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Found 5 results

  1. Her Lost Grip ~ Prologue A Journey In Succession “Some weeks ago, our leader of almost 20 years attended what our government has hailed as a successful party in Galahinda. It did show that we could and should be taken seriously despite being pipsqueak and fun size. However, that success comes without any sign of succession. In her walk in and out of the party, her excellency was alone. How does she expect us to ignore our future?” --Excerpt from an Op-Ed in the Yulaa Spectator Kera Eka Lam has been in power for almost twenty years. In a historic moment, she took over fr
  2. Orioni

    Project O-Mēga

    Thursday November 22, 2018 Hanzei Plaza, O'polis A sunny Thursday in O'polis. Morning traffic around Hanzei Plaza was busy as always. A group of schoolchildren were guided towards the city park by their teachers. Palm trees were slowly swinging in the morning breeze. To the north side of the plaza stood a stately old building in white marble. Inside the building, the Hayili (Anglish: Subcouncil of Power) had gathered for its bi-weekly meeting. The Hayili was one of three government sub-councils, the other two being Progress and People. But this one had by far the most prestige
  3. Khaokhett, Kngaok District It was late in the night, and Kalama Gian was drafting up her acceptance speech. She had been finally elected to the Minister’s Throne in Saphea Wat, the seat of power in Batengdei, or at least the seat of power the rest of Eurth saw. In truth, the whole system was designed around a bunch of ruthless, lazy oligarchs who monopolized a little too much of the economy to relinquish any real control. It was a sickening notion, even if she was considered harmless enough to be the Prime Minister. Kalama had hopes to change that, however, and what she needed n
  4. Ovgorad, Nyeminsk "With all these shitty Fulgistani cigs coming in, you'd think the Libs would be a touch more interested in closing off trade lines. At least, certain trade lines." Hoja Korig chuckled richly before politely puffing on his cigar, continuing: "The polls are coming for party support on BLNN, and I think we know where it's going." "What are you implying?" Across Korig's polished mahogany desk, Boyar Askosow looked confused. "I still don't understand the purpose of your invitation: are you here to gloat? The Kozak's aren't shifting their support and,
  5. Seylos

    The Storm

    He had become a sad shell of a man over the years but it didn't stop him from trying to grasp on to the power he held at court. Next to his country Seylos had flourished, building more than the disparate families of Éire had ever been able to accomplish. It was a miracle sometimes that lights were on these days. He groaned and walked slowly to his balcony and looked out across the city. He had imagined in his youth to transform it into a beautiful skyline of glittering lights and opulence, to rival Selbourne. But none of that had ever come to pass. He shrank inside to see the wasted potential
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