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  1. Having done some retrospective viewing on Shffahkia as of late, I have come to the conclusion that it would be best for me to stop working on it completely. This is due to my own failures to make the nation work at a conceptual level. The reason why I came to this conclusion is largely based on the fact that were I to actually rework the nation completely into something "better" would effectively be the same as applying as a completely new nation which I would prefer to do. Additionally, despite being active for around a year in the community, Shffahkia interacted very little with other nations IC:ly. Almost all of its lore connections are the result of OOC discussion without much RP to support it meaning that its deletion/change would not clash with actually established RP on the forums to a big degree. As for what I'd like to be done to Shffahkia, deletion would be my preferred option. However, due to these OOC ties with other countries, turning Shffahkia into an NPC would not be an entirely disagreeable option to me assuming I have any type of say in it anymore. My one request for an NPC:fied Shffahkia would be for the name to be changed. Shffahkia is a terrible name. I don't really intend this to be my departure from the Eurth community as I'd like to return with a different nation. I know there has been some tensions with abandoning nations and returning with new ones in the past so it will remain to be seen if that will even be a possibility.
  2. PROJECT: WIKI CLEANUP Ever since we began the mass migration to IIWiki in early 2018, it has quickly become the go-to site for reference in our community. From the political parties in Orioni, to the 2018 EurthVision competition in Prymont, to the annals of the greatest Empire in history, IIWiki simply has it all. It is an indispensable hub of knowledge at your fingertips, granting quick and instant access to almost any fact and figure of any nation on Eurth. It is, quite simply, our treasure trove of information. And part of our duty in maintaining this cherished jewel is keeping it clean, orderly and presentable. That's not to say it isn't, but hey, there's always room for improvement, right? After all, we take pride as a community in our revered values of quality and excellence. One way we can work towards that is by helping improve our very own Eurth IIWiki network, even through taking small steps in improving the fine details of our wiki pages. Why we do this It's simple. A cleaner space creates a more welcoming environment. Our main objectives are to streamline the process of creating and editing articles, as well as to provide the necessary wiki resources to assist community members in writing their articles. And while we're at it, we could also make the Eurth wiki network just a tad bit more appealing to the eye, most especially the eyes of other regions. But that's an idea for another time. Our central goals Enough of that introduction and let's get straight to business. Here are the seven central goals of Project: Wiki Cleanup. 1. Standardize and streamline the list article system. You can probably tell it from the name—a "list article" is simply a list that's an article. Basically, it's all those "List of countries on Eurth by X" articles. Here are a few examples: List of Spoken Languages on Eurth List of countries by GDP on Eurth Visa Requirements of Eurth Tax rates in Eurth From the surface you might already notice that the naming system is a bit... anarchic. To include "List of...", or not to include? Should "Spoken Languages" even be capitalized? How about in Eurth, on Eurth, or of Eurth? Furthermore, the layout of the article itself may be a bit counter-intuitive or user-unfriendly, mostly due to everyone just dumping their stuff everywhere. But that's never too big a problem. Luckily, Wikipedia has its own manual of style for these types of articles, which I'll be studying soon. Also, I paid a visit to our good friends Kylaris, who seem to have a pretty neat list article system (see here as well). 2. Replace all references to "Europa" and replace with "Eurth". No, not the continent Europa, silly. I mean the region Europa. You know, the one where we were all banned from? Funny enough, more pages link to Category:Europa than to Category:Eurth. It's a minor problem at most, and can be easily fixed. That way, we can consolidate all Eurth-related pages into one category, while at the same time clearing up the name "Europa" for use by those on the actual continent itself. 