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  1. This discussion will involve all the (recently) active players on the continent of Europa. For this reason I am tagging (in alphabetical order): @Cristina, @Haruspex, @Ide Jima, @Miiros, and @Tagmatium Rules. And a courtesy wink at @Suverina because I think you still lurk. (Miss you old friend.) Phase 1: Europa right now In this first phase I will attempt to explain what the continent of Europa looks like and how it got there. This is my point of view and I welcome corrections from the members tagged above. No worries though: the non-Europans get to join the conversation in phase 2. There are +50 countries marked as part of Europa on our countries list over one IIWiki. That's a lot of places, with a lot of diversity and history and lore. With the Renaissance project that started a few years back, most of the available factbook information was collected from various sources. But not enough to figure out everything that we needed to know to move forward. Gaping plot-holes remained after that first pass. For example: collective history, precursors, cultural ties, migrations, etc. During a second pass and after discussion with Tagmatium I moved in the direction of creating subcontinents. Although these subcontinents may seem new, the idea behind it was created in February 2008 by @Adaptus. There are 5 subcontinents to Europa going clockwise: Burania (north), Orient (east), Azania (southwest), Occident (west), and Amutia (central). (Left: regions by Adaptus. Right: tweaked version that follows geography.) Borders remain relatively the same except a few changes here and there to fit geography and climate. On a map you can consider the general borders to look like this. Each of these continents has its own cultural identity and also historical influences from neighbouring cultures. Countries that didn't fit in were already moved to better locations, for example: Mongol-Swedes was moved from the desert to the steppe. (Left: cultures and their influence. Right: same but with biomes.) Azania (green). This is !Africa and the !Middle East combined. But we call it Zongla and Memopotamia (TBD). These are the people who reach the New Wurld first via Marenesia. They also come up with the Religions of the Book, if you take Bashan into consideration. Amutia (white). Our big desert that's difficult to cross. This is the big melting pot in the middle. Everyone wants a piece of it. During the centuries it continued to switch sides. But the large desert makes it difficult to hold. Perfect for people fleeing from authority. Occident (red). Tied into the history of the Alexandrian and Aroman Empire. The notable cultural outliers are Haruspex and Anglia. These can be considered outliers which never fully assimilated due to their extreme location in the mountains or on the sea. Orient (yellow). A whole lot of !Asia-India-Pacific minus the northern steppe. Frequent raids from Burania either by land (see Mirian Republic and Youtabonia) or sea (see Wendland). Little direct contact with the Occident. Nothing but vast empty ocean to the east and south. Burania (blue). An interesting mix. This is includes the steppe cultures (!Mongols) plus the coastal peoples (!Vikings). In the past they could really shake things up from time to time. For example: horse raids into the Orient or ship raids into Vanarambaion. The biggest country is Volsci which I sometimes compare to mega !Finland if it owned both !Russia and !Canada. During a third pass I began filling empty places with more old countries that fit into this mould of subcontinents. For example: our ancient founder was placed in Azania as "Yuropa", a reference to Ethiopia. Some other countries were renamed to a name that worked better. For example: @Phil VII became "Philippia", and @Paranoid schizo became "Baranchia" (TBD). Lastly, NPC's were created that helped create some more realism. Almost none of these NPC's have their lore fleshed out. So there's some untapped potential here. Questions: How do you view Europa and its various regions? How do you see your own country within this framework? Which problems and/or opportunities do you see coming from the above interpretation? Phase 2: discuss which changes need to be made Phase 3: going forward
