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Found 8 results

  1. Name of the country : San Castellino Flag: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/769238897547804763/795944555022909460/drapeau_Republique_de_San_Castellino_-_NationStates.png Capital name: Gazallenoa Capital location: By the sea, ideally towards the south of the country and far from the borders. Culture: Mainly Iverican (therefore Spanish), a little French (this varies according to cities and regions) and very slightly Mayan. Climate: Tropical or equatorial for the seaside, desert for the interior of the country (ideally between 50 and 60% of the territory is desert).
  2. Nation in Eurth: Theaca Flag: flag Capital name: Utauchi Capital location: Along the coast here Factbook link: IIwiki Work in Progress Newsroom link: Theacan Broadcasting Network Culture: hodgepodge, Obsession with aesthetics, polytheist, early history as merchants (I'm helping make Alaharu silk road), very progressive. Climate: Temperate- tropical acceptable Location History: Still being sussed out
  3. I hope this topic is in the right section .-. Aaaanyway, here i am again for asking to our beloved and powerful @Orioni if would be possible to add some cities to my nation on Eurth's map and, about the last update, add some NPC nations that i need for the lore of Anatea About the map for the city & the NPC nations here you go: If you need to read better the names of the cities here you go a detailed map of Anatea where you can read better the names in case of problems About the NPC nations here's the explanation for why they're here: Astarlia: this nation was part of
  4. With oceans and seas slowly getting their names, it's time we have a look at mountains and mountain ranges. Do you have a mountain in your own nation? Let us know where it is and what name you'd like to give it, and it can be marked with a Please do try to be more original than everyone's apparent favourite Mt. Olympus. Here is a list to help you on your way: Mountain - a mountain is generally steeper than a hill. Mountain range - a series of mountains or hills ranged in a line and connected by high ground; mountain ranges are usually segmented by highlands or mount
  5. “An Empire Divided” Multi-Expansion RP Proposal Metztlitlaca Expansion My first expansion! Despite the name of the proposal this application is only for the first stage of the expansion, which is the conquest of the Occidental Democratic Republic of Satillo. All currently made information for the expansion (for now) will be below. Since the departure of Derthalen, Adaptus, Limonaia, and Variota, there is no longer a “Boogeymen” nation for people to work with/against. The closest we have is Fulgistan, who although is planning to expand, may not be as amoral as people hope (closer to
  6. For the next map update - Can I request the Borders for GAOT and Ashford & Tarago be merged and the Labelling and Flag for A&T.
  7. Map Request by Eskeocha Nation in Eurth: Eskeocha Flag: (I apologize for the image size, I do not know how to change it) Capital name: Cranarie Capital location: (Please see star on claim request image) Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Eskeocha Newsroom link: Culture: The two central cultures are Eskeok (The Eskeocha Tribe) and Ahranaian (We have agreed that he would be a former colonizer, but are still working out details). Eskeok is akin to Alaskan first-nation, and please refer to Ahrana for Ahranaian. Climate: Eskeocha is a Sup-Arc
  8. Place them anywhere, just not too close and within the areas specified. NORTHERN DNIESTER Tiraspol Desnogorsk Dalmatovo Dzerzhinsk Kalyazin Krupki Elektrogorsk Beketov Goryachy Klyuch Svislach Kaltan Gomel SOUTHERN DNIESTER Łomża Świdnica Świdnica Smalyavichy Piekary Ełk Biała Tarnobrzeg Piotrków Trybunalski Byerazino Kletsk Lahoysk Mysłowice Bełchatów Arzamas Bikin
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