2b. Remove all references to Rihan and its puppets, wherever possible. As per the Statement on the removal of Rihan and associated accounts, all references to Rihan's puppets (Kipan, Tikva, Aluxia) are to be retconned. At this moment, however, there remains no clear consensus on how to handle references to the nation of Rihan itself. In line with these decisions, it is only appropriate that—although we may not be able to completely erase all references—we strive to reduce mentions of any Rihan-related subject on the wiki. This includes the deletion of any Rihan-related page, wherever possible. (For the purposes of clarity, "Rihan-related" pertains not only to subjects related to Rihan, but also to its aforementioned puppet nations.) The key phrase here is "wherever possible". Rihan and its puppets have made an undeniably sizable impact on the canon lore of Eurth. But, wherever possible, we must undertake the aforementioned measures to ultimately reduce the influence that Rihan has illegitimately gained in our community. 3. Oversee the development and documentation of relevant wiki templates. For this I've already created a category page for all Eurth-specific templates. These include the navbox at the bottom of every page, and the region icon. For this, we'll need the help of those experienced in Wikipedia markup, as well as those willing to learn. We'll also create a simple page explaining what each template does, and when or where you should use it. 4. Update outdated maps and images, wherever possible. Self-explanatory. The many wonderful maps of Eurth are ever-changing, but unfortunately our wiki isn't able to keep up. Updating an image can be as easy as simply uploading the new version on the existing page, which should take only a few minutes at most. 4b. Remove the "wave effect" in flag image files. Certain flag images have been taken from NS, and thus have been defaced by the "wave flag" graphic. Removing the wave effect might even be as simple as replacing the old flag of Ahrana with the new one. Other flags like Miiros and Great Burlington, however, are another story. 5. Create a simple changelog to report and record important changes in the wiki. Mostly to tell users what's new and what important changes have been made. This is especially important when moving an article to a new name, as other pages linking to the old article name will not change (this results in a redlink). 6. Create a basic Manual of Style for writing articles. Now, I don't mean to say we recreate this beast. After all, it's already there, and it's all up to you if you'd like to give it a read. What I mean is that we create simple guidelines on how to find your way around the deep and intricate workings of IIWiki. Simple tutorial articles on how to use certain wiki features like templates, how to name special pages, how to write a lead section, and the like. At most this is only a minor detail, so it definitely doesn't need to be focused on. But it's always good to have one. 7. Encourage cooperation and ensure readily-available community assistance in improving articles. Seriously—if you see a typo, a broken link, or wrong source code, fix it! Of course, do notify the article owner for courtesy. But I'm sure anyone would be very happy to receive a little bit of assistance in their grand project. Likewise, don't be afraid to ask on Discord for help in using templates, infoboxes, text formatting, and the like. What now? Well, we get straight to work! I'll be using this page to list issues that need to be resolved, as well as to report the progress of this project as described in goal 5. If you, too, have a little free time on your hands and/or are willing to contribute your Wiki markup expertise, don't hesitate to help out!
  3. For the longest time now, among the most overlooked issues plaguing our RP universe is globalization. Simply put—we are acting like non-globalized countries in a globalized world. Just take a look at countries' interactions with each other. Of course, we do have an amazing active community, but there's just so much more to Eurth than just those who are active. Our current situation is described very well by our Featured Nation January 2020 dispatch, which deviates a bit from the usual and instead features the entire region. Here it is: "The Region of Eurth is a massive, socially clumsy community, notable for its absence of moral laws and spontaneously combusting puppets. The laid-back, apathetic population of 100-ish players live in a state of perpetual fear, as a complete breakdown of social order has led to the rise of order through biker gangs." One can tell that excerpt was written with a humorous tone, intending to parody the default NS nation description. But it does shed light on the reality that Eurth isn't globalized enough. To this day, we have yet to fully agree on an international language, international currency, etc. There are some generally-accepted standards, but I'm afraid to say we're not enforcing them enough. Hold on—before you leave. The solution for this problem is, in fact, very easy. It may be as simple as having several international organizations to help standardize things, at least to an extent. There have been, many, many, many attempts to do this since 2017, including one by myself (eheh, sorry). What was the single underlying