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  1. Official channel for the release of statements by the Iverican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here, documents, state letters, and published dossiers are made accessible to host-governments of any Iverican Consulate and Embassy. --- IVERICAN FOREIGN POLICY Provided below for all visiting dignitaries or interested parties, is a condensed and comprehensive guide to Iverican Foreign Policy. Readers, please note that the following literature has been paraphrased and shortened for ease of comprehension; please also note that Iverican Foreign Policy is subject to the objective interpretation of the Iverican State, her courts, and her appointed leaders. *** Core Policies 1) Safeguard Iverican Sovereignty and home territories in all foreign theatres. 2) Safeguard the human rights of Iverican citizens based abroad. 3) Prioritise and engage in diplomatic actions before resorting to a hostile military response. a. This section may be disregarded to maintain Policies 1 & 2. 4) Uphold and support the Iverican constitutional ideals wherever relevant. 5) Abstain from patronising or advancing the interest of foreign operations which promote unethical activities. a. Unethical Activites being hereby defined as activities which violate the substantive principles of the Iverican Constitution and Bill of Rights. b. Further asserting that "Unethical Activities" are activities that expressly contradict or violate the aforementioned documents. c. Appeals may be made to the Cámra Nasional Committee on Ethics, for ruling on case-by-case bases. 6) Promote overseas trade with mutually beneficial exchanges. *** --- Released Statements: All statements addressed to as "open" or to the international community are publicly accessible. Documents and Dossiers: Unless specified otherwise, archived information is available only upon appeal or request. Any item marked "sensitive" or of greater confidentiality must be viewed with due diligence. Contents outside of this channel: Executive Letters: Response to Hellenic Rus--Circle of Death [LINK] Pledge to Aid--Afropa, VLA Crisis [LINK] Letter to PM Greenwald (Gallambria) [LINK] Position Statement on the Communist Entity in Ahrana & the Verde Blockade [LINK] Content on this channel: Executive Letters Private Letter to the Secretary-General of Ahrana [LINK] Embassy Statements 07-02-18 [LINK] - p. 3 Documents and Dossiers SSO Profile: Circle of Death (sensitive) - p. 2
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