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Found 5 results

  1. March 22, 1316 It was a regular day at the Jacquard estate. George stood inside his father's study, where his father was organizing his documents. "Ansi. Tu es majeur et tu devrais te préparer à me succéder," his father said in Barborican. "Ouin, mais je veux être plus qu’un seigneur local," George responded. "Porquoi?" his father asked worriedly. After a sigh, he continued. "Écote, George, je ne voudrais pas être Barboricain. Mais souhaitant une révolution? Vous savez que c’est mal vu." "Je peux très bien me débrouil." "Peux-tu? Quel rapporte entrez-vous avec l’ouvrier en tant que roi?" "Écoute Papa, notre très cher empere a augmenté les impôts. Que feriez-vous à ce sujet?" "Je suppose que je lui parlerais?" "Et si j’entendais dire que l’empere envise de nous enlever notre domaine?" "Je ne sais pas." "Je suppose que je vais y aller maintenant." "Où?" "Un endroit pour réfléchir." And, with that in his mind, George left the study and mounted the horse to retreat to a secluded place, where he could think freely. His plan was to gather his friends and begin by raiding Fort de Orx, a small fort near Fleury in Lamonti.
  2. Hello, people of Eurth, After all the questions I got on my Q&A, I've decided to switch it around and ask you questions. There is a survey located here, which has been prepared for everyone to answer. Should I answer it? You don't have to participate, but it would be great if you did. What is it about? It begins with you listing your nation's name, the title and name of your HoS and HoG and other basic info. Along the lines, we also have other information you may list. Adiós and good luck, Republika Kosta Madora
  3. Welcome to the Q&A for the Republic of Costa Madora and Bellefait Isles. Here you can write any questions you have about Costa Madora, which will be answered as best as possible.
  4. Costa Madora (Madorian: Republika de Kosta Madora), formally Republic of Costa Madora, is an island country in [insert continent name here], located in the west [insert ocean name here]. It is bordered on the north by Geuvaria, and extends from the Sea of Geuvaria in the north toward the Bellefait Isles. Costa Madora spans an archipelago of 37 islands covering ??? square kilometers (??? sq mi). Vitorife is Costa Madora's capital and largest city; other major cities include Lincamento, Leonstadt, San Monica and Valencia. Costa Madora was inhabited in the 12th century, emerging into history as the Alosakian Confederation. Following this period, the rapidly growing Barborican Empire colonized southern Costa Madora and annexed the Alosakian Confederation during the Barborican-Alosakian War. In 1318, King George I established the Kingdom of Costa Madora. From 18th to 19th century, it experienced growth under Catherine I as the Madorian Empire, which was overthrown during the November Revolution. This led to the short-lived Republic of Costa Madora. Under Catherine II, the Kingdom of Costa Madora was restored, later replaced by the current Republic of Costa Madora. Since then, Costa Madora has maintained the policy of neutrality. Costa Madora is a great power and a member of numerous international organizations, including the ??? Union, the N?TO, and the Belaire Agreement. It maintains one of the wurld's strongest militaries. A global leader in the automotive and ??? industries, Costa Madora has made significant contributions to science and technology. Ranked "high" on the Human Development Index, Costa Madora has the ???-highest life expectancy. Etymology In English, the name "Costa Madora" comes from the Barborican language, meaning 'emerald coast'. Around 1238, the Barborican Empire referred to Costa Madora as the Viceroyalty of Valle de Santa Mónica. The current name was probably first given by the explorer Emanuel Pescait later in 1238, however it was first used by Viceroy Marcos Escalona in 1265. Geography Costa Madora is an archipelago composed of about 37 islands, covering a total area of around ??? square kilometers (??? sq mi). It is located in west [insert ocean name here] and is bordered by Geuvaria to the north, Bellefait Isles to the southwest and the Madorian Sea to the west. The highest mountain is Mt. Alpuente. It measures up to 5827 m (19,117 ft) above sea level and is located on Querencia island. The longest river is the Mirador River in south Daland, measuring about ??? kilometers (??? mi). Politics Costa Madora is an unitary semi-presidential republic. The President is the head of state, elected by popular vote for a four-year term, during which they appoint and preside over the Executive Cabinet. The bicameral Parliament is composed of the Senate, serving as the upper house, with members elected to a six-year term, and the House of Representatives, serving as the lower house, with members elected to a four-year term. Senators are elected at large while the representatives are elected from legislative districts. The judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court, composed of a Chief Justice as its presiding officer and ??? associate justices, appointed by the President from nominations submitted by the Parliament. The capital and largest city of Costa Madora is Vitorife, located in northeast Daland.
  5. Bienvenidos al portal oficial del Ministero Exteriores de Kosta Madora. Estamos abiertos de 8:00-19:00 de lunes a sábado, cerrados los domingos y festivos. Aceptamos todas las solicitudes de nuevos pasaportes, tarjetas de identificación y realizamos nuestros negocios a bordo en representación de nuestro gran estado de Kosta Madora. Nos podemos encontrar en el ala oeste del Palacio Ribono (Casa de Ministros) en 3 Avenida Abeto. El actual Ministro de Exteriores es Luther Guthrie, asistido por la Secretaria Exteriores Ingrid Bordewijk. Welcome to the official portal for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Madora. We are open 8:00-19:00 on Mon-Sat, closed on Sundays and holidays. We accept all requests for new passports, identification cards and conduct our business aboard representing our great state of Costa Madora. We can be found at the west wing of Ribono Palace (House of Ministers) at 3 Spruce Avenue. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Luther Guthrie, assisted by Foreign Secretary Ingrid Bordewijk.
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