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Found 5 results

  1. Cristina Maxima Korvini (10 February 1760 – 29 December 1797) was the the fifth queen of Cristina. She reigned over the Kingdom of Saint Christ from 1778 to 1797. Born at the Korvini's Palace in Saint Christ, Cristina Vera was the first daughter of King Carlo Korvini of Saint Christ and Queen Carolina Maxima Korvini. She was the only one of their children to survive infancy. She had three younger sister, Tereza Devota (1762-65), Paolina Francesca (1766-69) and Francini Tereza (1771–77). Queen Cristina Maxima Korvini the Unbeaten (1780). Because she had no brothers, Cristi
  2. OOC Thread | IIWiki page Prologue “Titā matunuturī ma wurukiusi! Saru anuravana iʻarī, wuka mavīaʻa vana!” People are shouting at the top of their lungs, as chaos ensued after a decision was read out loud by the leader of Reformist faction, Wanutāvariʻi. The sentences were roughly translated to ‘We don’t bow down to the bourgeoisie! We must crush them, not making amends with them!’ Wanutāvariʻi smiled at the reaction. It was going as expected. He was just reading the motion of the Revolutionary Council, declaring that the war with the Purist faction will be resumed, after a
  3. The Younger Uddomar This is the tale of Otto the Peaceful, or as he was known at the time, Uddomar. The God Emperor who crushed the skulls of his enemies, and created great bonds of kinship and friendship with those that were willing to hear him. Hear these words and bask in his light, for without Him our world and people would have sunk into the waves of our enemies. Long before he had unified our peoples and created our great empire he was a young princeling, full of wanderlust and thirst for conquest. 'Uddomar! Stay near!' The sound of swords and the crash of axes rang out through
  4. OOC: I think it would be a good idea to lay out our nations' situations before we get into the actual Rp. By providing weapons, funding and satellite-obtained intelligence, the Confederacy has manipulated the on-goings of island .31's civil war for the past three years. With Confederate assistance, the rebels have become successful in ousting the legitimate government and installing a pro-Confederate dictator, Igan Brezhnev, as head-of-state. In the months following the change in government, Mr. Brezhnev purged the remaining loyalists (and suspected loyalists) with Confederate blessings
  5. (OOC: Yes, your idea is good. If you or anybody else has more of this kind of ideas - just tell. The more, the better. I officially start this RP now. Anyone who wants to join later: Please contact me via PM or via OOC-Message in this topic). ROYAL-IMPERIAL HERALD The most important newspaper in the Empire A DAY OF HAPPINESS IN THE EMPIRE Our most benevolent Emperor, Jacob Menelassar III., inaugurated the monument of his father, the great George Menelassar I. who died exactly 15 years ago. Our emperor said: "There has never been a greater man on Earth. He formed the most ad
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