deterrent that has prevented any attempt from successfully materializing? Roleplay. Okay, okay, I get it, we are a roleplaying community. But establishing international standards is an urgent matter, and—admit it—we don't need to roleplay every last detail of our universe. There can always be predetermined events. Besides, I'm sure we've all seen the multiple attempts at roleplaying the creation of international organizations. From only the top of my head: "Starting our own Model UN" by Orioni, OOC thread that never really materialized into a full-fledged RP. It was a great idea, in all honesty, and it definitely should've been one of Eurth's top goals. Most talk about this took place from late 2017 to mid-2018. "When life gives you lemons, make GIN and tonic" also by Orioni, an attempt to create a Group of Island Nations (GIN). OOC planning started in early 2019, last activity was in June 2019. "The Laws of the Sea" by Faramount and SSI. It was the talk of the town in late 2018, then it went silent. "From Skies to Safety", my own, which was done with the help of Gallambria and Orioni (in line with plans for the UN thingy). Most activity regarding this was OOC planning sometime around mid- to late 2018, then it also went silent. "The Thalassan War", a thread that I am currently in the process of resurrecting. Supposed to be a community thing (All nations around Andalla/Giokto are welcome), but everyone except me and SSI are dead. I definitely don't intend to sound like I'm complaining. Not at all! I love it when people get together to help further our community's goals. But should it just stop there? Of course we try our best to keep roleplaying and creating lore co-equal, but sometimes we must create an imbalance so that the other side will rise up to balance it again. For this problem, I propose we still do go on with our roleplaying, but instead turn the process upside-down. What I tend to notice is that, whenever a new thread is made, its pre-existing OOC thread only deals with the overview; the large details. The finer details of the story are developed impromptu, as participants push the story forward through their posts. What if we turn it around, just this once? We set all the important details in stone first—the organization's name, history and function, how it was established, what it does, its parent/child organizations, and which nations are participating. Then we begin roleplay. @Orioni's idea about the Model UN was the best example of this; sadly it did not materialize. What O did was to first establish the mechanisms of the organization—who heads it, who participates in it, how meetings are convened, its committees and their purposes, etc. What I further appreciate about Orioni's idea is how it focused on roleplaying the present, not the past. The OOC thread made little mention of history; rather, the RP thread/forum that would be created would instead show the UN in action, in the current timeline. Whereas other RPs like The Laws of the Sea focused on how it was established, and not what it really does. So, what we should instead be doing, is creating a list of pre-existing international organizations with their important details already decided upon. Then we leave it to the great people of Eurth to take it upon themselves and create an associated RP thread, whether it be for depicting the organization's founding or depicting its activities in the present. What if nobody chooses to RP it, at all? No problem. As long as it's on the list, it exists. People can cite it in their Wiki pages, news posts can make mention of it, even RP threads can use it. It will not matter whether or not said organization is actually being actively RPed, or just sitting there on the list. Why, it doesn't even need to be IC at all! It could even be a group of people on Discord, deciding random details about our RP universe like its currency and language as I've mentioned before, then recording it somewhere so that it becomes official lore and not generally accepted lore. That way, we get to encourage standardization. I may be the guy who enjoys little details, but think of this. How are we going to regulate the size of a country's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) beyond their coastlines? How are we going to determine who trades with who? How are we going to deal with pandemics and medical issues? How are we going to connect the world through transportation and telecommunications? How are we going to create more diplomatic interaction between members of the community? There are existing international organizations to serve that purpose IRL, and we should have the same here, too. Again, it does not need to be roleplayed. The mere fact that it exists would be enough to bring our RP universe one step closer to achieving globalization and, ultimately, realism (hooray for using buzzwords). This has been my TED talk and random brain fart. Thank you for your time.
