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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone, this as many of you know has been in discussion for ages. What is the Alharun War? The Alharun War was a conflict that officially started in 1945 with the declaration of war between Seylos and Gallambria. Of course, the war spread quickly from there as Seylosian Mandate ambitions grew and much of Alharu become embroiled in the conflict, to the extent where much of the fighting occurred in the continent. The History In 1937 in Seylos the Mandate Party was formed in response to a growing idea that Seylos should use it's riches and importance along the trade li
  2. Link to IC topic I've been working on a draft of a simplified version of the major conventions pertaining to the law of the sea. I'll get into specific provisions later, but this would provide a baseline for maritime law, allowing us to operate for the most part based on the real life rules. My thought is we could RP this convention occurring (and actually debate the couple of interesting noteworthy issues), and then just establish that the many smaller RL maritime rules were subsequently adopted by the international organization created by this convention. My thought is that this convent
  3. IC topic here: http://www.europans.com/topic/4364-the-antargic-treaty/ Reasons Three claims in 24 hours is perhaps a bit much, don't you think? Topic of discussion A good way to keep everyone happy and to keep activity up is organising a RP conference about an Antargic Treaty. Something to divvy up the terrority, while also leaving room for others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antarctic_Treaty_System Check RL for inspiration. http://www.ats.aq/e/ats.htm If possible I would like to safeguard some area for future claimants in Marenesia and Aurelia, the two contin
  4. So the OOC thread is here and I'm going to take my time here to explain exactly what I'd want to happen. What is Ceris? Ceris is the large island west of the island of Seylos and south of Derthalen. It's a complicated placed populated by a variety of nations and peoples. It's defining features are that of a poor and unstable place with frequent conflict between these nations. It is also home to the Ceriser culture, a rugged group of people formed long ago after Anglish, Alban, Cymrian, and Germanic cultures intertwined while settling the land. Below the surface, a forgotten threat ha
  5. References (in order of appearance): Machina Haruspex News Reports (Search Term: "Christians" Gallambrian Response Iverican Response Haru Open Channel Seylosi Response This OOC Planning will service the upcoming "Cussian Humanitarian Coalition" RP which will be posted on the "Affairs" subforum. Questions and inquiries may be posted here. Note that direct involvement with the Coalition must be vetted and confirmed before any IC accepted posts can be made. Indirect involvement for ease of posting may be made through donations or passive aid (e.g asylum pled
  6. I was thinking about regional organisations. And the spectrum of sea-based nations came to mind. The working title is GIN: Group of Island Nations. Premise We could discuss common socio-economical topics challenges as economic development, trade and shipping, ecology, fishing, and much more. Because there'd probably be some shared problems and solutions there. Different from those other, land-based neighbours. Leadership. From a practical point of view, perhaps rotating leadership role where the Secretary-General changes every 6 months. Agenda. The Sec-Gen is responsible f
  7. As a reawakening nation within Europa/Eurth, although not a dead race, perhaps not as focused upon the region about them as they might have been. It has been some time since a visit was conducted within the Haru lands, be it for simple curiosity or ventures of trade and economy. Recent events, a war, a return of the old ways, the acknowledgement of old friends and perhaps old enemies, brings the slumbering beast from its reverie once more. The Occident is in a different state then when the Empress first, and the Emperor that followed, had paid attention to it. A new emperor is about to b
  8. For 2019 I'm planning a small tourism RP. Its focus is to explore the cultures and sights of nations in Argis and Alharu. This will be semi-open depending on which nations grants a tourism visa to my character. The title is a pun on Mr Smith goes to Washington but other than the name this has little to do with politics. Story Mr Hidad Simizi has reached the pension age of 66 years. Unfortunately, his wife of Isla Raisi died in 2014. The couple had been married since 1971. His three children have all left the house. For the last 5 years he has been putting some money aside and now he
  9. The NationStates League is an international association football competition, to be contested by the national teams of UENA (Union des Associations Nationales de Football). The first tournament is due to commence in June 2018, and the winner will be decided in July 2018. The bidding process to select a location for the cup will start in April 2018. Calendar March: Foundation April: hosting bids May: tournament planning June: tournament start July: tournament finish Tournament Depends on the number of teams we have. If we have 8 teams, it will b
  10. OOC: @Fleur de Lys, you weren't contacted about the invitation of these new members because you'd left Europa. You still haven't returned to the Discord, which is where we discussed these changes, so it's very obvious that you weren't consulted. Why would we consult someone that's left the region?
  11. OOC: Only gone in the sense that I don't park my nation here anymore. I visit the forum and RMB quite frequently. After all, I didn't put years of keeping the lights on just to entirely walk away. And just in case anyone was wondering, my nation uses soft Cs, not hard. As such, you pronounce the full name as: vOH Sin Nay, and the capital city as: vOH See Ah. Otherwise, on Discord or as the name I go by most everywhere else "Voc", that's a hard sound, like saying the word "Voke". Anyway, I'd rather do this in a OOC thread, but as there is none, well, gonna do it here. Sorry. For the
  12. Hello, community. 1. Contest Name The name for this song contest is not yet established. The image above is just one example. Suggestions are welcome. Update: It has been decided that our contest will be called the EurthVision Song Contest. 2. Hosting Bids We're looking for players willing to host an international music competition. Besides having the honour of being the host nation, you will be responsible for providing a venue and welcoming participants. If there are multiple bids to host this event, the person to make the strongest case for their nation will be select
  13. One of the main draws for me is international affairs and diplomacy. The rare times this is possible, is when someone organises an event or a meeting. I'd love to see more regular events like this happen. This is why am proposing to create our own Model United Nations. (See Wikipedia for more information.) An institution for everyone to discuss IC their complaints about other nation's actions. An opportunity to be a force for good, or condemn evildoers. A linchpin for the creation of other institutions. Yet another way for news media to criticize ineffective politicians. Practical
  14. Just thought about making an OOC thread, so we can sort out the aims of our different nations. I assume Rennd's fighting for control of the island and the resources there. Deltannia's fighting to stop Rennd's grasping, as are the Mongol-Swedes. There is a Tagmatine force to shore up the Renndian forces and enable them to retain control of the island. The Aristocracy forces are being deployed to test their armaments and back up the Deltannian units. That's all well and good, but I can see some problems arising. Aristo's deployment maybe one, as Delt didn't give permissi
  15. well, i am interested in starting some sort of historical RP, as i thnk it owuld be an intersting experiance to have RP's without the massive mussiles and WMB that so dominate matters nowadays. The problem is that in order to play out part of europas past, we all need to agree what time frame we are looking at, what sort of technological age we are in, and some indecation of where we are going. Some nations may want to play out a particuler event, others may just wish to start at a time with a nation, and see where we go from there. I suggest that all people intersted in a 'europas
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