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Found 9 results

  1. Greater Zaxar Foreign Relations Office This is where Zaxar foreign policy changes and statements will be posted as well as any diplomatic statements or outreaching by other nations that do not require their own thread. Please feel free to ask any questions about our current foreign relations policies that may impact your nation or its interests. This is also where business deals and contracts will be managed until a more suitable location is established. Emperor: William Zaxar I Minister of Foreign Relations: Maurice la Vaneu Minister of Finance: Nicholas von Kenne Grand General: Leon Varxsos Grand Justice: Alberto Patrar Current Embassies: N/A
  2. Khanikstan Foreign Affairs Office The People's Republic of Khanikstan has opened its borders for diplomatic relations for the first time in its short history. All foreign policy changes and diplomatic outreach or comments by other nations will be posted here. Any questions regarding The Khanikstan Communist Parties current policies that may effect diplomatic relations with Khanikstan can be asked here. Head of State: Hamad Khan Minister of Foreign Relations: Jamaal Haswan
  3. This is the Official External Relations site of the Democratic People's republic of Velaheria, all messages from the Democratic People's Republic will be displayed here. The main aim of the Ministry of External affairs is to ensure the wellbeing of all the socialist nations across the wurld and the approachment of diplomatic relations with the other just and kind nations of the Wurld, The Primary objectives of the Velaherian External affairs ministry are:- To Ensure harmonious relations with the international community and individual realms. To Export velaherian ideals of socialism, Fraternity and equality across the wurld To Ensure the wellbeing of the Citizens of Velaheria living abroad. Any nation can send diplomatic missions to the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria
  4. Bienvenidos al portal oficial del Ministero Exteriores de Kosta Madora. Estamos abiertos de 8:00-19:00 de lunes a sábado, cerrados los domingos y festivos. Aceptamos todas las solicitudes de nuevos pasaportes, tarjetas de identificación y realizamos nuestros negocios a bordo en representación de nuestro gran estado de Kosta Madora. Nos podemos encontrar en el ala oeste del Palacio Ribono (Casa de Ministros) en 3 Avenida Abeto. El actual Ministro de Exteriores es Luther Guthrie, asistido por la Secretaria Exteriores Ingrid Bordewijk. Welcome to the official portal for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Madora. We are open 8:00-19:00 on Mon-Sat, closed on Sundays and holidays. We accept all requests for new passports, identification cards and conduct our business aboard representing our great state of Costa Madora. We can be found at the west wing of Ribono Palace (House of Ministers) at 3 Spruce Avenue. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Luther Guthrie, assisted by Foreign Secretary Ingrid Bordewijk.
  5. ~ Họ Châm Niẩ Biệt Rhavanăm Lõ Naam Đẹp Pôtala ~ ~ We welcome you to Rhava's official portal ~ ~ Lak Nhõn Naam Gié Lõ Rhavanăm Châm Thi ~ ~ All official requests to Rhava come here ~ ~ Lak Nhõn Naam Gié Nôm Đo Lõ Tang Po Nagar ~ ~ All official requests will then be forwarded to Madame Po Nagar ~ ~ Khonaar Niẩ Biệt Lõ Châm Ng ~ ~ Thank you for coming ~
  6. Teelanittatap S̠avjek̠erajtmaakas ałłunanlajtraalxeramaakavy! Welcome to the ministry of foreign affairs of Mokhavia! ._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._. All official messages from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be found here. All state-level documents directed to the nation of Mokhavia must pass through the minisrty of foreign affairs. The ministry is responcible for the wellbeing of all Mokhavian people throughout the wurld. Mokhavia is open to diplomatic missions from any nation. Current minister: Xaj Wats̠anek̠y Contacts: 8, Xaama Untuk Jaakkotine str., Moshkal 1111, Mokhavia +77 571 887 863 info@mfa.mk/en/ S̠enyts̠ijeramaajt/Embassies: Ateenia; Moshkal (Leif Stensson) - Atha (Mari Txan), Grundvik (Mako Yamokkak̠y) Prymont: Moshkal (Mikkel Formo) - Rettenmyr (Isto Qajqamatsy) Tagmatium: Tezh (Ignatios Damnezes) - Tagmatika (Karyw Xalutsy) Stedoria: Moshkal (Detrik Lüke) - Kapojvar (Äjlä Kittsäk̠k̠y)