  4. (anyone can join in!) Hey guys! @Iverica @Heiheguo @Sunset Sea Islands @Andalla @Mauridiviah Sorry to bother you all! I wanted to talk to all of you about my economic standing in the region/wurld, historical trade, investment, and why I am in the “trillionaire club”. I have been asked to justify my GDP and economy through past rp or explaining it. It's also going to greatly help me find my place on Eurth and allow me to rp with everyone. The ideas I have come up with of how Esonice became a high income nation relates a lot to international trade and foreign investments by other nations and businesses coming into Esonice, including Esonian services and companies being able to venture into other states. The way I have thought of how this could have happened in Esonice is an economic boom that started during the 70s and lasted up into the early-mid 90s. It started with Esonice’s new post-Thalassan and civil war democratic government (Something I am yet to discuss with both SSI and Andalla in detail) that adopted capitalist policies during the 50s and encouraged citizens to exercise their new economic freedoms across the nation and start opening their own businesses with government support. During this time mining: especially of Esonice’s deposits of gemstones, would be absolutely critical for Esonice to have any sort of economic life line as other sectors would be in ruin after the regional and civil wars. Currently in Esonice’s resource design currently - (Gems) Emeralds Fluorite Jasper Hematite Tiger eye Kornerupine Quartz Rose Quartz Amethyst Citrine Pearls Lapis Lazuli Hauyne (Metals) Silver Copper Zinc Iron Gold (clays and stones) Kaolin Limestone Marble Because of this, the Esonian government was desperate to get back into the gem market, this prompted the idea of the new gem road (a historic trade route between Esonice and wider Alharu through Heiheguo), an initiative allowing companies and nations to come to Esonice and have a part in gem mining (among other metals/resources), bringing in foreign investment into the economy. With that money, the Esonian government started putting a lot of money into education with the intent of improving schools, rebuilding and building new ones, starting new programs for students to develop and encourage skills, and educating the next generation of Esonice. Other places the government would be putting money into would be small business owners to help them kickstart their venture, and rebuilding infrastructure and homes. During the 60s Esonice’s labour force started increasing as Esonice’s population recovered from post-war numbers and jumped from 18m in 1941 to 23m in 1964, with more people returning back to the job market, the nation’s labour pool experienced an abundance of new young talent. People were willing more than ever in recent decades to take risks and gain returns. Esonice also saw the return of its textile industry which started helping fuel the economy alongside mining. Esonian government also during this time lowered corporate taxes and partnerships among businesses started to increase. Due to this the economy started accelerating at a steady rate. The Esonian government also took keen interest in starting to move the nation from a third world into a second world one and began manufacturing ventures such as creation of machinery, machine parts and tools that were then exported to foreign businesses. With Esonice’s economy showing strength, this further encouraged the populace to start economic ventures; especially into new sectors such as retail and creation of consumer products, Esonice’s entertainment and media sector came into existence during this time too. Many modern businesses such as KaoKao came into existence during the ending years of the 60s. As the 70s began, foreign businesses started taking keen interest in Esonice’s rising consumer market and started investing into the economy and ventured into the nation opening new jobs. Esonian businesses also started doing the same as new trade agreements with nations were signed which allowed them to spread into foreign nations bringing their services with them. All this has led to the year 1976 which marked the beginning of Esonice’s economic boom and Esonice’s skyrocketed right into being a solid second world economy. Esonice fully transitioned into being a manufacturing hub by 1978 and the average GDPl per capita grew tremendously over the past few years. Women also started having a bigger part in the workforce, expanding the labour pool even further as women took on jobs alongside home caring activities. Internationally there started being an increased interest in Esonian products, and brands like KaoKao including luxurious brands such as Virosuchi/Red Sun and Miyo started gaining recognition which furthered the economic boom. Many brands used Esonice's gem abundance to create jewellery, watches among many other products. The 80s were an exciting decade for Esonice as the population approached 30 million and people were more free to do things than ever before in recent memory and unemployment was the lowest it's ever been. This caused an Esonian cultural revival and renaissance: Esonian animation, music and popular media came into the public light in the nation, and artists, musicians and writers were encouraged. Esonian culture and traditions were upheld and integrated into the growing urbanised and modernised society. Electronics and tech during the 80s also was seen as a major sector the government wanted manufacturing to go, and a necessary sector for Esonice to transition into a first world economy, including finance, digital technologies and tourism. This was reflected in Esonice’s education curriculum with students