sides of the war. This move has faced criticism from many right wing groups in Zaxar who feel a memorial that "honors the vile creatures who invaded our nation" is an "insult to our people and the sign of a weak king." However, international spectators and political commentators have applauded this move as one of "reconciliation and understanding" which is a clear step by William to create internal peace and assimilate the peoples of the empire. In order to better represent the interest of the people, William has also unveiled plans to create a parliament which will have the power to draft legislation for approval by the Emperor. This move did not come as a surprise to many, as Kenneth had long talked of giving more power to the people after the war and William is considered to have an agenda very similar to that of his father. The parliament is set to be constructed in the former Bolhetar capital of Malinsk by 2020 with the first elections to be held shortly after. When asked about the long 20 year wait for elections, he responded with "While giving a voice to the people is important, there are unfortunately more pressing matters at this time which I must deal with such as rebuilding this country and stabilizing our economy." William has also cut back on conscription laws, with young men and women being required to only serve 2 years in either the armed forces or another government organization rather than the wartime high of 10 years. Liberal groups however, are calling for a complete end to conscription laws during peacetime to which William rebuffed with, "Peacetime only remains peaceful if you have the strength to hold onto it. I intend to remove conscription laws only when I can be sure that by doing so, I am not endangering the people of Zaxar." The path for Zaxar stands at a crossroads, it is now up to time and fate alone to determine the future of the empire. Long live the Emperor!
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