  2. It was a bright and sunny day. With perfect visibility and calm winds, you couldn't possibly have a better day for a flight. And yet, for the crew and passengers of Voltan Airways Flight 444, something went wrong. Could it be a mechanical failure? Or, perhaps, something much more nefarious... Or at least, that's how the opening sequence would go if this was an episode of Air Crash Investigations (Mayday, if you're American). THE IDEA So, there's a cult in Volta that was formed after the government began relaxing the suppression of religion. This cult would be a cult of the well educated, targeting new university graduates, in particular those who under the old communist system could have expected a cushy government-assigned job and while they certainly could still go for one, with the emergence of non-government worker co-ops there'd actually be a non-government job market. Not everyone might be able to compete in this new job market, so the less fortunate talent would be targeted by the cult for recruitment. This would give them a huge amount of scientific expertise, and once you consider the rest of their beliefs make them dangerous... very very dangerous. To be blunt, they are a doomsday cult. But they don't think the apocalypse is a bad thing. Rather, they see it as an opportunity... for them and their followers. They believe that Volta will be invaded by a foreign power, and in the process of defending itself be completely destroyed. Like, think Germany and Japan after WW2 levels of destroyed. And, from the ruins of that, they believe they'd be able to get enough followers for them to gain power in Volta and establish a theocratic state, thereby "saving" the Voltan people. So, they'd want to trigger this apocalyptic war, and would be gathering materials to do it. Obviously, traditional guns and explosives would be a bit out of reach for them, so they'd need to find other weapons. And with their knowledge, they would not shy away from chemical warfare. THE ATTACK Voltan Airways Flight 444 would be flying from [cityName] (should be a city in a foreign country with friendly relations to Volta) to Vien. Unbeknownst to the crew, there are 4 or 5 members of this cult on the plane. Each one of them snuck on with liquid sarin. This sarin would be hidden in containers of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cologne, perfume, and other toiletries that fall under the 3.4 oz (100 ml) limit. This would get past airport security as airport security screening doesn't check the contents of these containers. Trust me, I've traveled by plane many times to a variety of countries and I've never seen the contents of those 100ml liquids be checked, not even once. If such checks to occur, it must be extremely rare. The flight would have to fly above the airspace of [countryName] (should be a country hostile to Volta but where it makes sense to have to travel above their airspace). Shortly before entering the airspace, these people would start intentionally spilling and dispersing the liquid sarin. Since sarin is the most volatile of nerve agents it will quickly evaporate into the air. What's more is that it will quickly be dispersed throughout the cabin by the planes internal pressurization systems. When a pilot goes back to check on what's going on in the cabin, they'd let the gas into the cockpit. After declaring a PANPAN, and later quickly upgrading it to a MAYDAY, the aircraft would become unresponsive to all radio communications. It also would not react at all to anything, simply flying in a straight line as the autopilot maintains it's course towards [countryName]. Nothing would get any sort of response, it wouldn't even rock it's wings when intercepted by fighter jets. Depending on how much of a threat [countryName] perceives this to be, the aircraft could even be presumed to have been hijacked and shot down before any terrorist attack can happen. This is the harshest of measure, and has never happened in real life, but it is a measure that all countries (rl anyway, I assume it's the same ic) reserve the right to do in such an extremely unusual situation. This is exactly what the cult wants. They want the plane to be shot down, and then for Volta to be blamed for harboring terrorists. They want this to ruin Volta diplomatically. In fact, they want it to cause a war, since they believe it will be their holy apocalypse that will bring them salvation. THE RP The RP would happen in 2 part. The first part is the flight, where I would RP with whoever is in control of the other countries airspace until either the plane is shot down by fighters or runs out of fuel and crashes. The second part is the actual investigation, where I would RP the Voltan Committee for Aviation Safety (which would want to investigate because, well, it's a Voltan plane run by a Voltan airline with a Voltan crew), and other people would investigate their own aviation safety authorities (think NTSB in America or AAIB in the UK). Once the cause is determined, it would turn into a criminal investigation and hunt for members of the cult. At this point I'd also RP the cult as it tries to hide its involvement and escalate things into a full scale war against Volta through various disinformation campaigns. So, that's the gist of my idea. It was partly inspired by Aum Shinrikyo's Tokyo subway attack, and partly by Helios Airways Flight 522. Who's interested? If anyone's interested, any ideas as to which countries could be involved in this? And finally, does anyone else here have any questions?
