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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all! This year, the Eurth staff is debuting a brand-new month long event for the community. Every day of December, there will be a themed prompt that deals with some aspect of your nations. The prompts will all be posted on Discord and replies can be made using Discord or directly to the thread on the forums. In either case, our hope is to compile as many replies as possible into this thread, so it would be helpful to make a post even if it's not on the same day. Without further ado, our prompt for December 1st is... Weekends! How do the people of your nation spend the days when the
  2. Situation The world is empty. Expansions are slow. Europa is mostly inactive. Proposal Could NPC nations add some more flair to this? Mind you: without encouraging puppet-wanking (see definition at NSWiki). Previously proposed in 2012 by our old friend @Bainbridge Islands: And again in 2018 by @Mauridiviah: Some examples A big bad nation in the middle of Alharu. Because everyone likes a war, but no-one wants to be the loser. Someone outside of Europa willing to RP as Ide Jima or Deltannia or Jilderen or ... Questions Just looking for feedba
  3. Hello all! After quite some time i managed to finally describe a terrorist faction that i want to use in a War on Terror rp, that i absolutely need for begin to rp a sub-plot of Anatea that will make the nation a internationally involved nation around the world in peackeeping operations and that will bring it out from its isolationism While i was writing i even casually found a nice trigger that people could use for the Alharu War that everyone wants (seems a cool war indeed *__* ) So here you go the terrorist faction's description with some notes in it i decided to post it here f
  4. For the longest time now, among the most overlooked issues plaguing our RP universe is globalization. Simply put—we are acting like non-globalized countries in a globalized world. Just take a look at countries' interactions with each other. Of course, we do have an amazing active community, but there's just so much more to Eurth than just those who are active. Our current situation is described very well by our Featured Nation January 2020 dispatch, which deviates a bit from the usual and instead features the entire region. Here it is: "The Region of Eurth is a massive, socially clumsy co
  5. The Blue Flags pirate fleet has grown notorious victimizing cargo and passenger vessels operating in the Verde, Sakspati, Mediargic and Ygros Seas. Affected nations must unite to end this international maritime menace once and for all. We can do this by finding their secret pirate bases and destroying/capturing them. we can then do whatever we please with the captured pirate bases. I envision that we can have the structure as follows: 1. Prologue - participants write up about the problem generating tension and creating cause 2. Act 1 - Establish Joint Op and survey the pirates
  6. So I've got some time on my hands this week and was wondering if there's any good way that I can participate again in RP again. Dunno if Chariot of Civility is too old to resume or something like that.
  7. The ever-interesting Worldbuilding Magazine has updated their useful worldbuilding checklist for the new year. It contains 192 writing prompts for anyone to use. Some examples: Dangerous travel locations Social opinions toward different languages Appearance and layout of typical shops/markets Political parties or factions within government You can download the PDF for free on their website. https://www.worldbuildingmagazine.com/2020/02/worldbuilders-checklist2/
  8. With the new map update, Saale and Pallamara have been assigned to me. In order to ensure that IP doesn't become an issue and so that it's fleshed out a bit more, I've planned this OOC thread so I can pull in people when needed and keep everyone (including myself) in the know in regards to how it's going. I might also leave some things open to the opinion of the general community. So, first things first, the easier/harder one: Saale. Saale is easier because there's been very little written by Saale but at the same time, that also makes it more difficult. Basic Saale info: Population
  9. So, I had a great idea a while back, people loved it, etc. but I became busy and thus, I never got to executing it. Now, however, is as great a time to try it out as any. Speed Date 1: Immigrants Also known as 'The Test Run' Next to being the start of an amazing Eurth tradition, this will also be a test run to see how we all like it. For that reason, I'll also PM people some questions afterwards to ask about their experience in general, their experience with their partner, how long everything took, etc. From the original thread about the speed date idea: It all seems clear en
  10. Hey All! This has been a thing I’ve been thinking about and sometimes briefly mentioning in the Discord server. The Council of Deopolis, in my mind, would serve two things. Firstly, IC, it would establish a Christian alliance sort of thing, or even just something as mild as a declaration of non-aggression. Secondly, OOC, I’d like this to be a time for thinking about the origins of Christianity. I know, I’ve brought this up a lot and it’s probably getting annoying for those who see me on DIscord, but I think it’s necessary for not just individual’s history but the whole region’s.
  11. Hello, As I am very new to this region, I have not really made contact with anyone in this region. I’m hoping to change that with this. If anyone is interested, we could roleplay some negotiations or even something as simple as a brief message from your leader/whoever establishing these things. This would mostly be for me to get to know some people in this region. Best, SIC P.S: You could also reference any ongoing events/rps going on that I could join.
  12. We have a highly active community. Multiple posts going up every day. So much that it is sometimes difficult to read everything that's being written. Most of these posts are about politics and leadership. Very high-level. Which reminded me of some topics we might be missing. Mother Nature is an awesome force. But she is hardly ever mentioned here. Earthquakes and hurricanes and snowstorms and floodings and forest fires. In RL these all happen on a regular basis. A true disaster story is rooted in the primal life and death struggle of man versus classical elements: earth, water, air a
  13. Hello, I was thinking about how there would likely be some sort of sports between countries, so I wanted to get an idea of what people wanted. This poll is just to determine what sport people are most in favour of, so that we might later start a league. http://www.strawpoll.me/14162614/r Edit: Wow, we are going to have fun.
  14. Idea Going through the main NS forums, I came across this topic by the people of Rushmore. It describes their setup for electing a "capital of culture". https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=287463 And here are some other, RL examples as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_of_Culture Question I am sure we could institute something similar. Who here is interested? While a monthly update seems perhaps too much for our region, perhaps 2-3 months is a better rhythm?
  15. As spoken about on the Discord, this is a request for an "Embassy" subforum. It can be placed underneath the Factbook and Nation Information page. Goals: Create a page where players can create embassies with others. Benefits: 1) Interactions are viewable on a single thread. No more hunting all over forums to review your interactions with a single player. 2) Establishing Embassies can be obvious and readily viewable. Currently, it is not easy to identify who has embassies with whom. 3) Embassy pages can provide a medium to make official requests to a single player, rath
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