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Found 2 results

  1. Colonial Edict Approved by Council of Nine An edict has been filed through the Council of the Nine, that would make Kaldana a processing trade, distribution, and fulfillment center, a boost for the colonial holding. According to low council speaker Jikari Hallas, the sponsor of Edict 2118-35/A/4, Kaldana’s proximity to several other nations makes the colonial holding an ideal destination for industries such as a processing trade and distribution, transformation or fulfillment center. Not only would businesses in those industries be beneficial in stimulating the colony’s economy,
  2. May 22nd 1652. The sky was blue, the sands white, and the jungle the brightest and darkest of greens. A group of 3 merchant ships, lead by the PMMS Twinsud, bound for the Limonaian colony of Faramount was forced to reach land as a storm was closing in. There the crew met a large tribe that had inhabited theese lands for centuries, the PyeMcGowians called them Shifikus. Captain James Thomas Derwater stated “The Shifikus were friendly with us, giving us gifts of Mango and Tropical fish. As we explored further, along the mountains, we encountered a rather aggresive tribe, we were forced to kill a
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