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Found 8 results

  1. PROJECT: WIKI CLEANUP Ever since we began the mass migration to IIWiki in early 2018, it has quickly become the go-to site for reference in our community. From the political parties in Orioni, to the 2018 EurthVision competition in Prymont, to the annals of the greatest Empire in history, IIWiki simply has it all. It is an indispensable hub of knowledge at your fingertips, granting quick and instant access to almost any fact and figure of any nation on Eurth. It is, quite simply, our treasure trove of information. And part of our duty in maintaining this cherished jewel is kee
  2. For the longest time now, among the most overlooked issues plaguing our RP universe is globalization. Simply put—we are acting like non-globalized countries in a globalized world. Just take a look at countries' interactions with each other. Of course, we do have an amazing active community, but there's just so much more to Eurth than just those who are active. Our current situation is described very well by our Featured Nation January 2020 dispatch, which deviates a bit from the usual and instead features the entire region. Here it is: "The Region of Eurth is a massive, socially clumsy co
  3. (anyone can join in!) Hey guys! @Iverica @Heiheguo @Sunset Sea Islands @Andalla @Mauridiviah Sorry to bother you all! I wanted to talk to all of you about my economic standing in the region/wurld, historical trade, investment, and why I am in the “trillionaire club”. I have been asked to justify my GDP and economy through past rp or explaining it. It's also going to greatly help me find my place on Eurth and allow me to rp with everyone. The ideas I have come up with of how Esonice became a high income nation relates a lot to international trade and foreign investments b
  4. Hello. I've been working on my IIWiki page and I don't know what to do with religion. Catholicism would play important role since the late 12th century, and unless it's possible to have it adapted before 1300 I'd have to totally change my early history. I originally planned to have my nation Catholic and have it partly but (preferably) forcefully converted until 1300s. Now I think I would accept @Variotan, @Iverican or @Girkmandian branch of the belief if possible, or maybe a mixture of them. How would I make it work?
  5. There are around a dozen players who have Christianity or Judaism as a major religion, but we don't to have done a whole lot of world-building within the region regarding the Judeo-Christian tradition. I'd suggest we should change that. I'll page @Cristina, @Limonaia, @Variota, @Tagmatium Rules, @Sancti Imperii Catholico, @Iverica, and @Ahrana, just to start. So here's the big question -- have we decided where Catholicism originated? Could we try to breakdown when and why the major splits occurred?
  6. So, with the wiping of Rihan and his posts, the former wiki pages thread has also been lost. Seeing as it's useful to have a thread for everything wiki, as well as spur on development of the wiki, here's a new thread. Now, first things first, a Q&A: Q: Should I add my things to the regional pages and lists? A: Once you've passed the Academy, go ahead! Passing the Academy means your nation becomes canon within Eurth. It's best to wait with things that might be better fleshed out when you know your position on the map, for example exports. Q: Can I just mention nations with
  7. This post comes from a place of considerable thought, and I think it's time I at least ask for permission to do it. The fact of the matter is, Bulgenstaz is flawed. Not flawed in that I regret government choices or economic situation, but more in how I have handled my nation's culture, history, traditions, etc. I came in here with a wild idea about a weird place called "Bulgenstaz": home to a socialist democracy of Slavic/Vietnamese islanders. Looking back, however, I feel as though I've worked myself into a bit of a cultural hole, as I just don't see these plans making sense in the long-
  8. Hello community. I would like to ask your help in creating a believable technology ladder for the development of nuclear weapons. Since physics is far from my specialty, your help will be of great value. This is what I have so far. For nuclear energy Note: you are required to find a supplier in order to build nuclear weapons. This way you also need to cooperate, preventing lone-wolfs. reactor design nuclear materials supplier (not you) nuclear refinery nuclear energy nuclear-waste management (and all protests that come with it) For long-range mi
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