  7. Minister Lili Epol Established under the current constitution, the the Ministry of Foreign Relations is charged with maintaining open channels of diplomacy with states of Eurth, working closely with the Kera and the National Congress. The Ministry has also taken the role of gatekeeper in terms of migration, tasked with issuing passports to citizens and processing visa applications of non-residents, especially asylum and refugee applications. The Ministry, it's embassies, and it's consulates regularly update Oyusards on news relevant to their stay abroad, along with communicating policy change to all. Diplomatic Missions To Oyus Gallambria - Shffahkia - Cécilia Leloup Faramount - Kirvina - Salvia - Metzlitlalio - Roman de Lada Eulycea - Current Ambassadors Note to self: Salvia, Seylos, and Tagmatium are only ambassadors that are male. To Gallambria, Kayleigh Hani To Kirvina, Yanti Kini To Shffahkia, Vera Zega To Sunset Sea Islands, Tai Lubis To Seylos, Winston Susman To Faramount, Meri Hai To Eulycea, Stella Raga To Mauridiviah, Masa Lambosa To Fulgistan, Cahya Lio To Variota, Pua Leko To Morheim, Fiva Luli To Tikva, Susilo Hai To Andalla, Cera Lama To Limonaia, Masa Jia To Salvia, Levi Yer To Adaptus, Pua Alika To Tagmatium, Ruslim Fai To Orioni, Apika Hau To Asgeirra, Lea Kini To Prymont, Alta Seln To Group of Island Nations & Aurelian League, Laka Ovia
  8. This a thread to make it easy for me to do diplomacy. It's both OOC and IC, although this post is completely OOC. IC posts should be properly addressed to the Department of State and/or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mauridiviah. General Relations: [Link] Nations currently recieving foreign aid: Hellenic Rus [Link] Southern Fulgistani Provinces [Link] Nations can request foreign aid below (IC). Diplomatic Meetings: Fulgistani-Mauridivian Summit [Link] Ahranian-Mauridivian Summit [Link] Anyone seeking a diplomatic meeting can post below (IC) or message me (OOC). Diplomatic Incidents: Condemnation of Derthalen [Link] You cannot request these, but I'm sure they'll grow in number. International Organizations: Entry into the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Association (ATARA) as a Member [Link] Entry into the Confederation of Independent Socialists (CIS) as an Observer [Link] Diplomatic Practices Mauridiviah grants diplomatic immunity to diplomatic staff, and requires nations with which it has embassies and cosulates to do the same. This immunity does not extend to civil fines, civil lawsuits, or civil affairs unrelated to diplomatic and/or consular activities. Mauridiviah also grants full diplomatic protections to foreign embassies and consulates, and also requires nations with which is has embassies and consulates to do the same. Mauridiviah handles diplomatic missions on a case by case basis, and grants great freedoms in the designing of foreign embassies and consulates, and allows nations to place them outside of the capital city. Mauridiviah only allows security staff to carry small arms if they're registered with the Mauridivian government. Mauridivian diplomatic staff have the right to unionize. Mundus Liber is not a government organization, operates no embassies or consulates, and has its own outlet here. Embassies: Iverica Beleareas Fulgistan Seylos Limonaia Fleur de Lys Variota Ahrana Sayf Faramount Riadiya Andalla Selayar Monvisret ;( Sunset Sea Islands This section is a Work In Progress. Special Relations: -None so far. Credit to @Iverica for the format and @Faramount for the legalese and @Gallambria for the idea.
  9. This is the public outlet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as such the person who will be reviewing most of the dealings will be the most honorable Foreign Minister, Agalia Sobot, Otenia Valley 7, 8530 Trebzon. The ministry asks for all letters to be addressed accordingly. On special request, letters can also be forwarded to other ministers, such as the Minister of Defence, or even the Grand Duke himself, yet such will only be permitted in special cases that the Foreign Minister deems his involvement is indeed required. It is also possible to review current diplomatic ties and relations from this page. Mission Statement: The Grand Duchy extends full diplomatic amnesty to foreign envoys and other diplomatic staff, with the exception of following charges: (Attempted) Acts of Terrorism Entering of Quarantined Zones Refusal to Follow Orders by the Royal Elite Force It expects similar treatment by all other nations with an interest in establishing diplomatic ties, yet specifics and exceptions can be discussed. Diplomatic Staff may be accompanied by armed security staff, yet they must first be registered in the Ministry of Safety and will be expelled if found guilty of handing weapons to unauthorized personnel. Karillian diplomatic staff will follow the laws and customs of the nation they operate in. Embassies: None yet Foreign relations: None yet
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