  3. Hello, it's me again! I have receltly created templates, that link IIWiki page to NationStates page and I realized, that I could possibly create a similar system for this forum. The currently working templates I created for NS are {{NSD}} (links to NationStates dispatch), {{NSF}} (links to NationStates factbook), {{NSN}} (links to NationStates nation), {{NSNFlag}} (links to NationStates nation and puts a flag in front of it), {{NSNFlagIcon}} (creates a flag icon that redirects to NationStates nation), {{NSR}} (links to NationStates region), {{NSRFlag}} (links to NationStates region and puts a flag in front of it), {{NSRFlagIcon}} (creates a flag icon that redirects to NationStates region), {{NSColor}} (colors the text by the NS link color) and {{NSRColor}} (colors the text by the NS region link color). I was thinking I could create something like a {{EUN}} (for nation link), {{EUNFlag}} (for link with a flag), {{EUNFlagIcon}} (for redirecting icon), {{EUT}} (for redirects to a forum topic), {{EUC}} (redirects to a specific comment in the forum topic), {{EUF}} (for forum link), {{EUFFlag}} (for forum link with a flag, in case of linking to international organizations), {{EUFFlagIcon}} (for forum links hidden in a image icon) and maybe {{EUN}} (redirects to the newsfeed). Would anybody be interested here for such a thing? I feel like it would make the life for linking things way easier, as some of the posts here are comprehensive and do not require a IIWiki counterpart. Please let me know your toughts.
  4. The following is a rudimentary outline for a potential future cultural/trade-type organisation for nations of cultures of Dolchic descent/nations with a Dolchic minority. I would also like to clarify that the way this organisation would view Dolch and Dolchic are as the following: Dolchic is an ethnolinguistic group made up of related peoples (Stedorians, Velaherians, Dolch, etc) similar to real wurld Romance, Slavs, or Germanic peoples. The Dolch are the specific ethnic group in the Dolchic group that live in Dolchland, similar to real wurld French, Russians, or Germans. Preface: One of the core ideologies of the Government of Stedoria is the promotion and advocation of pan-Dolchic ideals and co-operation among all nations with Dolchic/nations with Dolchic descent. Although the potential creation of this organisation would be serving Stedoria interests in regards to Stedoria's ideology. (OOC) I also believe that it could also potentially look/be beneficial for the other Dolchic nations of the wurld, along with helping promote even more roleplay, especially among Dolchic nations and any potentially future nations that join Eurth in the future. I'm unsure if the creation of organisations like this are limited to members who have been active in Eurth for a certain period time or not, but if this is the case, I'd like to shelve this idea for now but keep it ready for a later potential date when I'm able to help create it. Furthermore, I am unsure if there is potentially enough nations for this idea to be considered, although I believe there is and with this organisation's creation, it could potentially boost that number. Essentially, this organisation would serve as a cultural trade-type organisation for Dolchic nations would have two main types of goals. The first of this goal would be the promotion of Dolchic cultures between all Dolchic nations, along with sharing more about Dolchic cultures to the wurld so that the wurld can better understand Dolchic nations and culture. The second of this goal would be an economic goal. The promotion of more trade agreements and resource agreements in order to help the economies of the wurld's Dolchic nations develop further so that they can be more successful. Potential nations could include @Stedoria (myself), @DPR Velaheria (given their transition out of isolationism), @Volta (given their Dolch origins), @Walneria (given them also being Dolch descendants spiced up with some Slavic cultures), and perhaps also the AI nation of Dolchland itself (although this would be limited give that it's an AI and its fragile political situation). Other nation suggestions/ideas would also be welcome if you have any. Relationship Development: One of the main goals of this organisation would be to help foster better relations among the Dolchic nations of the wurld, along with acting as an outlet by which Dolchic nations can present grievances between each other in order to prevent any type of escalation, allowing potential agreements between each other to be created in order to further these relationships between Dolchic nations, and encouraging Dolchic nations to be more open with one another given their shared culture. Trade and Economics: As previously stated, this potential organisation would help to promote more trade and commerce between Dolchic nations of the wurld. Such examples of this might be lower tariffs, cheaper resources, or potentially giving more access to the establishment and expansion of Dolchic companies across Dolchic nations. With this being said, I do believe that the organisation would place certain restrictions on what can be traded and what cannot (i.e. No other Dolchic nations sending military equipment to more authoritarian nations such as Dolchland and Velaheria). Cultural Exchange: Again, as stated in the preface, one of this organisation's main goals would be to promote Dolchic culture not only within other Dolchic nations, but also throughout the entire wurld. Such examples of this would potentially include cultural exchanges between various Dolchic nations, linguistic conferences, etc. Research and Development: Similar to Esonice's idea of a Partnership of Island Nations, I also think there could be potential for scientific development and research to take place among the organisation's members. Similar to trade though, this would be limited due to the authoritarian nature of governments, and would probably only be focused on non-military/weapons related discoveries, such as in the field of education, medicine, and commercial technology, allowing members of this organisation to develop their nations further to improver their citizens' lives. Conclusion: Currently, this is as far as my ideas for this organisation go, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be subject to development/change in the future. Furthermore, if you have anymore ideas of what this organisation could contain (members or goals), could be, or could do, please share them with me as I'm looking to expand this idea further. Also, as said before, if such an organisation couldn't be create now, then I would very much like for it to be possible for it to be created at a later future date. Thanks.
