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Found 11 results

  1. Nation in eurth/NS: Mokhavia Flag: Capital name: Moshkal Capital location: On the thightest area of the lakes (see bellow). Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Mokhavia Newsroom link: Culture: Mokhavic (based off of various Uralic, Turkic, Tungusic and Paleo-Siberian cultures) Climate: Subarctic/Boreal Location: I've added two more rivers, if its possible for them to be added on the map that would be great I've also included cities, if they are too many, and also for discussion please DM me on discord at Paprkia#0196 / Mokhavia on the E
  2. I hope this topic is in the right section .-. Aaaanyway, here i am again for asking to our beloved and powerful @Orioni if would be possible to add some cities to my nation on Eurth's map and, about the last update, add some NPC nations that i need for the lore of Anatea About the map for the city & the NPC nations here you go: If you need to read better the names of the cities here you go a detailed map of Anatea where you can read better the names in case of problems About the NPC nations here's the explanation for why they're here: Astarlia: this nation was part of
  3. Hi once again. I know its been only few weeks since my last request but i would like the honored cartographer @Metztlitlaca to add the following major cities and ports to Ateenia. The red dots are major cities and towns. The black dots are the major ports. The names of said ports, towns and cities are: 1) Grundvik 2) Mandahús 3) Fjoldall 4) Myrrdall 5) Osarvik Thank you!
  4. Nation in Eurth: Stedoria Flag: Capital name: Kapojvar Capital location: Coastal region of Stedoria Factbook link: (iiwiki page also created but still WIP) Newsroom link: Culture: Hungarian / Volapük (linguistic-wise) , with Vague Romance minority (still being determined) (speaking Esperanto) Climate: Humid continental climate (Koppen dfa) / Hemiboreal, mountainous far inland Location History: Maintained its independence throughout its history, earliest settlers developed into Stedorians. Remained generally isolated to the wurld until recent times
  5. Nation in Eurth: Ateenia (Kingdom of Ateenia) Flag: Capital name: Atha Capital location: On the coastline, on the smallest river. Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Ateenia Newsroom link: Culture: Ateenian (Based off of Norse culture with unique added features.) Climate: Subarctic or Boreal climate with freezing winters and warm summers. Location: The black border if possible, red border if black is over the limit or not possible. black dot is capital Atha. (if there is a need to further discuss then DM me in discord (*cencored*#7122) History: The fir
  6. Hopefully I check all the requirements for a map space. If I don't, I'm so sorry. Nation in Eurth: The Federal Republic of Fravina Flag: Capital name: Port de Sang Capital location: Along the coast and on a river Factbook link: iiwiki in progress Newsroom link: The Rose Window Culture: French-like Climate: Ideally, a climate similar to New England. Location: Unsure (ideally hilly with a major river) History: A former colony of Fleur de Lys, Fravina became independent in 1765. Two civil wars in the early 1900s lead to a socialist revolutio
  7. Nation in Eurth: Westzeeland (The Republic of Westzeeland) Flag: Capital name: Retoria Capital location: On the coast, in a low altitude area Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Westzeeland Newsroom link: Culture: Large European population on coast areas. (Main Dutch and English). Inland there is a large former slave population. (West Africa). And a native population scattered around but main inland. Climate: The climate depends on the location. I have 2 ideas, 1 In north Alharu, near Variota, and 2 in South Alharu near San Castellino. So I would be eithe
  8. Nation in Eurth: Vostau Flag: Tentative flag Capital name: Ferst Capital location: Around where Loonst is located on the current map Factbook link: Expect advancement through the history-writing process Newsroom link: None yet Culture: Slavic/Spanish Climate: Temperate and semi-arid Location History: Detailed
  9. Hello! I'm completely changing Tagmatium's name and flag! Again! No, not really. Just a bit of a minor tweak. This is been something I've been meaning to ask for quite a long time. It is more window-dressing than anything that will have any meaningful impact on anything in terms of RP. Basically, the island with the city Glevokastron is a nominally independent protectorate of Tagmatium, although in reality it is all but an integral part of the Greater Holy Empire, lying as it does so close to both myself and @Haruspex. It's got a significant Tagmatine military presence
  10. Well it's time for the big expansion into Ceris. After the past year of war on the unfortunate island, things are finally coming to a head and there is a glimmer of hope for a Sentist defeat. In the coming posts I will explore beyond just the military military posts and begin the diplomatic process of the formation of a new supranational state that will encompass Seylos and eastern Ceris. Name: North Adlantic Union Government: Centralized Confederation (Supranational Union) Head of Government: President of the North Adlantic Council (Elected amongst constituent natio
  11. Name of the country : New Lyria Full name of the country : the New-Lyrian Commune Flag : Location of the Capitale : North-East (see the map) Culture : Mainly Lysian (so French), a little Iverican (so Spanish, it varies according to the cities and regions), a little Mauridavian (at the border with Mauridaviah). Climate: Semi-arid on the coasts, arid in the interior of the country. Location : History : New-Lyria would have been colonized in the XVe centery by Fleur de Lys and added to the colony of San Castellino after the conquest from the latest. After th
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