being encouraged to get into subjects such as science, mathematics, medicine, tech and engineering. Esonice’s gaming industry also came into existence during the late 80s and received popularity nationally. The government started putting out tourism campaigns internationally to encourage foreigners to visit and spend in the nation. By the 1990s Esonice’s GDP passed the 1 trillion mark and the finance sector started growing alongside a young digital market and more tourists start visiting the nation. But as Esonice started entering the information age with the rest of the wurld in 1995, the economic boom Esonice experienced for nearly a little more than 2 decades started to slowly wear off. By 1998, Esonice transitioned into a high income first world nation and the economic boom before it was called by academics as the “Esonian Tiger”. Esonice’s economy continued to steadily grow as the IT sector entered into existence in Esonice and the internet started to be popularised in the mainstream. But as 2007 approached the Esonian economy started feeling the warning signs of crisis and economic growth got stifled and experienced near collapse causing unemployment to skyrocket in 2007 with the banking crisis. This continued into 2008, but by 2009 the Esonian economy started recovering and economic growth returned, though not as powerful as it used to be during the 90s and early 2000s. Please feel free to criticise this and give your opinions and ideas! And if you would be interested in having economic relations, investing, your businesses coming to Esonice, taking part in the new gem trade from the 50s/60s. And up to things in the information age! Maybe they could lead to past rp too?
  5. Hello. I've been working on my IIWiki page and I don't know what to do with religion. Catholicism would play important role since the late 12th century, and unless it's possible to have it adapted before 1300 I'd have to totally change my early history. I originally planned to have my nation Catholic and have it partly but (preferably) forcefully converted until 1300s. Now I think I would accept @Variotan, @Iverican or @Girkmandian branch of the belief if possible, or maybe a mixture of them. How would I make it work?
  6. There are around a dozen players who have Christianity or Judaism as a major religion, but we don't to have done a whole lot of world-building within the region regarding the Judeo-Christian tradition. I'd suggest we should change that. I'll page @Cristina, @Limonaia, @Variota, @Tagmatium Rules, @Sancti Imperii Catholico, @Iverica, and @Ahrana, just to start. So here's the big question -- have we decided where Catholicism originated? Could we try to breakdown when and why the major splits occurred?
  7. So, with the wiping of Rihan and his posts, the former wiki pages thread has also been lost. Seeing as it's useful to have a thread for everything wiki, as well as spur on development of the wiki, here's a new thread. Now, first things first, a Q&A: Q: Should I add my things to the regional pages and lists? A: Once you've passed the Academy, go ahead! Passing the Academy means your nation becomes canon within Eurth. It's best to wait with things that might be better fleshed out when you know your position on the map, for example exports. Q: Can I just mention nations without asking them first? A: For the basics like geography, sure. A nation isn't suddenly going to drift off and if you border someone, feel free to mention them. Similar situations might include visa rules, where you might mention that your nation excludes communists and thus nation so-and-so citizens need a special visa. When in doubt, ask. It's better to ask ten times and have no complaints than ask no-one and have someone complain. Q: I've made a couple of wiki pages about the area I want to expand to. That counts as an expansion RP too, right? A: No. Wiki pages can certainly help others and yourself get a feel for the area. They can be used to support your RP by allowing you to write about secondary things, etc. However, wiki pages will never count towards or for expansions. Q: I want to help out with the wiki work! A: Great! Obviously, when people have questions in the #wiki channel, feel free to answer them. In time, we might even ask for those wanting to join in with wiki work to work on certain pages, etc. My own recommendation is to check out the various pages we have in our template and add yourself to it. Beyond that, you can obviously seek out cooperation between nations, such as myself (Hi!), to find new avenues to write about. In case there are any new questions, they'll be added on here. Now, to start things off, I'd like to see some activity spurred on. If anyone has a good idea, feel free to post your idea here. For today and tomorrow, I'd like to promote a very short, very simple to do page: Mains electricity in Eurth. (Found here: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Mains_electricity_in_Eurth) While it's been done by a couple of our members, I still see some names missing and this is something that can be done in two minutes. How will it affect things? Probably not a lot but it can give you a small thing to discuss in RPs or what not, with your citizens needing a different plug. Maybe you'll be one of the few that uses 100V, meaning you might have originally imported your electric equipment from Orioni. In addition, I'd like to start a list of people that want to be notified whenever a new recommended page to do has been selected. For ease, I'm going to ask one of our Admins to set up a role on discord that I can use. You're not going to be forced to do anything but it might just be a way to notice a page you might not notice otherwise.