  5. For the longest time now, among the most overlooked issues plaguing our RP universe is globalization. Simply put—we are acting like non-globalized countries in a globalized world. Just take a look at countries' interactions with each other. Of course, we do have an amazing active community, but there's just so much more to Eurth than just those who are active. Our current situation is described very well by our Featured Nation January 2020 dispatch, which deviates a bit from the usual and instead features the entire region. Here it is: "The Region of Eurth is a massive, socially clumsy community, notable for its absence of moral laws and spontaneously combusting puppets. The laid-back, apathetic population of 100-ish players live in a state of perpetual fear, as a complete breakdown of social order has led to the rise of order through biker gangs." One can tell that excerpt was written with a humorous tone, intending to parody the default NS nation description. But it does shed light on the reality that Eurth isn't globalized enough. To this day, we have yet to fully agree on an international language, international currency, etc. There are some generally-accepted standards, but I'm afraid to say we're not enforcing them enough. Hold on—before you leave. The solution for this problem is, in fact, very easy. It may be as simple as having several international organizations to help standardize things, at least to an extent. There have been, many, many, many attempts to do this since 2017, including one by myself (eheh, sorry). What was the single underlying deterrent that has prevented any attempt from successfully materializing? Roleplay. Okay, okay, I get it, we are a roleplaying community. But establishing international standards is an urgent matter, and—admit it—we don't need to roleplay every last detail of our universe. There can always be predetermined events. Besides, I'm sure we've all seen the multiple attempts at roleplaying the creation of international organizations. From only the top of my head: "Starting our own Model UN" by Orioni, OOC thread that never really materialized into a full-fledged RP. It was a great idea, in all honesty, and it definitely should've been one of Eurth's top goals. Most talk about this took place from late 2017 to mid-2018. "When life gives you lemons, make GIN and tonic" also by Orioni, an attempt to create a Group of Island Nations (GIN). OOC planning started in early 2019, last activity was in June 2019. "The Laws of the Sea" by Faramount and SSI. It was the talk of the town in late 2018, then it went silent. "From Skies to Safety", my own, which was done with the help of Gallambria and Orioni (in line with plans for the UN thingy). Most activity regarding this was OOC planning sometime around mid- to late 2018, then it also went silent. "The Thalassan War", a thread that I am currently in the process of resurrecting. Supposed to be a community thing (All nations around Andalla/Giokto are welcome), but everyone except me and SSI are dead. I definitely don't intend to sound like I'm complaining. Not at all! I love it when people get together to help further our community's goals. But should it just stop there? Of course we try our best to keep roleplaying and creating lore co-equal, but sometimes we must create an imbalance so that the other side will rise up to balance it again. For this problem, I propose we still do go on with our roleplaying, but instead turn the process upside-down. What I tend to notice is that, whenever a new thread is made, its pre-existing OOC thread only deals with the overview; the large details. The finer details of the story are developed impromptu, as participants push the story forward through their posts. What if we turn it around, just this once? We set all the important details in stone first—the organization's name, history and function, how it was established, what it does, its parent/child organizations, and which nations are participating. Then we begin roleplay. @Orioni's idea about the Model UN was the best example of this; sadly it did not materialize. What O did was to first establish the mechanisms of the organization—who heads it, who participates in it, how meetings are convened, its committees and their purposes, etc. What I further appreciate about Orioni's idea is how it focused on roleplaying the present, not the past. The OOC thread made little mention of history; rather, the RP thread/forum that would be created would instead