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Found 2 results

  1. I hope this topic is in the right section .-. Aaaanyway, here i am again for asking to our beloved and powerful @Orioni if would be possible to add some cities to my nation on Eurth's map and, about the last update, add some NPC nations that i need for the lore of Anatea About the map for the city & the NPC nations here you go: If you need to read better the names of the cities here you go a detailed map of Anatea where you can read better the names in case of problems About the NPC nations here's the explanation for why they're here: Astarlia: this nation was part of
  2. Hey all! After looking at the latest map of Europa (which is quite nice, btw), how are the remaining nations on the map being treated (countries without any active action)? My little ole island chain was pretty much left alone, but I do see that there are large swaths of countries still exist, albeit with their owners not having been on for a while (somewhat like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, I suppose). Nonetheless, with the possible exception of a nation returning, would they be treated as NPC nations - no mod to their borders or political principals, or territorial integr
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