  8. This post comes from a place of considerable thought, and I think it's time I at least ask for permission to do it. The fact of the matter is, Bulgenstaz is flawed. Not flawed in that I regret government choices or economic situation, but more in how I have handled my nation's culture, history, traditions, etc. I came in here with a wild idea about a weird place called "Bulgenstaz": home to a socialist democracy of Slavic/Vietnamese islanders. Looking back, however, I feel as though I've worked myself into a bit of a cultural hole, as I just don't see these plans making sense in the long-term. I made some regrettable choices, and I would like to be able to modify them in a positive and thoughtful manner. To begin, I want to talk about the new climate map and how it has influenced my decision: it has been a sort of "tipping point" as far as my satisfaction with my nation's lore. Frankly, it's a little strange for Vietnamese slavs to exist in a place without jungles. I would like to be able to re-establish my people as simply khmer people who derived themselves from the ancient Marenai. In my current (and now long-standing) opinion the slavic island nation concept seems pretty dumb in retrospect, and combining it with Vietnamese/Indonesian else just is too chaotic. So I guess the central theme here is this: I would like my people to instead be based linguistically and ethnically based on the khmer, while maintaining a savanna origin similar to many African cultures and some parts of Mesoamerica. I want to formally ditch my slavic roots, as I think it does not work in the context of a culture. Obviously being a savanna-based nation there would likely still have been a colonizer, but I think Dniester has proven to be too incapable as a country for it to be logically justified. If the colonization of my country after this change is undesirable, however, I am content with them having always been a sovereign nation. I would like to add: I am aware this would require a lot of work to redo, especially for other people, but I am willing to take it on as I reedit my nation's people and small cities (including possibly the nation name and capitol (yikes)) to fit my new precedent. This is why I would like to put this request into OOC: as a forum for discussing the transformation, the limits at which such a transformation would occur, the feedback of other nations with how to best immerse "Bulgenstaz" into Eurth again, and (of course) some level of approval of our lovely moderation team. Please note: all/almost all my planned changes WILL NOT alter any of my pre-existing posts/relationships (with the exception of Dniester, who no longer posts here), I have full intent to stay in ICEB, retain my current foreign relations, etc. What I'm asking is for a rebranding of Bulgenstaz as it is currently known (if it even remains Bulgenstaz, who knows ). This process would not be instantaneous, but I will do my best to get the bulk of the transformation done quickly so as to not interfere with other people's posts. Thank you very much for your time.
  9. Hello community. I would like to ask your help in creating a believable technology ladder for the development of nuclear weapons. Since physics is far from my specialty, your help will be of great value. This is what I have so far. For nuclear energy Note: you are required to find a supplier in order to build nuclear weapons. This way you also need to cooperate, preventing lone-wolfs. reactor design nuclear materials supplier (not you) nuclear refinery nuclear energy nuclear-waste management (and all protests that come with it) For long-range missiles Note: the development of ICBM's is tied into having part of the space program ladder. flying bomb autopilot catapult test prototype test strategic bomb gyroscope autopilot advanced weather tests prototype test ballistic bomb multi-stage flight launch computer prototype test ICBM guidance system computer prototype test SSBN See also the existing ladder for space exploration: http://www.europans.com/topic/4121-capabilities-of-the-space-agencies/
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