show the UN in action, in the current timeline. Whereas other RPs like The Laws of the Sea focused on how it was established, and not what it really does. So, what we should instead be doing, is creating a list of pre-existing international organizations with their important details already decided upon. Then we leave it to the great people of Eurth to take it upon themselves and create an associated RP thread, whether it be for depicting the organization's founding or depicting its activities in the present. What if nobody chooses to RP it, at all? No problem. As long as it's on the list, it exists. People can cite it in their Wiki pages, news posts can make mention of it, even RP threads can use it. It will not matter whether or not said organization is actually being actively RPed, or just sitting there on the list. Why, it doesn't even need to be IC at all! It could even be a group of people on Discord, deciding random details about our RP universe like its currency and language as I've mentioned before, then recording it somewhere so that it becomes official lore and not generally accepted lore. That way, we get to encourage standardization. I may be the guy who enjoys little details, but think of this. How are we going to regulate the size of a country's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) beyond their coastlines? How are we going to determine who trades with who? How are we going to deal with pandemics and medical issues? How are we going to connect the world through transportation and telecommunications? How are we going to create more diplomatic interaction between members of the community? There are existing international organizations to serve that purpose IRL, and we should have the same here, too. Again, it does not need to be roleplayed. The mere fact that it exists would be enough to bring our RP universe one step closer to achieving globalization and, ultimately, realism (hooray for using buzzwords). This has been my TED talk and random brain fart. Thank you for your time.
  6. Hello all! This year, the Eurth staff is debuting a brand-new month long event for the community. Every day of December, there will be a themed prompt that deals with some aspect of your nations. The prompts will all be posted on Discord and replies can be made using Discord or directly to the thread on the forums. In either case, our hope is to compile as many replies as possible into this thread, so it would be helpful to make a post even if it's not on the same day. Without further ado, our prompt for December 1st is... Weekends! How do the people of your nation spend the days when they are not working? How long are your weekends? Who gets to take weekends off? These are just some questions to get you started; please have fun with this and use it as an opportunity to discuss worldbuilding with your fellow members.
  7. Situation The world is empty. Expansions are slow. Europa is mostly inactive. Proposal Could NPC nations add some more flair to this? Mind you: without encouraging puppet-wanking (see definition at NSWiki). Previously proposed in 2012 by our old friend @Bainbridge Islands: And again in 2018 by @Mauridiviah: Some examples A big bad nation in the middle of Alharu. Because everyone likes a war, but no-one wants to be the loser. Someone outside of Europa willing to RP as Ide Jima or Deltannia or Jilderen or ... Questions Just looking for feedback and ideas on something we haven't tried before. I also don't know any good rules that could help guide this. Someone please tear this apart and highlight all possible ways this could go wrong or be exploited
  8. Hello all! After quite some time i managed to finally describe a terrorist faction that i want to use in a War on Terror rp, that i absolutely need for begin to rp a sub-plot of Anatea that will make the nation a internationally involved nation around the world in peackeeping operations and that will bring it out from its isolationism While i was writing i even casually found a nice trigger that people could use for the Alharu War that everyone wants (seems a cool war indeed *__* ) So here you go the terrorist faction's description with some notes in it i decided to post it here for having it reviewed and even modify it to your likings in case it could collide with some nation histories GROUP NAME: Alharuian Independent Force (AIF) MISSION: Mantain the indipendence of the Alharu continent and protect it from the imperialism of foreign countries. HISTORY: