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Found 6 results

  1. The Emperor Invites you Greetings all of Eurth. Every man, women, child and pet that lives under the eternal heaven's light. March 10th marks the 226th anniversary of the The Dàahivén Emperor's ancestors claiming the 'Mandate of Heaven' and restoring peace to Indostan's glorious lands. This event falls into the same day as the festival of colour in the nation so of course, this calls for a celebration and as such the Emperor along with 100 professional celebration planners have organised a most amazing gathering for you all to attend. This event is completely free as the gover
  2. Embassies are the vessels through which diplomacy is conducted. They are the physical manifestations of countries abroad are they are crucial tools in the field of international relations.
  3. Alenian Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs Effective immediately, His Royal Majesty King Damocle La Pollo has instructed President Alvaro Tartaglione to begin the pursuit of diplomatic relations for the different nations of the planet Eurth. Alenveil and its people are open to business, conversation, country visits, and immigration. We welcome friendship from other nations. We are a Constitutional Monarchy, a nation built on the properties that Limonaia left us after the Alenian Wars of Independence. Reforming the national constitution, this bureau is as such. Our headquarters are located in
  4. The snow fell in thick and heavy sheets over Bilehora, blanketing the capital city in a cold white that offset its stone buildings with a simple and gentle sheen. Even under the weather, the great capital did not lay quiet, every street bustling with the activity of a country hard at work. For that day was not any ordinary day. The white cliffs did not lay quiet, they could not afford to lay quiet. One of the greatest meetings in Aurelian history had just drawn to a close in the jungles of the Rihannsu, and the treaties signed in pen were to be consummated by the dance and by the firelight of
  5. After the recent elections, President Diego Polo was given a full mandate when handling foreign relations, and as a part of that comes another round of diplomatic meetings with several nations. The first one up was a nation that Mauridiviah used to have chilly relations with as an unstable, autocratic Derthalen-aliged communist state. However, ever since the fall of dictator Ivanoff Ahrana has moved towards democracy and a freer market, as well as cutting ties with Derthalen. This has basically reset the diplomatic relations between the new nations, as a result the newly-appointed Secretary of
  6. GALLAMBRIAN EMBASSY PROGRAM On behalf of His Majesty King Albert II, the Government of Gallambria wishes to extend an invitation to all nations and international organisations within Europa to establish a Diplomatic Mission in Bromwich, our nations capital. If you wish to apply, please follow the following link and complete the application form: For EMBASSIES & CONSULATES - FORM FA-18-001A For INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS - FORM FA-18-001B CURRENT DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS TO GALLAMBRIA 1. The Socialist Federation of Ahrana - General Matasha Ivanof 2. The Holy Empi
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