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  1. For the next map update - Can I request the Borders for GAOT and Ashford & Tarago be merged and the Labelling and Flag for A&T.
  2. Can my flag on the map be changed to the new version made by @Tara and Cambray? Thanks!
  3. My long intended update to my cities alongside Esonice’s language development has finally arrived. The things I request are - 1. Renaming of Esonyaveli Esonyaveli was the name of Esonice’s capital since 2014 outside of Eurth, today this changes with it being called Maimedo 2. Adding major cities Out of the 10 biggest Esonian cities, 8 (Including Maimedo) will make it. Those cities are the cities of: Kunino Nan Marusonya Rusonya Vikitsu Miyoto Seshu 3. Adding major port cities Out of those major cities. The cities of
  4. Hello, Mr @Orioni Just have a few requests for you (this thread should also host any other future requests for me) Adding the city Soncinia (westernmost dot) Moving Minotia southwest a tad to be on the river Moving St. Mark's to be on the west coast Thanks!
  5. Nation in Eurth: Federation of Anatea Flag: Capital name: Solisea Capital location: North-east Anatea (see "Location" :D) Factbook link: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=anatea/detail=factbook/id=main Newsroom link: not created yet, but i have an old one here https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=462735 Culture: Anatean, is a sort of italian alike culture mixed with some anglo-saxon elements, like some words and names. (the anglo-saxon part would have been originated by Seylos) Climate: Anatea could have a mediterranean climate on the east coast, with maybe (if possib
  6. Here are a few city request for the United States and Prymontian Rus, although they're not urgent. @Tagmatium Rules has also mentioned this in a separate thread, but it'd be nice to have the Prymontian flag by the northern islands of Stjørdalsstad and Sønderkilde.
  7. I've got a couple of minor tweaks, if possible. First, would it be possible to change the canal and the border to something more like the image attached? A straighter canal going through the shortest route from sea to sea makes more sense. The border can then reflect that and take less of a bite of the neighbouring country. Secondly, could "Isthmeia" have its name changed to "Sporsia"? That's going to be the name of the country in Phase II of my expansion. I'm currently writing more of an in-depth piece for it which will be posted for critique and comments in the next week or so.
  8. Nation in Europa: Fjallshima Flag: Capital name: Yokoholm Capital location: Next to the ocean, preferably in a bay. Thalassa, of course. Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Fjallshima (WILL ADD TO IT.) Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5733-fsf-fjallshiman-broadcasting-corporation/ Culture: A mix of Japanese and Swedish culture with a strong emphasis on religion, respect, family, hard work, and empathy. Climate: Due to its mountains and being surrounded by water, summer can range from being mild to being hot and humid. Winter is very cold and can
  9. In the War in the West conflict thread by member @Wellsy, 12th post of the 3rd and final page, I set up a colonial holding upon the land of Zharr (NS Nation: Cabarria, he was playing his nation as two independent autonomous factions that were one nation overall) facing the Amnalos Sea (It looks like a little jutting boot at the northernmost edge of Cabarria's territory, with what looks like a small bay or some such to its left. Leading into current role-play mentioning here, I'd like to re-acquire this territory for continued role-play purposes as well as trade etc.
  10. Nation in Eurth: Heiheguo Flag: (flag is temporary, since I can't access my phone atm and make it any better, but this is the general idea of it. Original idea by @Yeosan) Capital name: Xincheng Capital location: Factbook link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5786-wip-holy-state-of-heihe-黑河圣国/ and https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Heiheguo Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5779-heihe-knowledge-黑河知识/?tab=comments#comment-40015285 Culture: The best comparison for the culture of the Uyghurs. In simpler terms, Near Eastern culture with East Asian influences (that's a lot of east). Climate:
  11. Nation in Europa: Aanbreck Aurora Flag: Capital Name: Auvergne Capital Location: Island along a harbor (see map) Factbook Link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Acadia Newsroom Link: Culture: The culture of Acadia is mostly derived from French (Lysian) culture, however is unique in that it has some elements incorporated from the Navajo/Pueblo (Diné). This is similar to South or Central America, where the indigenous culture is still prevalent in the modern culture. IRL Mexico is like this in that, though it is very much a full-blown Latin American, Spanish nation, it
  12. Nation in Europa: Esonice Flag: https://imgur.com/gallery/Q7QywCu Capital name: Esonyaveli Capital location: Close to the ocean, ideally in a bay and flat lands. Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/The_Serene_Kingdom_of_Esonice (Will be changed a lot) Newsroom link: (will be canonised) Culture: A mix of Polish and Japanese cultures including some French, Chinese, Greek among other minor mixed elements. Though Esonice leans quite a bit to Asiatic. Arikaism (native beliefs of Esonice) is a mixture of Shintoist and Slavic pagan concepts an
  13. Expansion: Salvia Introduction Greetings fellow citizens of Eurth! After spending a couple of years in Eurth, I feel that now is the proper time to begin the planning for my expansion. This will be a multi-part expansion that occurs during two different time periods: one during the 1400s-1600s and another in the present day. Without further ado… Part I: The sun never sets… Inspired by economic motives, motivation from the Church to evangelize the faith, and the opportunity of glory and power, explorers and settlers began to sail overseas to conquer, claim,
  14. Nation in Europa: Commonwealth of Grenesia Capital name: Karlitch Capital location: Marked on map below with yellow star *if possible: The brighter the red, the more desired area - and I'd rather be on the north, if the coverage is still too large. This map could also be my expansion plan in further future. Factbook link (IIWiki): https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Grenesia Newsroom link: Culture: Yasic, partly Catholic, partly pagan, pacifist, traditionalist. Could be compared to Slavic/Nordic. Climate: partly temperate, partly Mediterranean Location: Marenes
  15. I wanted to perhaps move the placement of Farla to neighbor that of Brisore, just more inland, and have Brisore marked as a port. Nothing major, just some minor and quiet revisions. If there are any questions or specifics necessary to make this change I will be glad to satisfy those requirements.