During the expansion of Insert NPC or Player Nation Here [1] in the areas of Alharu various nations (NPC nations) in the central part of Ahlaru began to take sides with Insert NPC or Player Nation Here to be annexed or be financially assisted, while the southern nations on the contrary did not want any influence from Insert NPC or Player Nation Here , fearing to have their mineral resources taken away or used indiscriminately. This led to a war (1998) [2] that saw the northern nations opposed to the southern ones, from which the latter emerged as winners. Having demonstrated to the world that they are capable of defending themselves, they joined together and created the Alharuian Independent Force, a faction that wants to prevent imperialist nations from subjugating the weakest ones, but the AIF tries to annex the weaker nations both to protect them but also to exploit them, thus creating a sort of protection racket like mercenaries. They will attack Anatea because after the Dalstavian War they saw that Anatea could become a power capable of affecting Aurelia and also many regions of Alharu (while in realty they were hired and supported by [REDACTED] [3] from the beginning, even during the war between the northern and southern nations. The reason why were hired and supported by [REDACTED] is for [REDACTED].) EQUIPMENT: Cold War Era weapons & vehicles / aircrafts of US production. . OPERATIVE METHODS & ORGANISATION: Their strenght is in their numbers, having support from the subjugated nations they own and using mostly a forced civilian recruit system for create auxiliary troops. During their attacks they tend to not attack civilians unless they have to send a message or they're constraint, but in realty it's optional for them, and they attack important or strategic targets that they could use for their own sustainment. Despite the old equipment they try not to waste or use it improperly. The AIF is organized in two branches: the Mercenary troops and the Auxilary troops. The Mercenary troops is the main force fully equipped and well trained composed mostly by 20 yo to 40 yo men and women, the Auxilary troops instead are an auxilary force used mainly in full scale operations, like attacks on cities or vast locations. They are barely equipped with what they need and recruited mostly by civilians on the spot. Most of the time they're accompanied by a group of mercenary soldiers, called "Overseers", that act as barrier troops for avoid rebellion in the ranks. They make up the 60% of the force of the AIF and men, women and kids from 14 yo to 50 yo are forcefully recruited as combatant units. [1] Initially was chosen Limonaia as "imperialist" nation, cause Metz was colonized by Limonaia (before it was reconned) and also seems quite a sort of barely imperialist nation of course metz told me that Limonaia's imperialism wasn't of that kind and so i put a generic term for change it with another Alharu nation (or even Argis nation, but really close to Alharu, like Iverica) or an NPC nation to your likings [2] I didn't find the name yet, but maybe that war could be the real Alharu War, after all the setting is quite interesting and gives a lot of opportunities to put some interested nations in it [3] I wrote [REDACTED] for avoid to spoil who's really behind all the war on terror and its reasons. Of course it's not another nation etc, it' s just another organization created by me that you' ll find out (or that you can spoil if you read my "Collection of RPs about the New Anterian Conflict" i made in my ex region x''D). @Metztlitlaca
  9. The Blue Flags pirate fleet has grown notorious victimizing cargo and passenger vessels operating in the Verde, Sakspati, Mediargic and Ygros Seas. Affected nations must unite to end this international maritime menace once and for all. We can do this by finding their secret pirate bases and destroying/capturing them. we can then do whatever we please with the captured pirate bases. I envision that we can have the structure as follows: 1. Prologue - participants write up about the problem generating tension and creating cause 2. Act 1 - Establish Joint Op and survey the pirates 3. Act 2 - joint op goes bad 4. Act 3 - Redemption 5. Epilogue - what happened to the piracy and the bases captured
  10. So I've got some time on my hands this week and was wondering if there's any good way that I can participate again in RP again. Dunno if Chariot of Civility is too old to resume or something like that.
