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  1. Kerajaan Prawasia Kingdom of Prawasia "Karya Swadaya Manunggaling Praja" Overview Prawasia, officially the Kingdom of Prawasia is a country in Alharu. It is composed of 8 states and 1 federal territory spanning 298,170 square kilometres, with a population of over 37 million people. The capital is Manyar and largest city is Progo. Prawasia is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy; however, in recent history, its government has experienced multiple coups and periods of military dictatorships. Etymology Prawasia is derived from two words: Prawa and -sia.
  2. Metztlitlaca - Short Overview The Dominions of Metztlitlaca (Azlo: Lintō Mētztlitlācah / Lintō Mēƶλiλācaʯ), known more commonly as Metztlitlaca or Metztli (Azlo: Mēƶλicān) is an ex-colony of the Empire of Shffahkia that gained it's independence in 1851 after the Shffahkian revolution destroyed the empire, with the old monarchy fleeing to the colony to form the Crescent Kingdom. Due to Shffahkian and Fulgistani influence, a violent coup overthrew the Crescent Kingdom to eventually form the South Palu Confederation, made up of seven Worker's Republics. The SPC eventually came to an end bet
  3. Federation of Aruthea Aruthea, officially known as the Federation of Aruthea, is an archipelagic country located on the [XX] continent. It consists of approximately around 4,453~ islands, covering a land area of 176,830 km2. Aruana Tuli, located on the southern part of the mainland, is the nation’s capital. The country is inhabited by around 30 million people, divided into three major ethnic groups: Nuwan (47.2%), Kayaran (37.3%) and Chengzese (13.2%), with a small proportion (2.3%) of the population being of foreign descent. The nation's economy is prospering with an impressive GDP
  4. Heiheguo (/heiːhɣgwoː/ ʜᴀʏ-hoo-gwoh; Huang: 黑河国; pinyin: Hēihé guó; literally: 'Black River State'), officially the Holy State of Heihe (Huang: 黑河圣国; pinyin: Hēihé shèng guó; literally: 'Holy State of the Black River'), is a country in Western Alharu. Heiheguo is bordered by [NPC nation] to the North-east and across the Tiauhai Sea lies Selayar. The country covers a land area of (placeholder) square kilometers (placeholder square miles) and had an estimated population of (placeholder) in 2018. Heiheguo is the [placeholder] most populous nation in Alharu and the [placeholder number] most populo
  5. Federal Republic of Stalgora ____________________________________________________ KEY STATISTICS _____________________________________________ Capital: Havgard Largest: Havgard _____________________________________________________ Official Languages: Norse, Common(Anglish), German, Dravian ____________________________________________________ Demonym: Stalgora ____________________________________________________ Government: Federal Republic Premiere: Kariana Vinterness Vice Premiere: Rikard Alstrom Senate President: Sagan Bresoranov ________________________
  6. Metztlitlalio Factbook - August 2019 (It's very basic) Basic Geography of Metztlitlalio: Metztlitlalio is situated on the southern coast of a large peninsula connecting Alharu and Aurelia. The northern border of Metztlitlalio is across the peaks of the Tapatepetli mountain range, with the capital of Altepetl Tekaken nested within a valley and two major water sheds. The climate of Metztlitlalio is sub-tropical, with the lowlands experience large monsoon seasons, however further in elevation humidity, rainfall, and temperature decreasing. The average temp
  7. The Kingdom of Alenveil Etymology - The name "Alenveil," comes from what Limonaian merchants called Aavgolt, a land which had managed to survive a bloody civil war. While archaeologists aren't sure where the term "Alenveil" came from, they believe it could have come from an Anglish translation of "Aletta Velo," meaning "Wing Veil." Geography - The country's geography contains mainly hilled regions with somewhat coastal temperatures in the far south and frigid temperatures in the central and northern parts of Alenviel. Living along the Fractian-Boryean fault line, Alenveil has
  8. Politics: Nation Name: The Most Serene Republic of Mauridiviah Indigenous Nation Name: La Serenísima República de Mauridiviah Government Type: Constitutional Unitary Presidential Republic (The government can also be described as Liberal Social Democracy). Head of State & Government: President Diego Polo Branches of Government: Executive- The President, the Vice President, and the Cabinet form the executive branch. -The President of the Republic: This office is elected every 5 years by citizens capable of exercising civil and political rights (see Elector
  9. The Grand Duchy of Karillia Capital: Trebzon Government: Constitutional Monarchy Grand Duke: Aleksandar I Komnenos Religion: Secular Population: TBD Currency: Imperial Mark GDP: TBD Etymology: Karillia literally means 'The Chosen' in the ancient language of Aegean, an almost dead language with an estimated 10.000 remaining speakers. The first recorded usage of the name originates from the Aegean mythology, where a prophecy tells of the everlasting land of Karillia, which will unite the world (which was believed to be much smaller ba
  10. Flag and coat of arms of Limonaia The Grand Duchy of Limonaia Il Granducato di Limonaia (Limonaian) Etymology The name Limonaia is widely believed to have come from the local word for lemons, as the region itself has been known for it's production of lemons for a long time, the country calls itself the "Land of the Lemons" and this is likely where the name it self comes from. Geography Limonaia is a somewhat small country in northern Alharu with a long rugged coastline, followed by gentle hills as well as mountains towards the east. In the northern regi
  11. The Empire of South Integralist Brazil Flag Coat of Arms Motto: "União, Força, Perseverança" "Union, Strength, Perseverance" Population: 10 million Capital: Aurora Largest City: Aurora Official Language: English National Languages: Portuguese, English Demonym: South Integralist Brazilian Government: Despotic Regime - Head of State: Aleixo Emmanuel Medeiros Establishment: 1013 - 1415: Kingdom of Meino 1556 -
  12. The Community of Little Flau Flag Motto: ‘Plus Ultra’ Population: 13.7 Million -Density: 30/km² -Land Area: 457,604 km² Capital: Aulon Largest Cities: Aulon , Fush , Phika Official Language: English,Flauta National Language: Flauta Demonym: Little Flauton Affiliation(s): None Government: - President: Phakla Hun Establishment: 1998 GDP (nominal): 540 billion GDP (nominal) per capita: 39,316 Human Development Index (NS Version): 50.6 Unemployment Rate: 1.2 Currency: Siks
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