  16. Requesting for this to replace the flag of Giokto on the map. I'll handle the IIWiki file. Thanks! (Did I intentionally violate the Rule of Tincture? Why yes, yes I did.)
  17. Anywhere is fine, just by the generalized local please. Southern Beautancus Annexation, near border of MH on coast near beginning of Kataigides Sea: Ulusk Coastal MH-Land facing Ranke Sea: Perya Nal'Chek Asake Na'Kem Central Northern MH-Land placement: Chel de'Yorn Horus Osiris Western Border of Adaptus cities placement: Ninas Terath Hades Tver Harkon Komsomolsk-na-Amure Khurba Southern Border of Tagmatium, below Prathen placement: Taganrog Yaris Central West of Prathen placement:
  18. Nation in Europa: Yeosan (業國) Flag: https://imgur.com/a/afbLFUt Capital name: Quxing (渠兴) Capital location: West side of desired island Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Yeosan Newsroom link: Culture: European/Chinese Climate: Warm, Humid, etc. Location History: Settlers fleeing persecution landed on an island in a Sino-culture sphere and integrated it into their own. Ideally I would like to be mapped on the island Synturia was once present on.
  19. EDIT: THIS EXPANSION IS COMPLETE Abstract To save space and keep things all in one place, this will be my OOC thread for my Expansion RPs while also serving as my official claim to the areas. The diligent reader (or lurker) on this forums will note how the multitude of relevant and some tangentially relevant sources below have all been directed towards building up to this RP. This wasn't just put together like: hUrR DUrR GiB mE LOTSA cLAy HuUuUurrrrRRR, the RPs below have been consciously placed (for the most part) to build up support to my claim here. In the following arti
  20. This post comes from a place of considerable thought, and I think it's time I at least ask for permission to do it. The fact of the matter is, Bulgenstaz is flawed. Not flawed in that I regret government choices or economic situation, but more in how I have handled my nation's culture, history, traditions, etc. I came in here with a wild idea about a weird place called "Bulgenstaz": home to a socialist democracy of Slavic/Vietnamese islanders. Looking back, however, I feel as though I've worked myself into a bit of a cultural hole, as I just don't see these plans making sense in the long-
  21. The Federal Republic of Stalgora Capital: Havgard Capital Location: Protected Bay City off the Argic Sea Factbook: Current Version News Link: Courier - Carried Around the World Culture: Historically Dominated by Scandinavian People with a intermingling of Slavic and German Culture - Slavic Predominant on the Havgen Peninsula and the Germanic Tribes of the Hinterland Climate: Frigid mountain coastlines with protected Fjords and Bays which give way to and protected a sea warmed inner region known as the Hinterland - primary farmland and open pit mining region.
  22. Nation in Europa: The Kingdom of Eulycea Flag: Capital name: Brisa Capital location: Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Eulycea Newsroom link: Culture: Eulycea embraces a culture analogous to western Europe, particularly the western Mediterranean. As the product of the Salvian Crusades, it has significant Salvian influences, particularly in its state religion (Eulycean Catholicism, a schismatic branch of Salvian Catholicism). However, the common (and official) language is Eulycean Aroman, primarily as the result of the evangelization of the Order of St. Joseph, who assimilat
  23. I'm going to ask to add Aroma to the map. If it can be added as a port in the place shown on the map as a red dot. It's a been a long time coming, considering it's relative cultural importance, in the scheme of things. I've been thinking about it and also checking the cultural map of Europa, it seems to be the most logical place for it to go. I apologise for it now being super busy there, but I think I kind of need to illustrate where it is. Me and Adaptus did agree that it would make more sense to be in my territory than his. We'll assume that the equivalent of Rome's port of Ostia
  24. Could I have the labels for "HMAS Hartlepool" and "HMAS Brighton" removed from the map please
  25. Nation in Europa: The Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda Flag: Capital name: Cascadia Capital location: Coastal Megacity Factbook link: Culture: Lysian/Limonaian/adaptan Climate: Mediterranean/Caribbean Location: Island nation History: A former colony of Limonaia, first colonized in the late 19th century and gaining its independence January first, 1930. In 1983 the economy crashed leading to a depression, ending after the government defaulted on debt in July of 1985 and was unable to supply the nation with fuel or electricity for 5 days. Afterwards the government
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