  11. The ever-interesting Worldbuilding Magazine has updated their useful worldbuilding checklist for the new year. It contains 192 writing prompts for anyone to use. Some examples: Dangerous travel locations Social opinions toward different languages Appearance and layout of typical shops/markets Political parties or factions within government You can download the PDF for free on their website. https://www.worldbuildingmagazine.com/2020/02/worldbuilders-checklist2/
  12. With the new map update, Saale and Pallamara have been assigned to me. In order to ensure that IP doesn't become an issue and so that it's fleshed out a bit more, I've planned this OOC thread so I can pull in people when needed and keep everyone (including myself) in the know in regards to how it's going. I might also leave some things open to the opinion of the general community. So, first things first, the easier/harder one: Saale. Saale is easier because there's been very little written by Saale but at the same time, that also makes it more difficult. Basic Saale info: Population: 11,008,652 Area: 171.546 km2 Density: ~64/km2 Now, that's about it in regards to basic info about Saale. I had to calculate the land area myself and there's nothing about the economy. If I read the climate map correctly, Saale falls under a humid continental (?) climate. This makes it somewhat similar to Eastern Europe, which fits with Argis. With the density of the area being lower than Variota proper, I'm thinking of perhaps making the area the breadbasket of the nation. Its location could also mean that it exports to Argis, although the nations there are generally lower income so I'm not entirely sure how much they'd be importing. Saale had it written down that the nation was mostly Salish, about 95%. I think that's a bit too high for the area, even with integration/assimilation and general murder or death of the original inhabitants. Variot colonizers would have preferred to work with the local population and wouldn't have stopped immigration from other areas so long as they'd behave and pay their taxes. For now I'm thinking of: Variot 70% Girks 5% Valacians 10% Limonaians 5% Random Slavs ('original inhabitants') 5% Ivericans/Beleareans 5% The larger amount of Valacians, about one million, would be due to the close proximity of the nation and the relative instability found there. With Valacia not being active, this would be somewhat of a gamble and I'm not entirely sure if it's worth the risk even if it makes sense. If I end up not using Valacians, I'll probably up the other groups equally. Now, for the name of the land, I thought about looking to Argis and the meaning of the word but seeing as Argis means white... Whiteland or something like that just ends up sounding unintentionally offensive for a place not in an arctic climate. Keelpijpkolonie (Keelpijp Colony) sounds reasonable with the location of Herenthem being where it is, although I feel like that's a bit impersonal; after all, I don't expect people to live in a place for hundreds of years without wanting their own name. This could be circumvented a bit by just naming the area the Keelpijpkolonies and having smaller areas get their own names; this would also allow certain areas to get more foreign-names as places could have been founded by the other ethnicities. That'd also be somewhat close to what Saale intended for his nation, as far as I can tell. In regards to history, I'm looking at the area being colonized relatively early in my history. This would be driven on by the rapid expansion of Variota proper, mostly along the coast as they'd have less experience working the land, and the influx of new clans and what not; the Keelpijpkolonies would serve as a way to get new fishing grounds and a way to trade for produce and other needed goods from the inhabitants. This goal of the Keelpijpkolonies serving as the breadbasket would continue on to modern times. Beyond that, I feel that genuine integration of the area as an equal part of the nation instead of a colony would come after Klan Reierfer was integrated. Potentially, the start of the industrial revolution and such could be a reason for this as well; with Variota proper moving more towards urbanization and industrialization, the area's breadbasket status would become even more important. Their status would probably be semi-autonomous, higher than the various provinces but lower than, say, Lukinagrad or the Klan Reierfer If anyone has any interesting ideas, feel free to mention them. I'm open to brainstorming in that regard. Also tagging @Valacia, @Girkmand, @Limonaia, @Iverica and @Beleareas in regards to their people being named as part of the area. In case you don't want any of your people in my lands, just say so.
  13. So, I had a great idea a while back, people loved it, etc. but I became busy and thus, I never got to executing it. Now, however, is as great a time to try it out as any. Speed Date 1: Immigrants Also known as 'The Test Run' Next to being the start of an amazing Eurth tradition, this will also be a test run to see how we all like it. For that reason, I'll also PM people some questions afterwards to ask about their experience in general, their experience with their partner, how long everything took, etc. From the original thread about the speed date idea: It all seems clear enough to me but obviously, feel free to ask any questions that you might have, either here or privately. There are no dumb questions so don't worry. As this is also a bit of a test run, I'd say we can shorten the sign up time for once to last until Sunday, say 18:00 my time (GMT +1). We'll still maintain the two weeks for the IC thread. As you can see, the first subject is immigration. Go wild with it. Historic immigrants? Weird reasons that made people move to/from your nation to the other? Mixed heritage ethnic groups? Specific immigrants that had an impact on one or both nations? A mix of this? It's all possible. I'm also accepting ideas and suggestions on subjects for the next thread, it's all going in my list. To give the right example, I'll be the first to join. So: I want to join in this round! Recap: How to join: Just post that you want to join in. When do sign-ups end? This Sunday, 18:00 GMT+1 Subject of this round: Immigrants Is it fun? Yes. Are you joining in? Also yes. Sign-up sheet: 1. Variota
  14. Hey All! This has been a thing I’ve been thinking about and sometimes briefly mentioning in the Discord server. The Council of Deopolis, in my mind, would serve two things. Firstly, IC, it would establish a Christian alliance sort of thing, or even just something as mild as a declaration of non-aggression. Secondly, OOC, I’d like this to be a time for thinking about the origins of Christianity. I know, I’ve brought this up a lot and it’s probably getting annoying for those who see me on DIscord, but I think it’s necessary for not just individual’s history but the whole region’s. Those who have shown interest (I believe, sorry if this isn’t correct): @Derthalen, @Ahrana, @Tagmatium Rules Let me know what you guys think! -The Divine Imperium of Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Through the Trinity we Flourish
  15. Hello, As I am very new to this region, I have not really made contact with anyone in this region. I’m hoping to change that with this. If anyone is interested, we could roleplay some negotiations or even something as simple as a brief message from your leader/whoever establishing these things. This would mostly be for me to get to know some people in this region. Best, SIC P.S: You could also reference any ongoing events/rps going on that I could join.
  16. We have a highly active community. Multiple posts going up every day. So much that it is sometimes difficult to read everything that's being written. Most of these posts are about politics and leadership. Very high-level. Which reminded me of some topics we might be missing. Mother Nature is an awesome force. But she is hardly ever mentioned here. Earthquakes and hurricanes and snowstorms and floodings and forest fires. In RL these all happen on a regular basis. A true disaster story is rooted in the primal life and death struggle of man versus classical elements: earth, water, air and fire. Just taking a quick roll call: earth (earthquake), water (the perfect storm, the impossible), air (twister, tornado), fire (the towering inferno). All indisputable disaster stories. In each, the hero fights for their lives against elemental flare-ups. But I only recall 1 such recent event when a typhoon struck @Andalla and @Orioni.This prompted a discussion with Andalla to figure out the opportunities of more regular randomness. (How can randomness be regular?) Question: is there any interest within the community for a monthly or bi-monthly writing prompts? Followup question: what would be a simple, easy and fair way to do this?
  17. Hello, I was thinking about how there would likely be some sort of sports between countries, so I wanted to get an idea of what people wanted. This poll is just to determine what sport people are most in favour of, so that we might later start a league. http://www.strawpoll.me/14162614/r Edit: Wow, we are going to have fun.
  18. Idea Going through the main NS forums, I came across this topic by the people of Rushmore. It describes their setup for electing a "capital of culture". https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=287463 And here are some other, RL examples as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_of_Culture Question I am sure we could institute something similar. Who here is interested? While a monthly update seems perhaps too much for our region, perhaps 2-3 months is a better rhythm?
  19. As spoken about on the Discord, this is a request for an "Embassy" subforum. It can be placed underneath the Factbook and Nation Information page. Goals: Create a page where players can create embassies with others. Benefits: 1) Interactions are viewable on a single thread. No more hunting all over forums to review your interactions with a single player. 2) Establishing Embassies can be obvious and readily viewable. Currently, it is not easy to identify who has embassies with whom. 3) Embassy pages can provide a medium to make official requests to a single player, rather than going "public" (In RP context) to a news agency. This is a preferable alternative to PMs, (given the subject is not sensitive) because it allows others to easily review the context behind an RP as opposed to gleaning an understanding from screenshots of a PM. e.g Threads such as: "Andalla-Iverica Embassy" will henceforth hold most if not all Andallan and Iverican bilateral meetings. It will be easy for all to review their diplomatic history. If anyone has any suggestions, criticism, or comments please feel free. Thanks
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